Lily Tames the Angry Monster

Do you make these TOP-7 mistakes in raising children?

(Some of them are inherent even in good parents.)

(Mention: based on research of Northeastern University):

  • #1. Placing a ban on the expression of emotions. Children’s negative feelings should be avoided altogether.
  • #2. Believing the child should be liked by teachers, friends… A child with anger issues is not acceptable. He should always strive to please others.
  • #3. Falsehood from parents. True toddler anger should not be hidden behind a fake smile (this is a bad way for an angry toddler). Falsification of a kid’s anger adversely affects adulthood.
  • #4. When parents try to be an ideal example and avoid talking about mistakes, it subconsciously blocks true life and the toddler’s feelings
  • #5. Parents believe that getting high grades is the most important key to a successful adulthood. But learning to manage your toddler’s emotions is important too.
  • #6.“Boys don’t cry.”
    “Don’t be angry.”
    “That’s bad.” 
    Sometimes anger in children appears about things that look silly to adults. Downplaying a child’s feelings is not good.
  • #7. Anger management with children is stressful. When your children share their feelings, for goodness sake, don’t contradict them.

How can parents avoid these mistakes?

“How do you deal with anger issues in children?” – Alice
“Is there a guide – a kid’s book about feelings?” – Lillian
“Do toddler anger issues exist?”  – Lewis

Let’s getting ideas from a feelings book for children (children’s book about anger)?
This book is a great anger management book for children that can help you and your young child understand their emotions.

“This emotions book for children is relatable!” – Anna
“I did not know you could manage emotions for kids THAT easily!” – Jane
“What a useful children’s book on anger for ages 3 – 5!” – Alexa

This anger book for kids walks you through conversation on how to recognize and deal with anger. It is good for parents to use in dealing with anger in children. Resolve anger issues in toddlers by teaching your child to use anger as a signal. It is also a great children’s book about calming down, with anger control techniques for kids.

“I enjoyed reading this emotional book for babies!”
“My son can also read this as a book about feelings for boys.”
“I feel like the mom in this anger book for children.”

Reading this kids book about emotions will help your child learn how to self-regulate emotions. It can help child boost emotional intelligence.

“What a superb emotions book for preschool!”
“I have used this anger book for preschool classes!”
“This book will be useful for preschool anger management sessions.”

“Lily Tames the Angry Monster” is a perfect children’s book about impulse control! It can help in facilitating how preschoolers manage their feelings. This picture book about emotions suitable for young preschoolers in understanding emotions and even for children with a speech delay!

“Wow, this toddler’s book about feelings and emotions just hit the spot.”
“How I wish we had this anger management book for preschoolers back then.”
“As a new parent, I now feel equipped to deal with anger in childhood.”

Get this children’s book about self-regulation today to help your child have a comfortable future!

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Happiness In 21 Perspectives


Are you constantly worried or anxious about the little things in life that you do not have control of? Do you sometimes feel impatient of your desires coming true and do not know how to deal with it? Do you have the tendency to compare yourself with others and find it hard to be happy wherever you are now? Or do you have the habit of reacting to so many things around you that you just feel drained and powerless most of the time? Yes, these happenings outside of us can take hold of our emotions if we do not exercise our own power to control our balance within. A deliberate control in the way we think and how we respond is the key to the lasting joy and happiness that we all want, regardless of the conditions.

This Book is meant to assist you in Awakening Your Power To Transform Every Trouble In Your Life Into Treasure By Mastering Your Perspective And Gaining Control Of Your Emotions. If you are looking for a way out of these constant dilemma and negativity, this book will help you cultivate your control from within — by Shifting Your Perspectives and thereby improving the way you interpret and feel about your circumstances, and achieving significant changes in how you respond and live your life.

Find the lasting joy that you’ve been seeking, in spite of uncertainties. You can’t control everything that’s going on outside of you, but you can always control how you define and respond to it. Your definition and response to life will either make you happy or unhappy. When your perspective is in the right direction, your life experiences will go the same.

In this book you will discover how to harness your own power and control deliberately, using tools, principles and strategies to make the shift and achieve the lasting happiness that you deserve.

You will learn the 21 Perspective Shifts that you can apply in your life today and begin practicing:

– How to exercise control of your own emotions and responses to life

– How to look at the problems and difficulties you encounter

– How to think constructively and view everything in your life to your advantage

– How to break free from worry, fear and doubt, and replace them with trust, optimism and satisfaction

– How to soothe negative patterns of thinking

– How to change old, bad habits and replace them with good habits for happiness

– How to maintain lasting happiness wherever you are and transform your life forever

– And much, much more!

Plus a suggested affirmation or mantra for every chapter that you can use whenever you need.

Start reading now and begin applying these perspectives in your life today!

About The Author:
Iona Kristina Perez is a passionate inspirational writer who currently writes for her blog

I Can Make Wise Choices


Follow a boy as he works through small, medium and big choices. Kids will gain confidence in their own ability to make wise choices with a growth mindset.

Kids can become resilient, confident and happy when they are mindful of their choices. They’ll learn to set goals, visualize their dreams and stay focused. Making choices is a normal part of a child’s life. In this fun, colorful book kids will learn that there are small, medium and big choices. For the small choices, they can casually make a decision. For medium choices, they need to think and to take time to make the choice. For big choices, kids are encouraged to ask for help. Don’t sweat the small ones, be reasonable on the medium choices, and get help on the big choices.

A boy chooses which shoes to wear to school and is comfortable making a mixed-up choice because it’s a small decision. He thinks hard about his grandmother’s birthday present—a medium decision—because he loves her and cares what she thinks. When he has to choose a sport, he asks Mom and Dad for advice. Big decisions should be talked about so all the variables are considered.

Take the stress out of decision making for your children reading this book together. I Can Make Wise Choices encourages discussion of the options you’re considering as part of the decision-making process. Give your child confidence that they can make the wise choices.

Wise choices depend on the complexity of the problem. Help your child sort out their options, discuss their priorities, and become confident in their decisions.

The final pages are designed to facilitate discussion between teachers/parents and the child. It’s particularly important to discuss “WHY” a child favors one option over another. Bring the thinking part of decision to the forefront to guide the process.

Parents and teacher will find this a helpful book to read with kids. Discussion pages encourage kids to explain WHY they’d make this choice or that. Read this book with your child today to give them confidence that they can make wise choices.