Sweet Liberty

It’s the sweet second chance romantic comedy between Ali, a soap opera star, who gets stuck working with Luke, the ex who broke her heart.

Meet Cristina Ryan

Cristina Ryan lives with her Marine Corp. veteran husband and an entertaining clan of children and pets. She writes clean beach romances set in the fictional town of Malibu Bay. Holidays are a festive time, but there’s something extra special about love during the holidays in Malibu Bay. From friends to lovers to second chances and fake romances, these stories will bring you hope and happiness.

Hot vs. Cute

Who will Emma choose, a hot guy who gives her all the feels or a cute guy she can’t stop thinking about? Emma is good-looking and often dates hot guys interested in nothing more than hookups. She works for a start-up full of geeks. Kapil is the founder but the cutest of all. Emma doesn’t like Kapil, but agrees to be his fake girlfriend because of his generous offer. She also continues to see Jared, a hot guy who gives her all the feels. She designs a sociology experiment to compare her dates with hot vs. cute guys. Things get messy when her fake relationship interferes with her true feelings. A fake relationship romantic comedy that will sweep you off your feet! Full of humor that will make you laugh until you cry! Order this multicultural romcom today!!!

Meet dhara shah

Dhara Shah is an American author who lives in Phoenix. She writes multicultural romantic comedy novels and novellas. She enjoys writing romance with relatable characters carefully integrated into social, psychological, and physical relationships with other people and society. Her background in Psychology helps her portray her characters in real-life situations. She is a firm believer in happily-ever-after endings and shows that these happy endings may look different for different people. She is a first-generation American who embraces growing up with both Indian and American cultures. Subscribe to her newsletter and get a free novella, regular updates, and bookish content https://www.subscribepage.com/dharashahauthor Website https://www.linktr.ee/dharashahauthor Follow her on Social Media: @dharashahauthor on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. https://www.facebook.com/dharashahauthor https://www.instagram.com/dharashahauthor