Opal Smoke

A thief is the only one who stands between her people and complete annihilation.

Liss is a Soul Sorter who can sense any emotion a person is feeling. She uses this talent to steal jewels and dragonhide wallets to help provide for her people, the Extended. A side benefit of her thieving is that she gets to empty the pockets of the wealthy Lagonians, who shun the Extended for the deadly disease that runs in their veins.

When the Lagonians announce that they’ve developed a source of immunity, they are no longer content to just ostracize the Extended. The Lagonians plan to eradicate them.

The only way for Liss to save her people is if she can pull off her biggest heist yet and steal the secret to the immunity.

What is already a perilous mission is further complicated when Lagonia’s infamous Chief Assassin is tasked with taking Liss out. Entangled in his own web of deception, risk, and a fight to survive, the assassin cannot fail. One truth becomes clear. If either hopes to succeed, the other must die.

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Curse Breaker

Sit back and enjoy this compelling dark fantasy novella by International Bestselling Author, Jaclyn Roche..

A reincarnated goddess…
An unrisen long-dead god…
Only she can bring him back to life.


“You’re mine for now and eternity,” he rumbled against her.
She ignored the voice telling her this wasn’t real. The niggle of doubt reminding her she was crazy—certified and released—not because she no longer was a ward of the government that had happened quite a time ago at eighteen, but because she had served her time.
“Tell me you’re mine,” he demanded, ceasing his exploration of her.
His lust glazed eyes captured hers in their gaze. She could see the outline of the minotaur against his body. The beast simmered at the surface, a layering over Viktor’s form.
“I’m yours. All yours.” Kali’s words a panted whisper against his ear. That couldn’t be me. Her voice husky.
Viktor’s mouth reclaimed hers, beginning his feast with the flesh of her breast. His tongue darted out licking her hardened nipple and teasing her other nipple with the pad of his thumb. He tore off her clothing pausing only to consume her with his olive eyes. There was no one else in the world who looked at her the way he did as if she were the only woman he needed or wanted.
Kali moaned leaning into him. Her core became molten as their tongues intertwined. Her hips moved against his groin of their own accord. Tension wound with every draw of his mouth and flick of his thumb. Her fingertips traveled down the rippled plane of his back, tracing the Egyptian tattoos she’d seen covering his torso. Kali clutched Viktor to her as they tumbled to the inky ground of the between. Her hands entangled in the wild mop of chestnut waves atop his head. His body felt airy rather than solid as he removed the rest of their clothing. She fought to remain submerged in the between, unwilling to leave, as Viktor didn’t escape his beastly curse often.
“Don’t go,” she cried, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Please.”

Want to know what happens next? Buy it to find out.
Curse Breaker is an Insta-Love Stand Alone Novella of the Dark Legends series. It includes dark themes and fated mates.

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The strongest of them all. Eyes blacker than the darkness they all fantasize about, but have never seen. An abomination.

Hemera Harkibel has spent her life concealing abilities she doesn’t fully understand. She is hated and feared because of her black eyes and inhuman strength—mutations she bears from a near-death encounter with the grotesque creatures known as Halves.

When her people’s underground cave system is attacked, Hemera is thrust above ground into a dangerous world where the sun’s rays can kill in seconds and enemies are tracking her every move.

The farther she travels, the more she discovers about her powers. Hemera comes to learn that her very existence is a threat in the war brewing between humans and Halves.

Should she disappear into the shadows to protect the people she cares about most, or embrace the strength she has spent a lifetime suppressing? Her choices will threaten the survival of the world as she knows it.

This action-filled novel is perfect for fans of Red Queen, Throne of Glass, and The Mortal Instruments. If you love fantasy, don’t miss this story about wonder and adventure, love and sacrifice, heroes and monsters, and the blurred spaces in between.

Beauty and the Beast


Once upon a time Elle made a mistake. A small miscalculation sends her through the roof of an enchanted chateau. Stranded until her broken leg mends, Elle is unwillingly forced to rely on the good will of the sour chateau owner —the cursed Prince Severin.

Prince Severin—the commanding general and staunch supporter of his brother the crown prince—is cursed to look like a beast until a maiden falls in love with him. He has given up all hope of shattering the curse, and has only disdain for Elle.

Unfortunately, the pair can’t seem to avoid each other thanks to the meddling of the chateau’s cursed servants. Eventually Elle’s playful manners and Severin’s hidden gentleness draw the pair together.

But not all love stories can end that easily. After all, Elle is not what she seems, and Severin’s life is placed in danger when hostilities flare between his brother and the monarchs of a neighboring country. When Elle risks everything to save Severin, will he be able to forgive her for her lies?

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a retelling of the traditional French fairy tale. It is a story of adventure and prejudice set in a fantasy land lush with magic, assassins, princes, castles, and curses. Filled with humor, deception, and clean romance, it belongs to the series TIMELESS FAIRY TALES. The books in this series take place in the same world and can be read all together, or as individual, stand-alone books.

Spectra: A Cynical Superhero


A fresh take on female superheroes.

They think she’s a superhero. She thinks they’re delusional.

I may be a supe, but I’m no hero. Yes, I have supernatural abilities. I can manipulate colors; a talent which is more exciting than it sounds. I use color wavelengths to cast illusions, alter emotions, heal the human body, and even hurt it, if I’m so inclined. Fascinating, yes, but my true passion is for languages. I’m a scholar, not a fighter; a translator for the President of the United States. And I’m good at my job.

I like my life the way it is. Or, rather, the way it was before an angel started stalking me. A guardian angel no less. He’s not what you think. Those pretty stories you’ve heard about the Heavenly Host? They’re based on his people; the Triari. An alien race who made a huge impression on humans back when they brought their war with the Bleiten—you might know them better as Demons—to Earth centuries ago. This particular angel is an arc, one of the Host’s most fearsome warriors, and he refuses to leave me alone. He says that Demons are out for my blood… quite literally. They’re after the immortality in my DNA. I’d like to trust him, but I’m not the trusting sort. I think I’ll take my chances with the Demons.

The Spectra Series is a slow-building reverse harem fantasy paranormal romance.

From the best-selling author of the Godhunter, Twilight Court, and Spellsinger Series comes an exciting new take on superheroes. Grab a copy today and discover why cynics make the best heroes.

Praise for Spectra:
“The X-Men meets Anita Blake.”

“The perfect blend of paranormal romance and superhero fantasy.”

“Another book to get mad at… because it ended!”

“This is about superheroes. Or, well, aliens and angels and demons and… just read it for yourself.”

“I enjoyed myself immensely while reading this book.”

From the author:
Save the world in the proper order:
1. Spectra
2. A Gray Area
3. A Compression of Colors
4. Blue Murder
5. Code Red

Check out her other award-winning series:
The Godhunter Series
The Twilight Court Series (completed)
The Spellsinger Series

Continue the adventure on Amy’s website: AmySumida.com
Get sneak peeks, first looks at trailers, and first looks at covers in Amy’s Imaginary Worlds on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1536008099761461/

Lurking in the Woods



After inheriting her grandmother’s mountain-top cabin, Bryn Kolt discovers more than thrilling photographic opportunities in the surrounding nature. An entire world guarded by the seductive wolf shifter Rhyeos lies tucked away in the woods just past her backyard. When he leads her through the veil into Silvan, a portion of Beyond, she anticipates magic and adventure, not a life-threatening crisis.

In the time just before Bryn appeared, the balance of Silvan tipped toward darkness, facilitated by a mysterious Beast who lurks on the edges of the blemishes sprouting across the land. Rhyeos says she is destined to return order and defeat the Beast, but no one is willing to tell her how.

Danger and desire emerge at every turn in this whirlwind experience of a lifetime as Bryn uncovers who she can trust, who she dares love, and where—just maybe—she belongs.
One Click Lurking in the Woods today to enter a mythical world filled with mystery and enchantment, love and lore, and an enigmatic beast who sends calling cards to one unsuspecting girl…

**Fantasy Romance fans of Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood will be enthralled by this magical retelling mashup that is only the beginning!**

The Beyond the Veil Series

Fairytale inspired, going beyond the legends.

1. Lurking in the Woods 2018
2. Waiting in the Water 2019
3. Hiding in the Mountains 2020 Coming Soon
4. Dreaming in the City 2020 Coming Soon

Tales of Ejoma


Ejoma and Thavos are immortal and human realms, held separate from one another by a magical barrier. Ejoma is a world of magic, danger, and beauty that humans have long forgotten exists. The shimana can change their shape or bend the elements to their will, and have filled their countless years with learning. Thavos is a world of science and machines. Always striving to invent new things and understand the world around them, humans became strong.

Balance has been maintained between the two realms for millennia, for the safety of immortals and humans alike. But a deadly enemy is growing steadily more powerful with dark magic. Soon, neither realm will be safe.

This series of novellas and short stories will introduce you to:

Shauna, an ordinary human dragged across the barrier, who comes face to face with beings she thought only existed in stories. As confusing and strange as this new world is to her, she can’t help her fascination with Ori, a powerful immortal who manifests wishes and hears the dreams and desires of others. When a rogue group of immortals takes an interest in her accidental jump across the barrier, can Ori protect her?

Rina sees a mysterious man reach out to her in her dreams with such a heartbreaking smile that she can’t help but wish he were real. A commander who leads one of the contingents of warriors in the capital city, she should push him out of her mind and focus on her work, but she can’t forget him. When she’s sent to defend a city under siege by rogue immortals, she hears a familiar name…Isaro. How far is she willing to go for him?

Future ruler or not, Mayun would rather die than be stuck with her protector, Toren, while she trains to master her alternate form. He’s overbearing, annoying, and has made it clear that he thinks she’s unfit to become ruler. So why does he seem so determined to stay by her side? And why can’t she stop fantasizing about him? When the enemy begins targeting her, can Mayun and Toren set aside their issues long enough to escape?

Bonus Materials: Also included are a glossary, a bit of the history of Ejoma, and teaser standalone chapters for future books. For the full glossary and history, and blog exclusive behind the scenes material, please visit paigeaddams.wordpress.com

Mermaid’s Destiny: Mermaid & Dragon Shifter Epic Fantasy Series (Meragon Book 1)


Mermaid. Dragon Shifter. An epic adventure of fire and water.

A mermaid imprisoned next to a huge dragon.

A magical cage even her powers can’t break.

Whoever captured them is very powerful, and she doesn’t want to be here when he returns.

She must figure something out fast.

Maybe the dragon can help. Or kill her.

But what choice does she have?

A must-read for fans of:
*Epic Fantasy Action Adventure
*Action Adventure Fantasy Romance
*Young Adult Dragon Shifter
*Young Adult Mermaid
*Dragon Epic Adventure

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