Evolution’s Final Days


The Theory of Evolution Is In a Crisis

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“In China we can criticize Darwin, but not the government. In America, you can criticize the government, but not Darwin”. – Jun-Yuan Chen (Paleontologist)

In this groundbreaking book, John Morrison examines the theory of evolution currently being taught in high schools and colleges across the world. This planet was once nothing but liquid and gas but somehow, over billions of years, the countless number of living organisms currently on earth came into existence. This includes humans descending from apes.

Once the currently taught theory is understood, John then proceeds to explain what the textbooks don’t teach which puts the theory of evolution in a new light. Once you’re done reading Evolution’s Final Days, you’ll realize that the theory of evolution could never have happened in the way scientists proclaim, and the many reasons why new theories are not currently being taught. You’ll understand why we need to stand up as a community, and fight for science to be taught as it was intended. And you’ll come to know why the theory of evolution is truly in its final days!

Whether you’re new to the theory of evolution or have your PhD, this book will truly make you question what you have been told, and you’ll be sure to learn new information you may have never knew existed.

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