Sandwhisper’s Harmonies

Meet Oasis, the Sandwhisper and Guardian of the Earth World. He can feel in his paws the vibration of the planet, listen to the plants growing, and hear the few trees looking for water with their roots. With the help of his sharp claws and strong paws, he digs deep into the earth and feels closer to its core. Together with Robbie, they uncover the secrets of the land, teaching us the profound connection between nature, unity, and the joy of preservation.

Meet Lion Tales

Hi, nice to meet you! I am Lion Tales, an author and builder of imaginary worlds. The realms of fantasy and science fiction have always captivated me. The concept of elemental worlds began to take shape in my mind during my teenage years. This marked the beginning of my writing journey, starting with the creation of the United Elements Novel. It took years to refine, and now, it’s finally on the verge of being released! My children’s book series, The Elements Guardians, draws inspiration from these elemental worlds. Within these pages, you’ll encounter adorable Guardians determined to save their world!

Reclaimer: The Crucible

Earth is dying, the PAC are invading, and Gabriel will do anything to protect his family.

The plan was simple: Evacuate the city, enlist in the Tactical Armor Corps, and stop the invasion. Easy, right? 

Things rarely go according to plan.

When his city falls, Gabriel discovers how unprepared he truly is.

Recruited into the Reclaimer project, Gabriel must survive a brutal selection process. Deadly traps lurk around every corner, and survival comes at a steep price. One threatening to break him.

When success marks him for death, Gabriel fears he’ll become another statistic…

Experience the first kickass, action packed story in the Legacy of a Dying World series, a gritty, military sci-fi epic set upon an apocalyptic earth. Perfect for fans of Scott Moon, JN Chaney, and Rick Partlow

Meet Waldo Rodriguez

Waldo Rodriguez is an American author from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, living in Florida with his two dogs. He started off on this whirlwind adventure of writing fiction by trying to break into the gaming industry. Along the way, he discovered a love for world crafting and storytelling and made a sharp right turn.

A long time gamer and lover of sci-fi and fantasy, he spends his time thinking up new stories, playing and deconstructing video games.

Currently, his greatest aspiration is to create a fantastic new world for readers to dive into and enjoy.