The Charged Garden: Using Electricity to Grow Larger, Healthier Veggies and Fruit, Without Fertilizers or Pesticides

A useful book that explains how to apply Electroculture solutions to produce food with the help of clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

Gardeners, are you struggling to grow food without using chemicals in less-than-ideal conditions?
Whether that is land with poor quality soil or trying to grow in the limited space of a condo balcony,
this book is for you.

Here is just a fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of Electroculture, as well as how and why it works.
  • Several passive Electroculture antenna style devices, along with some background information on who invented them and instructions on how to make them and install them.
  • The benefits of using pyramids in your garden, as well as how to make them and use them.
  • How to make and install Lakhovsky and Moody coils.
  • How to do Electroculture without any wires, antennas or any other device just using compost piles.
  • How to apply active Electroculture where the passive devices are not a good fit. How to set it up and how to make the High Voltage Power Supply for it.
  • What kind of music and or sounds to play for plants to grow faster.
  • How to improve seed germination rates, and how to build the necessary apparatus.
  • How to build a self-watering, sub-irrigated raised bed or container.
  • The most effective method for planting a fruit tree.
  • How to perform grafting on fruit trees in order to have fruit in their first year, especially when combined with the planting method mentioned before.
  • How to take care of the soil.
  • Plant soil pH preferences and plant companionship, which combinations help and which ones to avoid.
  • Several pollinator tips and how to get free bees.
  • How to protect your bees if you have them.
  • and more.

Even if you only applied one of the many techniques covered in this book, it would easily cover the cost of this book ten times over.

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