Dark Romance Books for Adults

Spectacular! You’ve just hit the jackpot. A thick tome, hundreds and hundreds of pages of solely dark romance stories.
NOTE: A bonus short story is included: It’s a reverse harem on the red-hot end of naughty.
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This collection contains the following stories:
BOOK 1: Dark Bully Next Door
BOOK 2: Doctor-Dom Next-Door
BOOK 3: Daddy-Dom at a Wedding
BOOK 4: Surprise Pregnancy for Villain
BOOK 5: Stepdad’s Biker Enemy
BOOK 6: Bonus Reverse Harem Short Story

All these stories are hot, spicy standalones. Five full-length romances plus your bonus short story.

Doctor-Dom Next-Door

Version 1.0.0

Elle is new to the neighborhood,
She’s young and a cam girl,
When she needed an umbrella her neighbor Bryan was right there to help,
When she accidentally slashed her hand, he was just the doctor she needed,
And more,
She’s drawn to him,
She wants him to be more than a neighbor,
He wants her to be more than a patient, but she’s half his age,
And he’s in a world she’s never been in before,
He’s a dom,
But he might just be exactly what she’s been missing in her complicated life.

Daddy-Dom at a Wedding


A night of drinking.

And this stupid speed-dating.

I’m hooked on his stupidly handsome face.

A face worthy of … doing some naughty things to.

Despite his prick attitude.

A line crossed that can’t be uncrossed.

The memories terrorizing me.

A night that should be a night of fun ended with … well, way differently.

At least he’s the perfect fake date I need for Elle’s wedding.

But then, am I only falling deeper into his world?

His dark world of control and pain.

A hot, dark romantic read with loads of witty banter.

Single-Dad & Nanny Accidental Pregnancy

When the career Vanessa had chosen kept hitting dead-ends,
She accepted a nanny job from her daddy’s billionaire boss,
Still untouched and V-card intact,
She figured all her hot and needy feelings for her dad’s boss were just a young girl’s crush,
One that was forbidden by her dad,
She didn’t expect to fall so fast and deep,
Nor to be pregnant with her boss’ baby.

Daddy’s Hot Friends: A Reverse Harem Story

V-CARD FOR THREE – This standalone novel is a filthy, fast-burn instalove erotica

Lizzie is young, shy and her V-card is still not broken.
But she knows exactly what she wants. Or rather, who.
Kyle, Hunter & Cyrus.
These men are much older than her, rich, handsome and sexy-as-sin.
Too bad they are her dad’s best friends.

The last time she saw the trio, she was small and chubby.
Now, she’s all grown, and her fantasies have grown, too.
Naughty, filthy desires of being shared between them.
When the trio flew in for her parent’s vow renewal,
They accidentally discovered Lizzie’s most coveted secret,
No one expected the betrayal, lies and jealousy that came next.
Now Lizzie’s friendship, family, and dreams are on the line.
Despite being shy and untouched, will she chase the hot, dirty fantasies she’s harbored for years,
Or will she let these sexy studs slip through her fingers the second it becomes hard?

To readers: All entries are used including ‘the back’ in this sizzling, off-limits romance story.

Spicy Romance Books for Women

Fabulous! This collection of Izzie Vee’s stories is exactly that.
It includes books 12-14 from her ‘Steamy, Forced & Forbidden Series’.
BE WARNED: The last story is a reverse harem that’s on the red-hot end of naughty.
A bonus story is included inside for you that’s not included in the series.
Ready to devour these yummy stories, then one-click now to steam up your Kindle all night long

This collection contains the following stories:
BOOK 1: Pregnant for Daddy’s Enemy
BOOK 2: Best-Friend’s Billionaire Daddy in Italy
BOOK 3: Daddy’s Hot-Friends: Reverse-Harem
PLUS a Special Bonus story for you.

All these stories are hot, spicy standalones with naughty forbidden elements.

Sacred Flow

Sacred Flow

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to honor and respect your sensuality.
Consciously use your senses to understand the world around and within you.
Release past shame or guilt from your body and heal.
Forgive yourself for having shared your physical temple with strangers.
Bathe in the power of your creative and life-birthing center.
Allow the free expression of body movement in the form of dance.
Be like the element of water which adjusts and accepts without seeking to control.
Faithfully trust and go with the currents of life by transforming the urge to resist change.

Embrace the sacred flow within to answer the necessary questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why am I here?

Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world.

Sacred Flow is the sixth in a series of seven poetry books. It is composed of poems associated with topics of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is associated with yin and feminine energy, sexual connection, sensuality, pleasure, relationships, creative expression, emotions, sensitivity, and fluidity.

The Chakra System

According to the Vedas (ancient Indian sacred texts), the physical body is composed of seven primary energy or vortex centers called chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. The seven main chakras run along the spine-beginning with the root chakra and ending with the crown chakra. The main chakras are:

  • 1 Root
  • 2 Sacral
  • 3 Solar plexus
  • 4 Heart
  • 5 Throat
  • 6 Third eye
  • 7 Crown

Each chakra has a different color, element, sound, mantra, function, location, major organ, and association. The flow or blockage/imbalance of subtle energy in each chakra determines the health or disease of the individual body.

Sacral Chakra information:

Sanskrit name: Swadhisthana or Svadhisthana
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Sound: Vam
Mantra: “I Feel”
Practice: Dance, tantra yoga, psychotherapy
Function: Healthy sexuality and sex drive, sensuality, pleasure, emotional awareness, connection, free expression of creativity, and fluid movement
Location: Below the navel
Organ: Kidneys, bladder, ovaries/testicles, lower abdomen, sacrum, pelvis and bodily fluids
Dysfunctions when imbalanced: Overwhelmingly emotional, moody and impulsive, pessimistic, feelings of guilt and shame, overly sexual, poor boundaries, self-critical, guarded, lack of creativity, low libido, addictive personality, irregular menstrual cycle, lower back pain, sciatica, kidney problems, sexual disorders, impotence, and fertility issues.

Meet Maria Kitsios, LMT

Maria Kitsios is a New York licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, and certified yoga instructor. Sacred Flow is the sixth of a seven book series and is composed of poems associated with the sacral chakra. Her previous five books are The Journey to Source, Unravel the Veil, The Vessel of Truth, The Heart’s Journey, and Unleash the Warrior.

Fantasy in Eden

What do extortion, blackmail and being able to speak Russian and German fluently have in common? For Fantasy Oliovenko – pretty much a one way ticket to hell, at least that’s what it appears like. For some the greatest transformations occur from their worst personal disasters, but in the end it is always a choice. Will you change and adapt with the situation or stay on in the way you wanted the world to always be, even after it has moved on? A young and beautiful State Department Agent, on a forced excursion to the bottom of the world soon comes to believe that her situation could not become any worse. It does. A savage, who has a right to her, wants everything and he will utterly possess her to get it. Sometimes the hardest part of giving into the path that God has for one makes no sense at the moment of its emerging inception. For Fantasy the struggle to believe is as hard as her inability to surrender and yet life while it remains gives ample time for both. Time is ticking though, and the rapacious bite of monsters that take no prisoners are ever eager to take advantage of a fool’s demise.

Meet Aedan Sayla

Up till now only half the story has been written and so now it’s time to read everything and not just what many have found acceptable. The truth and love itself are not bound by man, but are timeless and should be shared in full and so I write the whole story. Sincerely, Aedan Sayla

Eternally Wild

Melanie Davis is alive but not really living. Years ago, she faced an unspeakable tragedy that left her crippled socially. Her life consists of her career and coming home to an empty house devoid of love. That all changes when she meets a mysterious stranger. One who’s a dead ringer for the deceased lead singer of her favorite rock band, Lush.  

Caesar Blue died in a tragic accident when he was twenty-eight. The gorgeous music superstar left behind a lucrative career and three bandmates who were devastated by his death. None more so than his best friend, Johnnie Vega. 

Drummer Johnnie Vega always had a weakness for drugs and alcohol, and after losing his best friend, his world spun out of control. No matter how many trips to rehab he makes, Johnnie can’t shake the guilt over his friend’s death, nor the addiction he struggles with.

When Melanie realizes Caesar Blue has indeed returned to the world of the living, she finds herself falling for the enigmatic rock star. Not only does he set her on a path to fulfill her lifelong dreams, but his disarming sexuality reignites passions she long ago buried. But when Caesar’s mission to help her brings her face to face with her favorite band member, Johnnie Vega, things get complicated. As she begins to fall under the spell of her teenage crush, she discovers she and johnnie have a mysterious connection. One that compelled Caesar to bring the two of them together. But can falling in love with a ghost and his addict best friend be a good thing? 

Warning: This book’s content includes death of a best friend, deaths of children, attempted suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Meet Cherié Summers

As a child, Cherié Summers, dreamed of being a writer. And it’s in her dreams that Ms. Summers finds inspiration. At age eighteen, a dream she had about her favorite rock star, Billy Idol, turned into her first novel, A Melody for Adrian. But, Ms. Summers didn’t get serious about publishing that novel until she turned fifty. Six years later, she has seven published books to her name.

A Melody for Adrian begins her Love on Fire series which she describes as “drama filled, erotic romance about love, sex, friendship, and rock and roll”. Thus far, there are five books in the series that chronicle the trials, tribulations, and romances of the fictional band, Lightning. For the book, Eternally Wild, Ms. Summers veered away from her first series to take a stab at paranormal romance. However, the book is still grounded in music. The inspiration for Eternally Wild also came from a dream. One in which Ms. Summers met the ghost of Michael Hutchence. She was compelled to begin writing the book on the 20th anniversary of his death and is thrilled with the outcome, calling it her “steamiest” creation to date. In 2019, she released a sequel to the book called Heaven Sent. “I thought Eternally Wild would be a one book adventure, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt Johnnie’s story needed to be told. When Michael Hutchence once again appeared in my dreams, I knew it was time to write book 2, in the Love and Lush series.”

Writing is only one of Ms. Summers’ creative passions. She is also an avid photographer, specializing in portrait photography of animals, nature, and people. Another creative outlet she revels in is belly dancing. She teaches the art of Middle Eastern dance through her local community education program. She also enjoys traveling to music concerts and pop culture conventions with her daughter, Kayla. Atlanta is a favorite destination, and Ms. Summers’ dream is to move there when she retires from her day job.