Lies and Love

Drea hoped to only see her tiny tourist town in her rear view mirror, but now she’s back to take over the family store. Grandpa insisted and no one says no to Grandpa. When a newcomer arrives in town, Drea is immediately smitten. She knows her old high school friend has a crush on her, but she only has eyes for the mysterious stranger. Just one problem – he’s a bit too mysterious.

Meet April Tompkins

April Tompkins grew up on the prairies of North Dakota and now lives in Minnesota with her husband and her cat Sasha. She is the mother of two strong men. She is not only an author, but an accomplished songwriter and singer, whose independent albums have garnered thousands of plays on Spotify and are featured in music libraries. She is also the creator and editor of a digital music magazine and has been a music blogger since 2007. In her writing universe, April’s characters are not as uncomplicated as they seem. Everyone has a story, but it may take some coaxing to get them to tell it.

Welcome to Cripley Hollow

Celeste is excited about her move to Cripley Hollow. Until she sees the house. It’s a rundown, ramshackle place that could use a wrecking ball more than a mop. How can her mother expect her to live in such an awful place? And Celeste isn’t the only one unhappy about the move. Grumblemunch the imp has lived in the cellar of the old house for decades. He loves the junk he’s collected, and he enjoys running through the tall grass. Now, all that’s changing. “Bogs and bother!” What is an imp to do? Can Grumblemunch and Professor Prettypaws make Celeste and her family leave? And can Celeste accept that Cripley Hollow is much more than a small, boring village in the hills? The eBook is always free.

Meet Aurora S. Frost

Aurora S. Frost loves all things magical, from folklore to the shining crystals of snowflakes. And she loves telling stories most of all. One of the most important things in this world is the feeling of being at home, of having a loving family, and a place to be safe and be ourselves. Aurora S. Frost endeavors to incorporate these ideas into her stories, along with a touch of magic and a bit of folklore. She strives to create worlds that not only speak to the young but also speak to the young at heart, those who still have the ability to believe in the impossible.

You Should Pray

Laura is a single mother who loves her daughter Audrey and would do anything for her.
When Audrey struggles in school, drawing a shadow-man on desktops uncontrollably, Laura finds a psychologist to assist.
With the help of Dr. Renaud, she learns Audrey possesses amazing abilities.
But there’s a downside.
By the time she uncovers it, it’s too late.
Audreys’ desire for power grows out of control, then Laura struggles to contain her – until someone new arrives.
Someone she hopes can help.

Meet Chris Michael

Chris Michael is arguably the best writer to come along since that person who wrote the book about that thing. The one where people were in trouble, trying to figure out how to resolve an issue. In the beginning of the story… they failed to fix it, but in the end, they found something that helped.
After that, they solved it -kind of?- because another problem came along.
It was worse than the first one.
He’s the probably best author since that individual.
That person was amazing.

Sketches Of The Common Saints

Sketches Of The Common Saints is an audacious, funny, and wistful portrayal of a Southern Italian family and the genuine world they inhabit. From the ominous beauty of Reggio Calabria, through the baroque cityscapes of Torino, to the promise and sometimes harsh reality of Toronto’s working-class streets, these nine interrelated sketches are reflections of common folk and their journey towards a kind of sainthood in the culmination of a dream. Told from various perspectives, in clear and fast-paced prose that often dances with the poetic, each story is conveyed through an unfiltered lens of blunt realism imbued with imagery that evokes the common beauty of a working-class culture navigating the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a willing and necessary diaspora. Steeped in a traditional world where the sanctity of the family and the beatitude of the Catholic Church, intermingle with the dark doorways of iniquity and the unforgiving weight of crosses to bear, these people face the emptiness and the absurdity and the bounty of life, with a jaundiced eye and an unbridled passion, offering no apologies and putting on no airs. Taken on their own, or as a part of the larger narrative, the stories befit a boisterous Sunday table filled with heaping plates of pasta, carafes of homemade wine, and the fullness of life unfolding.

Meet Vincent Oppedisano

The author has been writing for many years. Even as life has been happening and he’s been busy making other plans, he has always been writing. Now he has finally decided, not only to write, but to be a Writer. He is a proponent of great literature and recommends reading Hemingway, Celine, Kerouac, Eliot, Dostoyevsky, and as many works of the Western canon as a life of reading will allow. He believes, with unwavering conviction, that just like great music and great art, great literature is great for a reason and it should be read with voracious audacity; detractors and deconstructionists be damned. He currently lives outside of Toronto with his family and he writes.

What To Do When Your Ex Begins Badmouthing You To Your Kids

We wrote “What To Do When Your Ex Begins Badmouthing You To Your Kids,” with the intent of providing a little bit of help in one of the most stressful and infuriating forms of parental alienation. Children should never have to be a party to a divorce, it’s unfair, and it may be unlawful. We hope that you find this guide helpful in helping you discern the appropriate steps to take when dealing with an unruly ex. Our attorneys built our law practice on successfully assisting spouses to navigate the difficulties of family separation. This eBook is a healthy start to understanding key topics and terms you may encounter. Visit our website to order your free eBook today!

Meet Charles D. Jamieson

A Happy Christmas Ceilidh

It’s their first winter holiday together on the Shrouded Isle… American widow Becca, her two daughters, and her Scottish boyfriend, Greg, are looking forward to celebrating. But trouble comes… As an elf on the shelf moves of its own volition, a snowman attracts too much attention, and an elderly neighbor is in dire need of Christmas cheer. To make matters worse… Becca and Greg find perfect gifts for each other. Unfortunately, neither can afford the price. Hilarity ensues as they struggle to find solutions for their problems. A Happy Christmas Ceilidh is a heart-warming tale about what happens when love brings a family and a community together. This stand-alone novella is a part of The Shrouded Isle series.

Meet Zoe Tasia

Zoe Tasia grew up in Oklahoma and spent seven years in Scotland. Now she resides in the great state of Texas, where everything’s bigger and better, or so she’s told by the natives. Zoe is married to an understanding Greek, has two grown sons, and three cat overlords. When she’s not giving her make-believe friends full rein, she enjoys the opera, ballet, well-chilled champagne and books. Kilts and Catnip, a finalist for the 2019 National Readers’ Choice Awards and semi-finalist for the 2019 Ozma Book Awards, is the first book in her fantasy series, The Shrouded Isle. The series includes Bagpipes and Basil (The Shrouded Isle Book 2), Tartan and Thyme (The Shrouded Isle Book 3), the novella, A Happy Christmas Ceilidh, and the novelettes, Poetry and Pyres and Autumn Antics. There will be six books in the series and six or more shorter pieces. Tasia’s unpublished book, Doolittling, won second place in the 2023 Rudy Contest. Three of her shorter pieces are published in the anthology, Quick Draw!: Fast and Funny Fiction. A short story of hers is in the anthology, The Haunted Train: Creep Tales from the Railways. Zoe Tasia has also co-written three books published under the pen name Zari Reede. Reede’s unpublished book, Voodoo Blues on Bayou Lafourche, is a finalist for the 2022 Killer Nashville Claymore Awards.

Brian, His Granddad & the Cup of Ages

When eleven-year-old Brian Pankhurst has to stay with his grandparents, he’s not exactly enthusiastic. He barely knows them, after all, and they’re a little strange. They’re stranger than he realises, in fact. Very soon after he arrives at their ancient house, Brian starts to feel that something isn’t right. Why has someone sent his granddad a completely blank letter? Why don’t people who go in to the local bookshop ever seem to come out again? What does his granddad mean when he says Brian’s father wasn’t really an accountant? Then Brian wakes in the middle of the night and finds he’s going to have to adjust to three things very quickly: magic is real, monsters are real, and he and his family are in terrible danger…

Meet P.J. Taylor

P.J. Taylor was born in Kent in 1971. He was educated at Ramsden School for Boys, where he spent pretty much most of the time playing computer games, and watching movies. In 1994 he was diagnosed with Wegner’s Granulomatosis and became seriously ill. Five years later and after various treatments he successfully went into remission. Unfortunately, in 2004 he became seriously ill again and was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour caused by the same disease. It was whilst he was in hospital, receiving treatment, that he began working on his first novel ‘Brian, his Granddad & the Cup of Ages’. P.J. Taylor currently lives in Surrey where he spends most of his time still playing computer games, watching movies and writing children’s fantasy stories.

The BIG CHANGE: Emily moves to Outback Australia

Your children will enjoy discovering Outback Australia with young Emily and her family, and how she copes with the BIG CHANGE of moving to a completely new place and home. Family friendly, brightly illustrated, cheerful, thoughtful, conservative, and not harmful to children’s innocent minds. A great gift for any child or family. This positive book will appeal to adventure loving children, opening up an opportunity for further discussion about the important lesson that Emily learns about change and new experiences. The illustrations in crayon beautifully bring to life the vivid colors of the Australian Outback. This children’s picture-story book would be a great addition to a homeschooling curriculum when studying the country of Australia. A wonderful addition to any home or school library! At the back of the book, there are two pages of six “Did you know?” facts about Australia. A Free Gift is included, on the copyright page, when you claim it by email. The dedication page includes a Given To and From box, so your book can be personalized for your children. From the Back Cover. Travel with young Emily as she discovers a new world in the Outback of Australia. Within the safety of a loving family, she works through the emotions of coping with change as the family moves from the suburbs of a city to the red center of Australia, where everything looks red and they are all alone. Emily finds out just how much fun change can be. Read along and follow her adventure. From the Author – This is my first book. I hope it will be a springboard for me as I publish many more books in the future. This book, however, will probably be the only one that I illustrate myself. =D This is a true story that shows how some people live in the remote deserts of Australia, and yes, it really is red. This book was written with love for all the dear people who value children and family. Take your children on your laps and read a wholesome true story of a real family, my family. About the Author – Evelyn Hair is a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. As a homeschool mother and now a grandmother, she continues her search, that started when her own children were young, for quality children’s books that meet her own criteria. Now she is writing such books herself. Books that are family friendly, brightly illustrated, cheerful, conservative, and not harmful to children’s innocent minds. To Our Dear Parents, Grandparents and Carers. We truly hope that you will spend time reading this book with your children and grandchildren, interacting with them and building relationships that will last a lifetime. From the family of evelynhairbooks.

Meet Evelyn Hair

About the Author – Evelyn Hair is a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. As a homeschool mother and now a grandmother, she has always valued quality children’s books that present a healthy family life. Now she is writing such books herself. Books that are family friendly, bright and attractive, truthful, encouraging and uplifting, interesting and engaging, cheerful, conservative, and not harmful to children’s innocent minds. Books that are able to be read and enjoyed by children and their parents, and grandparents. Evelyn and her husband John have been married for over 30 years, and have four grown children, a son and three daughters, two sons in law, and four grandchildren. You can make inquiries at [email protected] From the family of evelynhairbooks – To Our Dear Parents, Grandparents and Carers. We truly hope that you will spend time reading this book with your children and grandchildren, interacting with them and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Life: The Sequel

It’s been two years since the Siberian Flu killed nearly everyone on earth. Ellie starts out alone and afraid, living in the freezing upper Midwest. A terrifying incident propels her to move south to warmer weather. She travels the empty land, trying to avoid the lawless gangs, surviving as best she can. Along the way, she collect companions, friends, and a new family. This is Ellie’s story of overcoming, not only a globally decimating pandemic, but her own fears and doubts. She grows and becomes confident and dependable. The members of her group, as well as others they encounter, see her as a leader. Soon, she must see herself the same way and lead her group to safety, ensuring the survival of her people and the trust, family, and community they create.

Meet Jackie Woodman

Jackie Woodman lived most her life in Iowa. She loves the outdoors and outdoor life. She now resides in Florida with her husband and cat. Life: The Sequel is her first novel. Jackie is a lifelong outdoorswoman. She loves to hunt, fish and garden. She has experience in self-reliance, nature, and survival. A lifetime of reading has taught her about wilderness medicine, as sometimes, when on a hunting trip, the hunting party can be far from help. She binge-watches survival shows, and usually will end up yelling at the TV “that’s not how you do it!” Her friends tell her that in the event of the zombie apocalypse, they are on her team because she will survive. Jackie is a born storyteller and trivia enthusiast with a slight coffee addiction. She can often be found entertaining friends and family with an engaging tale. Out of her life’s experiences, Jackie has created a riveting story of one woman’s endurance, survival, and liberation. An adventure that will take you to another place and time, make you laugh, make you cry and make you sorry you have reached the last page.


“Honey Heart” is an enchanting tale set deep in the woods, where a cute bear cub and his loving mommy reside. Filled with warmth and affection, this heartwarming story beautifully captures the bond between a parent and child. With its enchanting illustrations, this book is a perfect gift for the little person you hold dear, inviting them into a world of love, adventure, and valuable life lessons. It is a treasure to cherish and read together, creating lasting memories for both young and old alike.

Meet Poppy Rainbow

Poppy Rainbow is a whimsical and imaginative children’s book writer known for her enchanting storytelling and vibrant illustrations. She crafts tales of adventure, friendship, and the power of faith, drawing from her own experiences. As a child, Poppy would create imaginative stories to entertain her siblings and friends, igniting her passion for captivating young minds through storytelling. Her tales take readers on thrilling adventures, featuring brave young protagonists who embark on magical quests, overcoming obstacles and discovering their inner strength. Through her narratives, Poppy instills valuable lessons about trust, loyalty, and believing in oneself. Her love for vibrant illustrations shines in her books, bringing her imaginative worlds to life. With each turn of the page, young readers are immersed in the wonders of her stories. With her warm smile and boundless imagination, Poppy Rainbow brings joy and wonder to children worldwide. Her delightful books inspire young hearts to dream and explore the limitless possibilities of their imagination. Emphasizing themes of adventure, friendship, and the power of faith, her stories guide children to embrace their unique journeys and believe in the magic that surrounds them.