Habitat Man

Tim gives up his job to live out his dream as Habitat Man, an eco-friendly super sage who advises suburban clients how to bring nature into their gardens. His first client is the lovely Lori. Tim’s in love, but first has to win round her teenage son. Then he digs up more than he bargained for, and uncovers a skeleton, one that threatens to bring out the skeletons in his cupboard. Only Jo, Tim’s long-time best friend knows his secret, but can she be trusted? “A charming romp that makes you think! Mid-life crisis meets environmental awareness in this rom-com for the 21st Century.” Michael Jecks, author “Funny, insightful and a dream to read.” Tami’s Reading Corner.

Meet D.A. Baden

I work in the area of sustainability and climate change, and the more you know the scarier it is. Like the sun, you can’t look too closely at it, but face to one side, you make your way, because in fact, it’s easy to put everything right. All the solutions are right here, they just have to catch on. Walking lightly and mindfully upon the earth is so doable. I started writing as therapy, with green solutions as the main ingredient, stories to soothe my soul. Then my characters and their stories took over centre stage, leaving the green solutions to season the stew.