Of Souls & Cinders

Dystopia, fate and karma weaved into a soulful saga of cosmic bonds, and how humans are inconsequential in this tapestry of profound events of life. “Of Souls & Cinders” guarantees to touch your soul. Rakesh, a celebrity newspaper columnist encounters one of these events amidst the challenging times humanity has ever seen. What did Rakesh experience?

Meet N.Lalit

After wrestling with myriad of jobs and experiencing several career landscapes N.Lalit finally settled in the world of media in the year 2003. It is here he got reintroduced to his childhood passion; writing, which incidentally has always been an integral part of his life. Today, he writes full-fledged fiction novels.

Our Dried Voices

A future society about to collapse. A reluctant hero alone in the world. When he suspects sabotage, will he abandon his newfound friend to save humanity? Samuel has grown accustomed to the mindless routine of the last human colony. Life is good for him and the other survivors: prefabricated meals three times a day, a freshly made bed each night, and hours in between with nothing to do but play and relax. But when the machines that regulate their community begin to malfunction, Samuel and the other colonists face a test for the first time in their existence. Aided by his determined new friend Penny, Samuel struggles to repair each breakdown. But when they discover a group of shadowy saboteurs behind the colony’s mechanical failures, Samuel and Penny fear their idyllic community is not alone. Facing a treacherous journey to confront their attackers, can Samuel rescue the colony if it means leaving Penny behind? Our Dried Voices is a thought-provoking, instant classic dystopian novel. If you like false utopias, societies harboring dark secrets, and prophetic visions of humanity’s future, then you’ll love Greg Hickey’s perfectly engineered new world. Buy Our Dried Voices and experience this unique dystopia today!

Meet Greg Hickey

Greg Hickey started writing his first novel the summer after he finished seventh grade. He didn’t get very far because he quickly realized he preferred playing outside with his friends. Eight years later, he began to find a better balance between writing and life. He wrote the early drafts of his first screenplay Vita during his last two years of college. Vita went on to win an Honorable Mention award in the 2010 Los Angeles Movie Awards script competition and was named a finalist in the 2011 Sacramento International Film Festival. After college, he spent a year in Sundsvall, Sweden and Cape Town, South Africa, playing and coaching for local baseball teams and penning his first novel, Our Dried Voices. That novel was published in 2014 and was a finalist for Foreword Reviews’ INDIES Science Fiction Book of the Year Award. Today, he still loves sharing stories while staying busy with the other facets of his life. He is a forensic scientist by day and endurance athlete and author by nights, lunches, weekends and any other spare moments. After his post-college travels, he once again lives in his hometown of Chicago with his wife and daughter.

A City Without Birds

Memories can’t be trusted in Seranid. Feisty Terry Silver learns the hard way when she’s forced to flee the utopian City of her childhood, charged with a crime she has no recollection of committing. After the mysterious Professor Camus Remin whisks her into the Slums, she finds stolen memories, a people trampled by innovation, and a decades-old Resistance that embraces her like family. In this country of half-truths and division, Terry faces more than her own mortality: resurfacing trauma, the looming threat of an all-out nuclear war, and the hopes of a people who call her the Phoenix that will herald the nation’s rebirth.

Meet Alexandra Ding

I love using science fiction & fantasy to explore the flaws with our world. When not writing, I’m probably busy building planes, indulging in Neil Gaiman’s works, or reading about physics.

The Colossal Collapse: A Guide For Survivors

To avoid the Freedom Gangs, law-abiding citizens resorted to campsites far away from the cities, towns and suburbs. If you stay in your house despite having no electricity or gas, the Freedom Gangs will still break in and rob you. They will strip the copper wire clean from the walls, take anything metallic, and even if there isn’t any electricity, they will grab your appliances. They call themselves the Freedom Gangs because the Colossal Collapse has neither no law nor police to stop them from committing their crimes. Giving them the freedom to rampage their desires. A gang member will state that if there is no law, therefore, he is not committing a crime. The gangs call this era other names; Total Freedom or Absolute Opportunity. Those who knew the Colossal Collapse was imminent had stocked up well, both on food and guns and with plenty of ammunition to spare. To their shock and horror, the Freedom Gangs wore special armoured suits that made those weapons obsolete. Blasting away rounds after rounds at the assailant only to find he just keeps walking towards you and knocks you out cold. How the gangs got these high-tech suits that even the military and authorities never obtained is a mystery. Their once-safe homes now remain derelict and an easy target which drove good obedient citizens to hide in the forests. By not having anything of value, albeit food and guns, the citizens thought they were now safe from the gangs. Until one day, a robotic dog with a large mounted machine gun had gunned down the campers. The campers’ guns were pointless, and once all the adults were dead, the gangs took the one most valuable possession; the children.

Meet J. S. Manning

The hardest thing to write is a bio. It isn’t because I don’t know what to write, but I don’t know what to filter out. I studied art and originally wanted to travel and draw, yet my journey seeded ideas and visions of a literary universe. The best thing about being self-published is that there are no obstacles to bringing out an entire world from my imagination.

Daggers and Daisies

Destrui is dying, the world crumbling beneath their feet. Scarlett has only ever wanted the commoners outside her court to be healthy and fed, but a group of females that have dubbed themselves The Daughters of the Queen have radical ideas for equality. Females are meant to be bedded and bred, never seen or heard among the Dragon Clans of Destrui. That is until Scarlett’s ascension to the throne is announced. With gifts from the gods, she’s believed to be the savior of their world, at least according to The Master of Realms. Her family believes no female should ever lead and insists her fated mate should be crowned king in her stead, but Maxim stands behind his Queen, in awe of her power and desires. Scarlett just has to stay alive long enough to break tradition.

Meet Arlin Creed

Arlin Creed cultivated her passion for writing as a young girl in Southeast Louisiana where books were an escape from the tragedy of Earth into extraordinary realms where life was always beautiful. She believed stories in all forms and genres could open portals to the imagination and heal weary souls. Arlin Creed is a published fantasy novelist whose books include The Dragons of Destrui Series. She is currently working on the standalone series starring some of our favorite side characters – The Fate of Demons and Dragons.

October’s Gone

On October 15, Elizabeth Coombs wakes up from one nightmare to find herself in another … Her husband and son have gone on a midnight fishing trip and the world outside has changed in subtle but unmistakable ways. There’s a freak storm, strange lights in the sky, sounds that don’t seem right, and something lurking outside her rental cabin — something that should not be. At first, Liz tries to tell herself it’s all in her head, symptoms of her mental illness, symptoms she tries to treat with pills. The same pills her abusive husband derides her for taking. Maybe she’s just on edge because, in two days, she secretly plans to take her son and leave with her best friend, going far away where her husband can never hurt them again. Everything will be okay, she tells herself. But then her son returns home alone with no idea where his father is. Just one problem, she knows her son is lying. The boy KNOWS what happened. Why isn’t he telling her? October’s Gone is a new stand alone book written within the multi-dimensional, post-apocalyptic world of Yesterday’s Gone. Read it today!

Meet Sean Platt and David W. Wright

David Wright is a suspense thriller writer and co-author of the bestselling #1 horror and #1 sci-fi series, “Yesterday’s Gone.” David writes about the monsters that haunt us and the people who fight them. Whether supernatural or human, Wright’s character-driven thrillers are the love child of King, Koontz, Abrams, and other genre-blending masters. Characters matter, and Wright specializes in flawed heroes, even more flawed anti-heroes, and misunderstood people trying to find their place in the world. He is also one third of The Story Studio Podcast with authors Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant. He currently lives on the east coast with his wife, his young son, and the world’s most poopingest cat.

Spectators of War

War is looming… Get your tickets now.

Imagine a world where battles between professional armies are fought in front of live audiences. Instead of pro sports and reality TV, the world is obsessed with watching war. International conflicts are a thing of the past, unemployment is nearly nonexistent, and economies are booming.

Everyone has a part to play in this new industry. There’s Ranger Monroe, the dashing captain of the Army of Liberty. And Salvatore Caracas, a military recruiter who’s wickedly good at his job. Oh, and don’t forget Jody, a domestic terrorist who livestreams his attacks. And many, many more, all cogs in the war machine.

Yes, when violence is a commodity and spectatorship is prioritized, anything goes.

Coyote’s Road Trip

Coyote Jim, a shapeshifter, takes off in search of a new home.

In a post-climate change dystopian future, Coyote, the guardian spirit of a desert valley in Nevada, is forced out of his home by the heat, the drought, and the deaths of his friends. He hits the road on a journey through the Pacific Northwest, looking for new home. Along the way he discovers a new purpose for his existence.

Meet Laura Koerber

I live on a island in the Puget Sound with my husband and my dogs. I am a retired teacher, presently doing in-home care for disabled people while volunteering at a dog rescue

My degree is in art, and I am a painter, graphic artist, and ceramic sculptor. The writing started about five years ago, a surprise to me and everyone who knows me, since I had never written anything before.

My first book made the Kirkus Review list of one hundred best indy novels. Since then, I have earned an honorable mention in a literary award and won an additional place on the Kirkus Review list of best books. The review for my first book in Kirkus Review: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-re…
I think I learned to write by reading. I am a voracious omnivore of books

Wild Hare (Bargain Book)

Listed by Kirkus Review as one of the 100 best indy books of 2019.      “The world is coming to an end.”      I pushed the oil rags and cigarette butts off the seat of my friend Arne’s old pickup truck and climbed in. He threw the truck into gear, gunned the engine, and smirked. “What’s the point of being a fairy if you can’t wave a magic wand and get shit done?”
     Yeah, I’m a fairy. No, not that kind.
     I let a half mile of clear-cut rumble past the window while I thought about my crappy mood, contemplating the butchered landscape. Back when I was a kid, I used to enjoy the ride to town because the road wound through a mosaic of wetlands and forest and lakes.
      Mostly gone now: the forest, the marshes around the lakes, the moose.
     Yeah, I’m half-human, half-forest spirit from the wild hare clan–what anthropologists call a trickster–and I live by the wild hare code of “feed, fight, fornicate”; except that’s using the nice word for it.
       Maybe Arne had a point. Maybe I didn’t fight hard enough to better this world I so reluctantly belonged to. After all, my personal life was generally OK, so why get into a brawl about shit I couldn’t change?
       What I didn’t know, as the ruined scenery brushed past, was that my personal life would soon go tits up too, and I’d get pushed into fighting in ways I’d never fought before. Lucky me.

Meet Laura Koerber

My husband and I share our home on an island with our dogs and our cat. I am retired and volunteer daily at a sanctuary for unadoptable cats. I write books that combine the harsher aspects of reality with fantasy, set either in the near future or the near past.


Hemispheres	- ASIN B08CJQT72W

Light is currency, light is big business on Gliese 581g, the last remaining colony of the human race.  

Severum Rivenshear hunts those who steal it in the form of fireflies, just to have enough light to live by. He works in the icy, eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt, the sun an absent deity. The rest of the world pursues every pleasure beneath a sun that never sleeps.

Thalassa Latimer will rotate the tidal-locked planet faster, or die trying. Dedicated to bringing light to everyone, rich and poor alike, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, even if it means destroying the environment and toppling the economy. 

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