Super Farty Pants!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? And what’s that smell? Amelia is just a regular kid. That is until a chance encounter with a very sassy Fairy Godmother that grants her super powers- super farty powers! Amelia begins her journey of self-discovery, and finds that by eating vegetables, she can propel herself through the air! She uses these newfound super powers to fight crime and save the day. A hilarious story full of farting and flying that children of all ages (and their parents) will love! A beautifully illustrated children’s book that is both perfect for reading to your little ones, but also great for those that can read themselves.

Meet Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen

Paul Wennersberg-løvholen is the founder of Paul’s Books and author of the very well- received childrens book, Super Farty Pants, alongside several other childrens books. He is a former filmmaker, and published horror writer, turned childrens author, following the birth of his own little monsters. Originally from Wales, he now lives in Norway, where he divides his time between his family, writing, and working with teenage refugees.

The Endless Fart


This is a very special day for Ralph the elephant, but a serious farting problem is turning it into one of the most difficult days of his life. A journey of strength and courage is the path for this adorable character. Ralph will learn that being himself and telling the truth is always the best idea.

The unique and hilarious illustrations of this story are guaranteed to make any child laugh. Is this stinky gas bound to ruin Ralph’s whole day, or will he be able to control this endless fart?