365 Days of Praise, Thanksgiving & Assurance of God’s Promises: Volume 4: A Daily Devotional Journal with Hebrew & Greek Keyword Study

This is volume 4 of 365 days devotional journal of praise, thanksgiving, and assurance of the promises of God, covering October to December. Each day comes with a distinct verse on praise; easy to commit to memory and hidden in some are God’s promises. The scripture references are from the New King James Version (NKJV) unless otherwise stated. It is presented in such a way that everyone, from the least to the greatest, can benefit. Each day also comes with a keyword Greek study from the passage, as we look through the New Testament in Volume 4. So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved. Acts 2:46-47 The early church had a culture of consistency. Their faith was a day-to-day reality, not a once-a-week church service. Despite difficulties, oppositions, challenges, persecutions, ridicules, they continued intensely serving the Lord, day after day in the teachings of the Apostles, in fellowship, in breaking bread, in prayers, and in praising the Lord. They were a unified church; doing the same thing and with much gladness. No wonder the Lord magnified and multiplied the church daily. A unified and consistent church magnifies and multiplies. Increase is a product of unified consistency. When the church is united in purpose, we will see tremendous growth. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises (Greek: areté – virtue, excellencies) of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9 God saves, calls, and chooses us to show forth His excellencies. We are made to praise. Daily practice produces daily results. If we want to see God’s move, increase, growth, every day of our lives and in the church, then we have to daily study the Word, fellowship, pray, and praise.

Meet Emmanuel Obeng Asiedu

Audit your Christianity: A practical perspective on how we can redefine and live a truly emulating Christian life.

We have been instructed, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Unfortunately, it is so sad to see the complacency that has deprived the modern day Christian of what it truly means to be called “Christian.” But that is exactly the secret intent of the devil that is on a mission to ensure that you are gradually conforming to this world instead of being transformed. Do not become a prey to the plans of the devil. Equip yourself today and find out how to live a victorious life that does not conform to the pattern of nominal Christianity. It is time to AUDIT YOUR CHRISTIANITY!

Meet Samuel Aiyedun

Samuel Aiyedun is a passionate lover of God and a teacher of the word. He takes special delight in researching and revealing the unadulterated word of God. In addition to writing, Samuel also preaches the undiluted word of God at church events and conferences. He can be reached via email at [email protected]

Dear David: Is Jesus for Real?

FREE on Oct 23-24 What happens when one friend asks his other friend to recount his reasons for believing in Christianity and following Jesus? A 30-page email with enough material for an eBook, apparently. Dear David is the candid retelling of one college student’s dubious return to faith, complete with the transformational realization that Jesus is a person to encounter, not a puzzle to be solved. Its letter-memoir style of writing offers a perspective on Christianity without any of the smoke and mirrors—just a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor and blunt storytelling. Dear David begins with the philosophical musings of a 21-year-old trying to make sense of the world. What is religion? Why are there so many? Is Christianity simply just made up? It then launches straight into the hilarious narrative of how for this Stanford CS grad, Amazon was the worst internship ever. Dear David is an engaging, frank, and yet personally endearing reflection on the Christian faith—complete with stories about late night quests for absolute truth, semi-dysfunctional relationships with immigrant parents, and the irrefutable effect of personal transformation. Delve straight into the pragmatic thoughts of something measuring his religious worldviews up against his lived-out reality. Ever wanted to peek into the brain of someone who believes in Jesus and yet doesn’t at the same time? Are you missing out on the familiar angst of existential crisis? Dear David is your one-way ticket to: -A better working definition for religion (it’s not what you think it is!) -A lesson in why personal application is more important than pursuing truth -A dose of reassurance you are not alone in your doubt Whether you’re curious about faith, skeptical about faith, or altogether indifferent about faith, Dear David promises nothing more than what it plainly is: an exceedingly long letter from one friend to another.

Meet Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is a 27-year-old Chinese American just trying to live his life and write about his experiences in the meantime. When not programming for his job in San Francisco or staying physically active, you’ll usually find him journaling, reading, or hunting for good boba and food to share with friends. Andrew grew up in Syracuse, New York before moving to California and graduating from Stanford University. He’s spent his time after college working in software engineering and church ministry, but has always had a dream to pursue his blogging and writing.

How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese

How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese is written for people who either have been in business for up to a year or are interested in starting a business, but do not have money. It discusses five life-changing principles that will help you succeed. Each principle has its own basis for preparing you to get your business up and growing with no money. So whether you own a fledgling business or plan to start a business this is the book for you!!!

Meet Donnie P.

Donnie P., an entrepreneur and native of Jeanerette, Louisiana, realized early in his professional business career that he was equipped with the necessary drive and determination that would allow him to start businesses—from the ground up—without any money. He used these tools and, immediately upon graduation from Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he established Community Case Management, an adolescent substance abuse counseling service. Soon after, he would also create Preventive Medical Services, a community-based medical health center.

Today, with over 20 years of experience, Donnie P. is guided by his unwavering faith in God and desire to develop business platforms that will uplift others. Donnie P. is currently founder and CEO of OSD Holdings, LLC, which is a cannabis dispensary owner/parner of Greenleaf Dispensary in Houma Louisiana. He launched A Caring Home Services’ national franchise rollout in the middle of 2012. In August of 2013, he sold his first of many franchises to Karl and Beverley Stephens, LLC out of Nashville, Tennessee. A Caring Franchise was sold in 2019

Since the launching of Donnie P. book “How to catch a Mouse with No Cheese” has sold worldwide in the following Countries of: United States of America, Germany, New Zealand, France, India, Canada, and Great Britain. He has conducted interviews here in the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia

In a world dominated by stress, worry, depression, and fear, what does it take to generate joy and reclaim the life you were created to live?

In this compelling and thought-provoking book, Talasi Guerra addresses the joy crisis facing our culture today. Having struggled to personally reconcile the difficult experience of her day-to-day life with the biblical mandate to choose joy, Talasi explores the critical connection between joy and suffering and offers a profound view of how intentional joy can revolutionize the gruelling journey up the mountain of life. She combines the raw experience of her personal mental health battles with rock-solid biblical teaching to reveal the secrets of life-changing joy in the heavenward journey.

Whether battling with depression, going through a slump, or simply navigating the mundane challenges of everyday life, Joy Like a Mountain will refresh your spirit through the power of the gospel and equip you with the tools you need to find freedom from bondage to circumstance-driven sadness and sorrow.

As you trek through the pages of this book, you will discover:

  • The Genesis – Where the journey of radical joy begins for all of us.
  • The Goal – Our aim as we navigate the mountain of life.
  • The Guarantee – How knowing the end of the story brings security here and now.
  • The Guide – Who leads you up the mountain.
  • The Gear – What equipment is needed to generate joy along the journey.
  • The Guts – How to cultivate courage throughout the climb.
  • The Grit – How choosing joy in suffering produces perseverance.
  • The Glory – Everlasting joy in the presence of God.

Joy Like a Mountain invites believers who sense an incongruence between the pain of their lived reality and the ecstasy of their promised salvation to discover the radical secrets of biblical joy on the journey of life. If you have ever found that choosing joy feels a little bit like climbing an impossible mountain, this book is for you. Don’t wait. It’s time to overcome the obstacles that hold you back and rise to new heights as you unleash revolutionary joy into the everyday moments of your life!

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A Poor Man’s Supper

Two people, destined to love each other, but forever doomed to be apart…
Vancie Keller is trying to survive on her mother’s failing farm when her life is forever altered by the arrival of two men: Josiah Buckland and Jagger Hill. One, she will love, the other she will marry. She has a secret neither of them know.
Orphaned as a teen, Josiah Buckland came down from the rugged mountains of North Carolina to try to find work and possibly a home. He didn’t expect to find the love of his life.
Jagger Hill has secrets of his own. When he comes to town and starts to rebuild, nobody knows him for who he really is, but people will soon learn.
Some secrets cannot be kept forever…

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Path Christianity: A Brief Introduction


In this booklet, Robert Harris introduces a fresh and vigorous interpretation of an old faith that’s based on Jesus’ unique perspective on life. Simply put, it’s the faith of Jesus, not the faith about Jesus.
Harris explains this exciting new way of looking at the Christian faith that’s free of pointless theological complications. In this concise summary he shares the conclusions he came to as he carefully worked his way through centuries of ideas, arguments, and interpretations. “I was surprised at what I discovered,” says Harris, “and I think my readers might be, too.”
Harris’ thoughtful approach gets us closer than ever to the remarkable faith that Jesus demonstrated—a dynamic, vibrant, and empowering faith called Path Christianity. And in this booklet, the author explains how it can transform lives by helping us maximize our God-given potential.
Robert Harris is the author of more than 40 books in a variety of genres, including self-help, humor, and inspiration. His works include 101 Things NOT to Do Before You Die, 6 Keys to Writing Effectively, Sudden Forgiveness: Transforming Your Life in the Blink of an Eye, and the Claude Monet, Private Eye mystery series. He can be contacted through his website, artspace5.com.