Seduced by the Wolf

An Alpha wolf suffering with agonizing lust for nearly a decade… I’ve wanted Ramee for nine long years. Once she came of age, I decided to take my time seducing her. Everything was going according to plan until she was forced to help a newly turned wolf. Now Rafael wants my mate and I’m forced to stake my claim. Ramee isn’t ready, but time is running out. I need to make her mine before she learns the devastating truth about the wolf that murdered her family….

Meet Diana Persaud

Diana Persaud is a self-published author of erotic paranormal, contemporary, and western romance. Diana currently lives in sunny Florida and enjoys spending summers at the beach with her husband and two children.

Yours: A Friends to Lovers Scifi Alien Romance (Rose Rising Book 4)

His True Mate is somewhere on this starship. But finding her won’t be easy. Zenth knows his True Mate is onboard The Rose. But he doesn’t know who she is—he won’t, unless he sleeps with her and the bond snaps into place. He wants it to be Vera, his best friend, who he’s been in love with for years. But she’s never shown an interest in him beyond friendship. Until now. Could she be his True Mate? Will she let him find out? If you like your spicy romance sweet and sensual, you’ll love this out-of-this-world friends to lovers alien romance.

Meet Thea Masen

Thea Masen never thought she’d write erotic romance. The first time she stumbled upon a spicy romance book, she was so embarrassed she didn’t finish reading it. Now, she’s grateful for the empowerment she’s discovered from both reading and writing steamy romances. She spends her days hiding her computer screen from her teenagers, and her nights reading spicy snippets to her husband. You’ll find interesting sex, emotional depth, and happy endings in all her books. If you want love stories with a touch of the magical and imagined, you’ve come to the right place. Follow her on TikTok @author_thea_masen where she shares updates about her own work and recommendations for books she’s reading.

Bite Me Again

Born with an empathetic healing ability, Shaye’s life has been filled with the rejection of people who didn’t understand her gift. With only a few close friends, she lives a nomadic lifestyle as a traveling nurse. Shaye knew she was different since she was a child, but never really understood it. When her latest assignment brings her to a small town in Tennessee, she never expected it to change her life. Spending a day exploring, her powers draw her to the large house on the outskirts of town. Shaye finds a man being tortured and uses her gifts to save him. As she recovers from healing him, she discovers that she is his fated mate. Growing up human, her worldview is blown wide open when she is introduced to a world where magic and paranormal creatures exist, including vampires, werewolves, and Fae. Her mate, Rolf, is caring and protective. Although Shaye saved him once, he is still in danger. His father wants to either use him for his power or kill him if he resists. With multiple attempts to end Rolf’s life, can Shaye, Rolf, and their friends defeat this monster or will their love end before it fully begins?

Meet Harper Dakota

I love to read and have been an avid reader since I was young. My favorite books are romances with happily ever afters. The world is a crazy place and I love to escape into a book to relax. Since books with a happy ending make me the happiest, my stories are going to end with a HEA, even if the road is a little bumpy getting there. I am also a wife, a mother, and a photographer. I love baking and collecting fun pens.

Marked Wolf Tarot

Nova doesn’t live a good life. No family, no magic, and definitely no love.
But that all changes when she meets him and discovers his secret talent behind closed doors.

When their two worlds collide, they discover that no matter what anybody says, they are fated to be together. Their romance is written in the stars, and the primal love they share is sealed the first time he . . . heals her.

Since she was ten, her criminal father brought her into a life of theft. Every job gets them by for a little while, but their new one? It has the potential to bring them a bounty like they’ve never seen.

The Moon Diamond is said to possess magical powers, but it’s guarded by a security system unlike any other. So, Nova might be the only person who can crack it and get her hands on that diamond. After all, there’s never been a system she couldn’t break into before.

But when the mark of the Tarot’s Fool appears on her wrist, things are set into motion that can’t be undone.

Sent to an academy where she faces a love triangle between a vampire and a wolf, this steamy, fast-burn romance is enough to make a girl’s head spin.

Oh, and that mark?

It’s a sign of the next Moon Goddess—which hasn’t happened in a hundred years.

Two wolf shifters. A forbidden romance that’s meant to be. A vampire and a wolf fighting for her affection.

And she’s still supposed to save the world?

There’s not enough magic in the world to piece her back together, but her wolf in shining armor is damned sure going to try.

Meet Luna Starling

Luna Starling is an award-winning and bestselling author. Her debut novel was #1 in 12 categories on Amazon during its initial release, including in the Free Kindle Store and in new release categories. It also earned seven book awards, including the First Place in Humorous from The Bookfest, Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards in Romance, Winner in the Winter Pinnacle Book Awards in Romance, and the First Place in Romance from The Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. Her novel received ten glowing editorial reviews, including five-star reviews, and was recommended by the US Review of Books and featured by Midwest Book Review.

Her second novel was #1 in 6 categories on Amazon in the Free Kindle Store during its initial release.

Her writing has been accepted in an anthology and in multiple magazines in the US and U.K.

Luna has a background in dance, piano, and art. She loves cooking and being outdoors. She’s an avid reader of all genres of romance and loves interacting with readers on social media. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, she now calls Boston home.

Zander (Written in the Stars #1)

Zander - ASIN B0893M8M34

What if your soulmate was an alien from another galaxy?

Would you take a chance on love that’s out of this world?

Will Sylvie, when Zander comes to her rescue? 

Zander was born into a world without women, but he knows there has to be someone for him out there in the vastness of the universe. 
After tons of research he finally locates her on a tiny blue and green planet on the other side of the universe—his fated mate. 

Sylvie wants to find someone who’ll love and accept her for who she is, warts and all. She never expected to be literally swept off her feet and kidnapped by an alien lover, though. 

Do Zander and Sylvie have what it takes to make a lasting connection? Can they overcome their differences and build a love that’s Written in the Stars?

This is book 1 in the Written in the Stars series, a sci-fi romance novella series that can be read in any order but is more enjoyable if read in the order they’re written.

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