The Elements of the Crown

She wasn’t supposed to become so powerful.
She wasn’t even supposed to survive.

In an empire divided into three rings, Talise is from the lowliest and most dangerous outer ring. To escape that life, she just has to do three things.

1) Attend an elite academy for manipulating the elements of water, air, earth, and fire.
2) Become the most powerful student in her year.
3) Prove her magic is the best in a competition in front of the emperor himself.

Everything goes according to plan until a handsome and rich young man shows up with just as much skill as her.

She has to win. She has to hate him.

But when the competition falls apart, the emperor forces them to work together instead. Their growing attraction only distracts them from dark truths that the empire has hidden for too long.

Secrets lurk in every shadow of the palace, hiding a conflict that sits on the brink of war. But Talise has secrets of her own. Secrets that could destroy her.

A war is coming. Talise can only hope she’s powerful enough to meet it.

If you like fierce females, enemies to lovers romance, royal intrigue, and shocking plot twists, you’ll love this complete epic fantasy series.

This book has exclusive content including a map of Kamdaria, character illustrations of Talise and Aaden, instructions to the game: Forces of Kamdaria, excerpt from the companion short story: Winds of Flame)

This series was originally published as short novellas. This book includes novellas 1-4 of The Elements of Kamdaria: Ice Crown, Wind Crown, Dust Crown, and Flame Crown. Don’t miss the other books in this breathtaking fantasy series!

#1: The Elements of the Crown
#2: The Elements of the Gate
#3: The Elements of the Storm

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Meet Kay L. Moody

Kay L. Moody is proud to be a young adult fantasy author. Her books feature exciting plots with a few magical elements. They have lots of adventure, compelling characters, and sweet romantic sub-plots. She believes that no matter how difficult life gets, a happy ending is never permanently out of reach.

The Casebook of Sir Pendleton Stormsnout: Book 1: The Gypsy’s Gleaming Eye

“Sir Pendleton Stormsnout: Legendary Detective and Seeker of Adventure.”

So reads the sign that hangs by the entrance of the palatial estate that lies on the outskirts of the sleepy hamlet known as Mouseling Hollow. For most mice, hanging such a sign outside their place of business would be sheer arrogance – a sure sign that they were either puffed-up braggarts intoxicated with their own boastfulness, or vainglorious charlatans seeking to separate the innocent from their hard-earned coin.

But Pendleton Stormsnout is most certainly not ‘most mice.’ Far from it…

For Pendleton Stormsnout, the sign that hangs outside his stately manor house is merely a simple declaration of fact – for he is both a legendary detective, and a lifelong seeker of adventure. Over the course of many seasons, the tales of his exploits have spread far and wide throughout the entirety of King Teegan’s Far Collective. The rumors say that Pendleton Stormsnout is a prodigy – a virtuoso – a ‘renaissance mouse’ in the truest sense of the phrase. They say that his powers of observation and deduction are unparalleled. That he can out-think the most distinguished scholars from the University at Old Town, out-fight the greatest champions from the Black Baron’s infamous Arena, and out-drink the thirstiest scalawags in Captain Redfur Tumblefox’s fabled Wrecking Crew. Some even whisper that he sets a finer dinner table than his neighbor, the beloved chef and innkeeper Robert Teague.

When The Feldenspar Daily is granted a rare interview with the famous detective, it quickly dispatches a pair of journalists eager to learn the truth about Sir Pendleton Stormsnout. Is he really as sharp as they say? As learned? As daring? As sophisticated? Being no stranger to news stories that have been a bit…shall we say…exaggerated, the journalists arrive at his doorstep with two questions burning on their lips: has Sir Pendleton Stormsnout really done all the things he’s said to have done? And if so, what is the source of all his amazing abilities – how did he become the celebrated mouse that he is today?

As they question Stormsnout’s butler (and chronicler of sorts) Alfred, they will discover that the answers to their questions are both much greater – and far different – than they ever could have imagined…
Discover the answers for yourself in this, the first novella in the new Mouseling Hollow Chronicles series – featuring the origin story of Sir Pendleton Stormsnout, the breakout hit character from the international best-selling A Journey to Mouseling Hollow series!

Meet Robert Feol

International speaker, author, and radio personality Robert Feol is considered by many to be one of the youngest, most up-and-coming real estate investors and motivational speakers in the real estate industry today.

Feol’s maverick approach to real estate acquisition and financing and uncompromising attitude towards integrity and full disclosure based method of real estate investing has earned him numerous accolades, including having New York Times best selling real estate author Robert Shemin stating that Robert’s radio program is “the best real estate investing radio program in the United States.”

Considered a “visionary” by many of his clients and radio show listeners, Feol’s innate ability to locate highly discounted investing opportunities and get them online has resulted in him being involved in over 2,000 purchase and sale transactions over the past twelve years—a phenomenal accomplishment for someone who is just for-ty-four years old. In 2009, Robert created and trademarked through the United States Patent Office “The Short-Term Retirement Program” (, a ground-breaking real estate purchase system that allows any investor, regardless of nationality, to take advantage of private financing and aggressive amortizations to build a strong real estate portfolio and have it paid off in as little as five years.

Experimetal Magics

After four centuries of absence, magic has returned. But people have forgotten about it. They have moved on, a new religion has destroyed old grimoires, and humankind now lives by coal, steel and science. In this age of machines, there is no place for old legends. But now magic is back, why not use it for profit? Scientists open laboratories to study this mysterious energy. Soon, everybody is talking about it, the loudest being those who understand little about its principles: politicians, entrepreneurs, religious leaders or fashion icons.

Professor Adrienne Imlay is one of the new researchers. Born an outcast in the crumbling old city of Gandarah, she spent her childhood evading the terrible Guardians and hiding the secret of her shamanic gift. She has cheated death more times than she cares to remember while scouring the mysterious Ruins for any relic to sell. Now a brilliant scientist, she wants only one thing: to work in peace, away from politics. But with elections looming, magic suddenly becomes the chief topic of the debate. In her lab, strange things start to happen: she has to rescue the soul of one of her colleagues, trapped in a railway timetable. Another scientist wants to build a banned machine whose blueprints are buried in Adrienne’s childhood memories. This project attracts unhealthy interest. Soon, she is pursued by a charismatic politician, a magic enforcer, a sinister pack of werewolves and even an ancient god.

But just like physics, magics have laws of their own. The first one is: everything has a price.

This immersive novel depicts a unique world where magic is not static but cyclical, providing a stunning backdrop for adventure in the opening book of this epic series. If you have enjoyed the Lady Trent series by Marie Brennan, the unusual magic of the Powder Mage, and the treasure hunts of Tomb Raider, this epic tale is for you.

Meet Alex Evans

After travelling around the world, Alex Evans has settled down to juggle an absorbing job, a lively family and the craft of writing. She loves folklore, ancient history and hates clichés.

Only One Death

If he does not find a way to save them, Dhinal knows his people will die. Every single one of them.

The apprentice shaman has travelled for years, searching for the answer, along the way gathering a ragtag band of misfits, each harbouring secrets of their own. The latest member of this group, Strings, is running from something, her dreams haunted by flames and terror.

Together, they arrive in the bustling city of Eastsea, seeking a guide to the legendary and lost Amethyst Mountains.

Kees is tired of the city. She knows it is slowly killing her and longs to seek solitude in wild places, far away from the noise and stench of others.

Dhinal and Kees understand the wilderness does not care about you, it simply exists. Whether you live, or whether you die, is up to you, to your companions and to sheer chance. Winter is whispering in the high places, dangers-unknown abound in the forests, and fractures begin to appear in the group itself.

The truth, Dhinal knows, is that there are many ways to die, but only one death. And this journey will test them all, in ways they could not possibly imagine.

At its heart, Only One Death takes the well-loved trope of a group of adventurers on a quest, then turns this upside down and inside out, demonstrating how danger, secret motives and hidden desires can swiftly tear apart the strongest of groups — and Dhinal’s group is not the strongest. Not by a long way.

A permafree introduction to the dark and dangerous fantasy world of The Lesser Evil. This free novella also contains a link to a further free bonus tale, Dust and Death, featuring some of the characters from Only One Death.

Meet Alexander M Crow

I was born in 1977, one of the micro-generation of people who experienced an analogue childhood and digital adulthood. Sometimes called Xennials, sometimes ‘The Star Wars Generation’, this duality had a definite impact on how I see the world.

I am Scottish. Technically, I was born in England, in a now dead and disappeared county, but my family moved to the far northern islands of Orkney when I was eight and I grew up there. Scotland remains the closest thing I have to a home nation.

I write for a sort-of-living and travel and live in places where the small amount of money I make from my words goes further. This feeds into my work, new experiences and cultures adding extra flavour and detail. Rather than the oft-derided “Digital Nomad” tag, I prefer the more Snufkinesque “Globally Feral”. It fits. I am not a travel writer, but a writer who travels.

The Tempter’s Bane (The Drifters’ Road: Part Two

The company has been separated. 

The goblin chief has been defeated, but the goblins have regrouped and resumed their search. Adroegen has taken a fall over a cliff and may be gone, while Caitren is captured and will be brought before the evil lord Vyroun, who will soon wage war upon the kingdoms in the north. Gleowan and Vaenn search for Caitren, while Edelbir and Kattalin must find Adroegen, as well as a hidden kingdom of dwarves to aid them against Vyroun. 

The Tempter’s Bane is the second installment of The Drifters’ Road series, in which Adroegen’s friends lose their guide in lands unknown to them. On their own, they despair over the coming assault from Vyroun, and over fear that their friends might be gone. 

Arcane Cage

“The great historical sweep of the entire book, and the account of Siddrah’s quest for the talismanic Archon, are richly imagined and lavishly depicted.There is a classical historian’s tone to this fantasy epic, with echoes of Tolkien and other fantasy greats. The singular construction of an imaginary world, culture and even a literary heritage is impressive…If George R.R. Martin and Herodotus held a writing seminar, this dense account of an imaginary land might be the result.” Publishers Weekly, BookLife Prize 2019 [Critic’s Report]

Meet Joseph H Wycoff