100 Inspirational Bites: Wise Quotes to Nourish Your Heart!

Start your journey to inner peace with 100 Inspirational Bites: Wise Quotes to Nourish Your Heart!

This delightful and uplifting booklet will give you powerful quotes and profound words of wisdom to help you find joy in life.
With this book, you’ll be able to:

Enjoy one-minute moments of inspiration.
Fuel your dreams to help you create a happier life.
Appreciate familiar affirmations, and discover lesser-known ones.
Experience tiny bursts of inspiration that will leave a lasting impact on your heart and mind.

Let the magic of these pearls of wisdom transform your life and ignite your spirit!
In this booklet, you’ll find:

Quotes and proverbs from around the world.
Funny tidbits to boost your moods.
Tips and tricks for living a life full of gratitude, joy, and peace.
Powerful words to help you start your journey to success.
Timeless advice for life, work, love, and happiness.

Don’t wait for a sign to start living a happier life. Buy your copy of 100 Inspirational Bites now and unlock the power of inner peace!

Meet M. McEdogh

After working in the wonderful world of publishing for most of her life, M. McEdogh recently decided to dip her toes into writing her own books.

From Us For You: Inspiring Stories of Healing, Growth and Transformation

Twenty-five women (aged 30 to 80) tell stories of how they endured or navigated a variety of struggles and emerged having grown and transformed. Their desire is to share lessons learned to provide you with inspiration, hope, and encouragement. Writers describe experiences like altering limiting mindsets to recognize the value of self-care, listening, and manifesting; escaping emotionally or physically abusive environments and emerging stronger; stripping away restrictive expectations of others and creating authentic and passionate lives; and overcoming life-threatening illness through determination and taking charge. Others claim enough and intentionally discover and pursue more fulfilling careers; face harsh labels and inadequate language to become more compassionate; and find unexpected joy in mentoring and uplifting others. Their stories are important to learn from as they help us be more aware of the complexities of other people. Everybody has a story. Everybody. You will be touched by the resiliency and bravery of these writers as through their words you’ll find reasons to uplift your own life. Net profits from From Us For You book sales will be donated to a designated non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for and assisting women.

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Meet Diane M. Dresback

Diane M. Dresback’s passion for storytelling drives her career as an author, screen- writer, and director. When Diane is not writing books, she’s making films. Diane is a past recipient of the Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Award. Find her at:
dianedresback.com (author) mindclover.com (film)