Jem and the Yumboes

If you love fantasy, then… this book is for you! Jem’s curiosity leads her on the adventure of a lifetime where she meets the tiny but stout-hearted Yumboes. She soon discovers that all is not well: The Yumboes need her help with a problem that could affect their very existence. Packed with fun and adventure, you’ll want to keep turning the pages as you follow Jem ever deeper into the forest, and ever deeper into danger. In her quest to help the Yumboes, Jem forms an unbreakable bond with a brave dog, Cutenpaw, and encounters a loquacious wyvern called Viridianux. She’s also drawn into an epic battle between good and evil, but will she emerge victorious and find her way home?

Meet Louise K. Tucker

Early years in England Louise Kirstie Tucker was born in a lovely languid summer in Gosport, England. She is the youngest of three sisters and can tell you that being the youngest is not as easy as people may think! Her father, John (Tug) Wilson, was a submariner in the Royal Navy and her mother, Sheila, a home executive. The family moved around quite a bit due to naval assignments and based themselves in Thurso, Scotland when Louise was but a wee lass. Later, they moved to Plymouth, Devon, where Louise attended the Whitleigh Infant and Junior Schools. She has fond memories of playing marbles in the street, swinging on ropes in the woods, collecting blackberries and walking down narrow lanes to sing in the choir at St Mary’s in Tamerton Foliot. Moving country When she was just nine years old the family emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa, to begin a very different life. Louise’s Dad began working at the newly commissioned Koeberg Nuclear Power Station approximately 40 Km from Cape Town. Initially, there was lots of sand and beautiful beaches and not much else! But it was insanely picturesque. Louise began school at Table View Primary School where she had to learn Afrikaans (South Africa’s compulsory second language) and also integrate into a new culture. During her teen years she attended Milnerton High School where she mostly hid behind a cool Eighties fringe and railway-track braces. However, she did learn a few things including how to play the guitar, a passion for art, English, and biology. And of course, she read loads and loads of books; from love stories to John Irving, John le Carre, and Mary Brown. Career and Family After school, Louise attended secretarial college for a year and thereafter began a career as a personal secretary. Following this, she moved into sales for a computer networking company. In 1992, she married Sean and they have been inseparable ever since. Louise switched careers again in 1998 to a post as IT Research Manager for a large insurance company which she still holds today. Things changed radically for Sean and Louise in 2003 with the addition of their son, Jack. Whilst on maternity leave, Louise was inspired by all the children’s books she was reading and acquiring for her young son. She began pursuing opportunities to write books herself and so began her life as a children’s book author. Academic Qualifications In 2016, after years of hard graft, Louise achieved academic success with a BA degree in Creative Writing (cum laude) from the University of South Africa (Unisa). Things Louise loves … Louise has a deep love for her family and her favourite thing to do is spend time with them. “Family” includes a spoiled white Maltese rescue dog called Toby, who is her constant shadow. She loves being in and around nature and enjoys gardening; particularly acquiring new plants (no shoe obsession here!) In addition, Louise loves art and culture, reading novels (especially classics), and if she gets the chance, painting in watercolour. Although not overly adventurous, this lady loves travel, new experiences and the odd adventure which translates to having tandem-skydived, ziplined, and ridden an elephant! She is driven to be creative and her hobbies over the years have been many and varied, including: painting in watercolour, knitting, singing, guitar, organ, Scottish country dancing, Ballroom and Latin dancing, a commercial and movie extra, bird-watching and photography.


When Elena enrolls in a school like no other, she’s plunged into a world of magic. Now, she must face evil sorcerers, romantic dilemmas, and the challenge of riding her very own dragon… An exciting fantasy with over 3,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads!

Meet Adrienne Woods

Adrienne loves the fantasy genre and loves to create mythical creatures for her novels. Among her favorite are dragons. Firebolt is the first novel in the Dragonian Series. If she is not writing she is crafting or spending time with her children.

The Adventures of Ominous Crane

What kid doesn’t love having a blast with their grandfather? Especially when it’s blasting heads from Hallowed Men and witches from their brooms! Orin Crane surely does, as his grandfather is the world famous child adventurer, Ominous Crane! What’s this I hear you say? You have never heard of him. Well then let me clear things up right this moment! Ominous Crane has battled not only the dark spirits that prey on humanity, but also rock trolls, centaurs, dragons and a mysterious creature that lurks in the depths of the ocean! Now, I must warn you, that what hides inside of this book may scare you. Matter of fact, put down this book and walk away while you still can!

Meet R.C.J. Dwane

Rory C.J. Dwane is an author/artist living in the midlands of Ireland. He writes fiction in the genres Children, Fantasy, Horror and Literary (for now). As a child, Rory’s favourite stories brought him many hours of joy, such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, the fabulous Asterix and Obelix comics, and many, many more! He is currently finishing his first Fantasy novel, Tale of a Blackbird, and also has recently finished his first children’s graphic novel, The Adventures of Ominous Crane, for ages middle grade and older, which he is self-illustrating. When he is not writing, he enjoys music, art, food, and hiking in the woods with his family and dog.

Thread of Souls

Thread of Souls is a sprawling eight-book epic fantasy series based off a TTRPG campaign. These stories weave a world of deep history, cultures, and lore with a fascinating pantheon of good and evil gods. Adventure across the vast world of Corventos while diving right into the heart and soul of a diverse and colorful cast of characters whose passions, strengths, and failures drive the story. In the first installment of this thrilling series aspiring Paladin Zok hopes the sleepy coastal village he traveled to will be his new home. A place to become a full-fledged Paladin of his dragon god away from large cities where his Half-Elven heritage is shameful. But his world is rocked when the temple High Priest, his beloved mentor, is murdered. Now Zok finds he can’t trust anyone in a place that once felt like a safe refuge. Seeking answers within the catacombs beneath the temple, a dark plot reveals itself. Zok teams up with old and new friends on a journey for answers and for justice. He discovers that if he is ever to become a Paladin, he will have to rise to a challenge that takes him further from home than he’s ever been, and against the most dangerous enemies he’s ever faced. Thread of Souls is a must-read fantasy epic that blends swords and sorcery, dragons and mythical creatures, and fully realized locations that take your breath away. From the desert wastelands of the Expanse, down the twisting caverns of the Deep Hollows, through the beautiful streets of the Elven capital city, and all the way to the icy tundra home of the Citadel. The books in Thread of Souls’ “Spider Octology” currently include: Book 1 – Phantom Five Book 2 – Ash & Thunder Book 3 – Path of the Spiders Book 4 – Asunder – set to be released December 2022 And more to come!

Meet Scott and Ashley Roepel

Scott and Ashley are a husband and wife team of co-authors, fantasy lovers, avid travelers, and video game narrative designers!

Imp Series Box Set, Books 1-3

WARNING: This series has laugh-out loud antics, an OCD werewolf, and a sexy angel. Get ready to binge read this bestselling antihero urban fantasy series!

This Imp Series set includes:

What readers are saying about the Imp Series
:”Funny as hell.”
“The Imp Series is now in my top ten favorite series.”
“Laughs galore!”
“This series is excellent and truly one of my favorites of all times.”
“Dunbar has created one of my favorite characters in Sam, the imp.”
“The character growth, the signature laugh out loud moments, the impy antics….This series… is truly in the top three of my favorite series ever.”
“Debra’s Imp Series is a must read for any Urban Fantasy fan.”

Meet Debra Dunbar

Debra lives in a little house in the woods with her three sons, and a Noah’s ark of four legged family members. She drives a gigantic diesel SUV, couldn’t carry a tune if you duct taped it to her back, and enjoys an occasional cosmopolitan (heavy on the vodka). On a good day, she jogs and horseback rides, hopefully managing to keep the horse between herself and the ground. Her only known super power is ‘Identify Roadkill’.

Fair Wind

Lored and his companions are on a rescue mission but first they have to endure a sea voyage. “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It’s a beautifully written story and I find all of the characters interesting. The descriptions, particularly of the sea voyage, were fabulous. I can feel myself being present in the places described. There are lots of hints of problems to come and foreshadowing which all adds to a sense of mystery.” E Baxter Lored and Otta are struck down with seasickness. Tari finds herself nursing a man she fears and a woman she hates. And Erl has worries of his own… Can the companions conceal Otta’s kaerling heritage when they land on the Isle of Kiros? And, how will Lored find the herb woman who has the remedy he and Otta will need when they set sail again in pursuit of the kaerlings? Thwarted at every turn, Lored finds himself agreeing to help the Kirridians without even knowing what needs to be done. Everything seems to be against the companions; how will they overcome the obstacles in their path? Fair Wind follows the travels of Lored, Tari, Otta and Erl as they seek to rescue two people who have been abducted by the evil kaerlings. This is the eighth volume in the epic fantasy saga that is The Kaerling.

Meet Freya Pickard

Pushcart Prize nominee, Freya Pickard is the quirky, unusual author of The Kaerling series, an epic fantasy set in the strange and wonderful world of Nirunen. A cancer survivor, she writes mainly dark fantasy tales and creates expressive poetry in order to rest the prose side of her brain. Her aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through her writing. She finds her inspiration in the ocean, the moors, beautifully written books and vinyl music (particularly heavy metal and rock). Her most recent relaxation techniques to get her through lockdown include hatha yoga and painting landscapes and monsters in watercolour.

Where Did They Go?

Susan finds herself in another world after her husband’s death. (Book 1 of 5). For all appearances, Susan lives in a quiet town in Idaho. That is, until she finds herself in another world after her husband’s unforeseen death.

Meet A. Nation

I have read various genres over my lifetime and at the age of 66 I wrote my first science fiction novel. This expanded into nine books in the series. I also wrote Where Did They Go? in 11 days during Nanowrimo and after editing I published it in two months. Now there is five books in the Urban Fantasy series. I love traveling and have three books out that are travel mysteries. I enjoy writing, blogging, and creating my own covers due to my art background.

Battle for the Nine Realms Complete Series Boxed Set

This is no ordinary VR fantasy game. It’s a portal to the Nine Realms, where dwarves, gnomes, elves, and the forces of Darkness are real.

The Dark One has figured out a way through the portal.An army of humans must rise and fight the evil threatening to end life as we know it on Earth.

Humans have one chance to save the world—gamers must become elite warriors who portal to the Nine Realms and defeat the Dark One’s forces on magical soil before it’s too late.

Few are as badass as Robert ‘Suzuki’ Fletcher and his adventuring party: The Mundanes.

The only problem? Suzuki’s dungeon delvers failed the test and were rejected by the human army. Luckily for humanity, the secret Guild known as the MERCs welcome the Mundanes into their ranks.

What’s lucky for humanity is unlucky for the Dark One.

The battle for the Nine Realms is on! Suzuki is about to get an up close and personal insight on why humanity have been sharing stories about elves and dwarves for thousands of years.

Can the Mundanes prove their detractors wrong as they traverse the complex world of the Nine Realms in their epic battle against the forces of Darkness? Will they survive long enough to reach end game?

Scroll up and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to get your copy of the COMPLETE STORY—plus a bonus novella!

Bride of the Crimson Queen

Kami, a novice fire sorceress, never wanted to fight. She already lost her mother, the great fire sorceress Arkemi, to the forces of darkness. While the world sees a fallen hero, Kami is riddled with regret and bitterness—struggling to understand what she died for.
Although heroes may persevere, darkness never truly fades; it merely waits for a chance to return. The Crimson Queen, a powerful vampire that once laid claim to Kami’s town, Fortuna, is back. Struck with fear, the townspeople prepare to evacuate. Alice, Kami’s best friend and vampire hunter, urges her to follow suit. She warns her that the Queen’s power is too great for them to challenge on their own. The Crimson Queen’s formidable power is also augmented by the legions of minions who assist her in her dirty business. Kami refuses, unable to leave her home—the last remaining link she has to her late mother.
But danger travels fast. Alice is bitten by one of the Queen’s vampire minions. Unless that vampire is destroyed within seven days, Alice will become their mindless servant. Unwilling to lose someone else she loves, Kami decides to join a group of hunters hired by the town’s Mayor to eradicate the Queen for good.
These minions have powers Kami’s never seen before and the skills to match it. Will her unwavering determination and raw strength be enough to save her friend and town in the process? She may have less than seven days to find out.

Meet Keri Moore

Keri Moore is the author of “The Fox Demon’s Kiss.” She works for the city by day and writes novels during her spare time. She received a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from Smith College and a master’s degree in International Affairs and Global Justice from Brooklyn College. She was born and raised in Brooklyn where she currently calls home. When she’s not writing, she can be found curled up in bed reading a book, cooking, taking walks through Prospect Park, watching Japanese animation, reading a manga, or taking a much needed catnap.

The Weighing Of The Heart: A Cautionary Tale

I Went To The Apocalypse And All I Got Was This Codpiece Hey, it’s me, your pal Thoth, ibis-headed ancient Egyptian god of writing and magic. Like any good narrator, I’m actually a part of this story. I’ve been infatuated with the bovine goddess Hathor since I can remember. The problem is, she wants nothing to do with me and my birdy self. I have my own way of dealing with rejection, but can you believe my brother Set is a frustrated incel who takes out his rage on the world? He’s bent on the destruction of humanity! He even enlists the help of ancient mummified pharaoh Djet to set off a plague that reflects the depravity of his perverted soul… Then there’s Akins, nerdy human Scribe living in Thebes who finds himself caught in the middle of all of this. A man after my own heart, he’s spent his life devoted to his craft and suddenly Set’s insanity turns his world inside and out. He’s gotta put up or… well, not shut up. More like he’s gotta put up or die. Same goes for Water Lily, apprentice to the renowned Apothecary Safiya. She just wants to learn her trade in peace. But instead of customers and mortars and pestles, the former street rat finds herself to be the last bastion of hope in the struggle for the very world! No pressure!

Meet Andrew Marc Rowe

Andrew Marc Rowe moonlights as a wizard when he is not working his desk job as a lawyer. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, with his daughter Iris and a stable of unicorns. He likes long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and betting the farm on insane cannibalism-related wagers with goblins. You can find him at (sign up for his mailing list to get free e-books and e-mail lovin’).