A Twist of Magic

This uplifting picture book is a young reader’s passport to an eye-opening adventure. Explore the World With a Twist of Magic, Anna’s world transforms. An unknown place. A mysterious food. An unfamiliar language. Will Anna and her sidekick, Bear, accept the kindness of a new friend and have the courage to discover where this adventure may lead? Perfect for read-aloud by loving parents, grandparents, and educators, this beautifully illustrated story has the transformative power to take us outside of our comfort zone. With a magical journey to a South American city, this book gives the gift of travel inviting readers to bravely discover the beauty of the world.

Meet Allison Ward

Allison Ward is a children’s author of the World Explorers series including recent release, A Twist of Magic, as well as other adventure stories for young kids. From her time spent flying helicopters to international diplomacy, Allison brings a wealth of rich experiences and perspectives to her readers. Through books, she shares inspiring stories of exploration that teach children to be brave, try new things, and treat everyone with respect. While she loved to explore all stretches of her imagination through writing, playing, and acting as a child, Allison still finds ways to keep her curiosity and the joy of discovery alive as an adult. She is a life-long learner and an advocate for well-rounded education through everything from books to travel. Allison incorporates world knowledge, adventure, and a touch of magic into each story to inspire readers to keep exploring. When she’s not trying street foods in Southeast Asia or hunting for treasures in the markets of the Middle East, she lives in South Carolina and is usually working on a new project or planning her next family adventure.

A New Paradigm of Education

A New Paradigm of Education: How to Support the Next Generations of Change-makers and Radically Inspire NEW Ways of Education. Open Your Mind and Heart to Receive the New Paradigm Shift in Education What does a new way of education look like? What’s not working in education anymore? How can we all make changes to education to help our children and students? Discover a new type of education led by inner truth where we all thrive; a New Paradigm of Education is a collective response to making changes within education. It’s a gentle letting go of all old paradigms of education that have not been serving our students, educators, mentors, and parents and exploring the new paradigms that are rapidly changing education. So, don’t be left behind and get real-life, effective advice to move into an education that is transformational for the highest good for all; you are than better off reading the collective stories, interviews and resources from eight global educators A New Paradigm of Education: How to Support the Next Generations of Change-makers and Radically Inspire NEW Ways of Education, which includes the following chapters: 1. Discover why Connection is the most important part of making any organization a place where people can thrive as explained by a school psychologist. 2. Learn about highly intuitive children, born with infinite wisdom and a deep desire to change the world. 3. Explore how to transition from a teacher to an awakener. Highly applicable steps. 4. Discover On the Spot Language (OSL), learning a functional language through ESL, integrating into a new community, and genuinely connecting with people. 5. How to encourage The Synchronicity of Learning within homeschooling, colleges and other educational settings. 6. Become a teacher who not only provides education but one who creates values that impact students’ lives at home. Learn to Serve Our Superhero Students within special education. 7. How to help children to overcome limiting beliefs and emotions through the Havening method. 8. Education is Spontaneous. Learn how to open the gateways to truth, love, and wisdom (knowledge). A practical guide. Well-written. Easy read. A wonderful gift too. This book will open your eyes to a new and powerful “education,” one that has now expanded to mean more than simply acquiring information, instruction, or even wisdom. You will not only read stories from educators but receive 14 interactive questions to engage with as well as various educational tools and resources. Read what other educators are saying; “I love how this book was birthed through a higher-consciousness as this is the key to a new paradigm on Earth.” ~ Mia Munro, The Human Re-Invention Academy. “A must-read for any educator or parent in how to help your child explore and learn from nature!” ~ Magriet Potgieter, Future Stars-Youth Program, PR, Media, Branding Coach, Author and Speaker. “The heart that these educators are conscientiously addressing the need for a long-overdue revamping in the approach to education is inspiring. I have seen first-hand a lack, discord and a need for a connection of body, mind and spirit.” ~ Holly Brunner, Teacher, Holistic Coach, Co-Founder of ichoosesoul.com Consulting. “I love the idea of manifesting your own reality and giving skills to children to paint their own reality. With your curriculum, if you believe in doing it, you can do anything! It’s a win-win!” ~ Jennifer Willard, Art Educator. Now, you can dig deep into these stories and find ways to improve how you choose to educate as the world changes! Get your copy of A New Paradigm of Education. Start your journey today.

Meet Monique Sayers

Monique Sayers is the visionary for A New Paradigm of Education which is a culmination of her life’s work as a passionate educator, mother, and awakened meditation healer. She offers this vision to all of humanity to awaken and bring forth a new paradigm that will serve ALL students for their highest good. She’s also an International Best-selling co-author of “A Journey of Riches-The Attitude of Gratitude,” where she shares about the embodiment of gratitude. She’s taught over 20,000 students from all over the world TEFL/English, Primary School and Online classes. She’s taught in classrooms across China, Bali, Uruguay and her mother country Australia. Monique also set-up free global online English classes for all students to access as she truly wanted to create accessible learning for all. Her skills are diverse, ranging from being an Australian Life-Saver Trainer at the beach, a Training Consultant in an office and a Meditation Guide in the inner home. Her favorite classroom is the ocean and her greatest teacher is her daughter, Coral. As part of her service to the planet, she combines her background of teaching foundational skills combined with courses in meditation, visioning, and other new paradigm ways of learning. Monique is open for collaborating around projects that serve students.

Colorful Feelings assists young children in understanding their feelings, moods, and emotions through beautiful illustrations, bright colors and simple examples. It’s time to learn about your feelings.

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The Honest Guide to the MBA

In the world of management, the MBA is seen as a badge of honour and an accolade, but prospective students are often met with confusing accreditations, various price structures and widely different formats of studies.
This guide not only explains all of those areas but also shows the real-life experiences awaiting those who chose to pursue an MBA.
The book was created out of frustration of the author (a student of University of Leicester Business School) who, not so long ago, waded through the labyrinth of different offers himself.
He candidly shares ways of securing funds for the course, guides through the process of selection and advises on best ways of getting through this extremely intense course.

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Learning how to Meditate, for Families of all Ages!: The 5 Easy Steps Way…

Meditation helps to unlock the power of emotional intelligence!

“The kind of book I wished my parents bought, and explored with me, when I was a kid…”

Today now more than ever we need to arm ourselves against stress and anxiety, to give us a renewed sense of hope, to make good use of our time, and contribute to a stronger society, on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Meditation has many proven health benefits that makes it a wise practice in any times, but as we are experiencing a planet wide pandemic that is having a big impact on everyone’s lives and one that might take years to subside, it is especially useful nowadays.

Make the best of your available time and do something fun and healthy with your family!

By introducing meditation as a whole family practice, not only are you adding to your own household’s overall physical and emotional health, and improving relationships, but you are also helping your children grow up to be emotionally mature and responsible human beings who will have better chances at a happy and meaningful life. And you also doing your part to help shape our future society by adding a few more well balanced individuals into the ranks of tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers. And that is something we definitely need in today’s faced paced globalized world where every person can have such an impact on the lives of so many others, to avoid making decisions that are based on fears and selfish interests, and instead from a healthy perspective and mindset.

5 Easy Steps to learning meditation as a family:

Anyone who follows this simple guide will be able to enjoy the many health and relationship benefits of meditation, inside you will find:

  • Demystifying meditation for parents and children of all ages
  • Written specifically for parents, to integrate as a family activity
  • Good for any level of experience in meditation
  • References to studies of many health benefits with Proven Results
  • Encourages healthy family relationships and dynamics
  • Learn how meditation decreases Attention Deficit Disorder and improves children’s Grades and Behavior
  • And how meditation reduces Fears and Anxieties, for adults and children alike
  • Improves sleep patterns, coping and social skills
  • Partner and group exercises
  • Learn the 100 Dragon Breath technique
  • Also includes Mindfulness Exercises and Fun Trivia questions
  • You can be surprised at just how easy it is to pick up!

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I Only Wanted to Live: The Struggle of a Boy to Survive the Holocaust


A broad picture of the Holocaust from the point of view of a child

This book is a memoir of a child who is swept into the whirlwind of the Holocaust. The epic history is narrowed down to the struggle of a single boy nicknamed Leosz to survive the war. From age 7 to age 13, he endures all the horrors that the Holocaust brings upon the Jewish people. Life hangs on split-second timing, decision-making in impossibly cruel circumstances, incredible resourcefulness, luck and the help of others, even Germans.

In the Krakow Ghetto, Leosz is saved from three mass deportations to the death camps. He escapes the ghetto, survives for several weeks pretending to be a

Polish street child, and then goes into hiding. Although sentenced to die after being caught, he is instead miraculously reunited with his family in the Plaszow labor camp. A year later, father and son become slave laborers in the Gozen 2 camp in Austria, where his father perishes. Close to death himself, Leosz is finally liberated by the American army on May 5th, 1945.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.