Bruno and Rufus, The Great Cake Adventure. Includes INTERACTIVE VERSION with Voiceover, Animation, and Quest.

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Journey into a world where stories leap off the pages! Dive into an enchanting tale of friendship, adventure, and delightful surprises around every corner.
Meet characters that will inspire, entertain, and become your child’s new favorite companions.

But the magic doesn’t end with words on a page. Transform reading time into an immersive experience with our interactive adventure story edition!
Every page comes alive with captivating voiceovers, whimsical animations, and melodies that will have little feet tapping in delight.
Engage and challenge young minds with a quest weaved seamlessly into the narrative. As the tale unfolds, hints and clues lead to a grand finale – and guess what? A special gift awaits those who complete the journey!

A story for kids aged 2-8, this book promises more than just a reading—it’s an adventure, a game, and a treasure hunt rolled into one delightful package. Dive in and let the magic begin!

About story:
Join Bruno the bear and Rufus the rabbit on a heartwarming adventure through an enchanted forest, as they learn the true meaning of friendship. This beautifully illustrated tale follows the duo’s journey to create a unique honey-carrot cake, teaching young readers the importance of communication, compromise, and understanding. Through their adventures, children will also gain valuable insights into developing their own emotional intelligence.

How Can You Unlock the Book’s Interactive Edition?
1. Flip the pages to find the QR code.
2. Scan it using your device’s camera or a QR scanner app.
The link to the website can also be found on the same page as the QR code.
3. Register and, enter the activation code located inside the book.
4. Dive into the interactive experience.

The interactive version is compatible with computers, tablets, and phones.

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