Harold Heard But Cake

Harold hardly hears. But what he MISHEARS is hilarious and will have your child laughing out loud. Follow along this Early Reader for a day in the life of Harold and his mishearing ears. At the center of it all is the mysterious BUTT cake — or, rather, Bundt cake. Harold has no idea why mom would even make that. When, at last, Harold is able to hear properly again, will he even want to? “Eggs use me!” I might be giving away the ending.

Meet Bz Humdrum

b.z. humdrum is an author in San Francisco. He is a curmudgeon, a spendthrift, a doodler of doodles, but mostly he just writes biographies of himself on book authoring web sites. His children’s books are loved by little ones and tolerated by adults. A biography would not be complete without a list of his favorite spices: sage, saffron, and paprika.

My First Sport Book

Nurture your child’s love of activity, play and learning with this fun book that provides a simple introduction to the world of sports. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers and early school-age children can get a close up look at sports, as they expand their world. The simple text is great for early readers too! So, cuddle up with your little one and share a fun book, foster a love of reading and nurture your child’s love of sports.

Meet D.A. Batrowny

D.A. Batrowny is an author, entrepreneur, mom and child development expert. She is the author of the personal success guide, The Power of Moms with Dreams, as well as many children’s books. Her expertise helps moms design their dream lives and create strong foundations for their children, while not getting lost in the struggles of everyday life.

(My other websites are beAmastermom.com and liftachild.com )