When Captain Havaford offers Holland a chance to get off the space station by pretending to be his wife, she doesn’t hesitate. But after a few days of living in the same room, her resolve to keep their relationship professional begins to crumble. Will Havaford still want her once he learns why she snuck onto The Rose and what she’s running from? Tropes: Fake marriage Propositioning Alpha male Good consent Running from the space mafia Sweet & Spicy

Meet Thea Masen

Thea Masen never thought she’d write spicy romance. The first time she read a steamy book, she was so embarrassed she couldn’t finish it. Now, she spends her days hiding her computer screen from her teenagers and her nights reading tantalizing snippets to her husband. In her books, you’ll find interesting sex, emotional depth, and happy endings. If you want sweet and spicy love stories, with a touch of the magical and imagined, you’ve come to the right place. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok @author_thea_masen where she shares updates about her own work and recommendations about the books she’s reading. And visit her website,, to join the email list (for those rare occasions when she remembers to send one out).

Billionaire in Disguise


A billionaire playboy banished to an island, a local girl trying to save her family’s legacy. What happens when their worlds collide resulting in a fake marriage?

Ethan Winthrop has drifted through life, his billionaire trust fund making it easy for him to party his life away. But when his troublemaking girlfriend ends up causing a scandal unlike any Boston has ever seen, his father banishes him to an island of the coast of Maine to hide out while he cleans up the mess.

After the death of her parents, Nicole Hutton’s goal has been to save the local Angel Island Lighthouse where both her grandparents and father lived. She hopes to keep it safe until one day she can be married there too, but when a sneaky developer tries to steal the property for a resort, Nicole has to find the money quickly. What she never expects was Ethan Winthrop to be the answer to her dilemma.

When they realize attraction simmers just below the surface, will they let it turn into something more? And what happens when the press and his ex find out where Ethan’s hiding? Can they find a way to make their fake marriage real despite all the obstacles?