Trinity’s End

An inevitable tragedy unfolds by a chance encounter, an untamable force and one mans greed fuelled ego and anothers insatiable genius. The impact of meteorite pieces develops a series of traumatic endings to the unwitting victims of a biological entity. The FBI investigates several mysterious fatalities and work CDC scientists to study the entity but ultimately all fragments are destroyed. All except one which is developed in secret into a work-changing bio-engineered super treatment that becomes irresistible due to its seemingly miraculous effect on the body. However the amazing powers prove too good to be true and eventually instigate a global catastrophe and decimate the global population and subsequent inevitable breakdown of civil society. Fateful and tragic endings are in store for the antagonists, however the lucky few survive and escape to a new life away from an unsustainable city life.

Meet James Shorto

I am a UK national and since 18 have visited many parts of the world, volunteered in west and southern Africa, lived 20 years in Australia and currently living in Canada. I love writing and how it can be a positive influence for change. I love creating, my degree is in fine arts. I have three sons and my youngest is autistic and he needs a lot of my love, patience and attention. It is my desire to be able to give him everything he needs to live his best life. I hope writing will enable me to give him that life.

The Cargo


A local trucker dies unexpectedly and his wife is looking for answers. Soon Joanna Bright finds herself caught in a web of criminals and government agents as the FBI and San Francisco Tong are both hot on the trail of a mysterious missing cargo. Joanna’s involvement puts her life in danger as she and her friend Terry Chambers delve deeper into the case, and uncover a lucrative supply chain of illicit cargo that involves unsuspecting truckers. Fans of mystery and suspense won’t want to miss this thrilling ride!

About the Series:

Joanna Bright truly doesn’t go looking for trouble, but it somehow keeps finding her. In this popular mystery series, the 50-something, Tai Chi practicing, exotic-tea-drinking California transplant to tiny Dungeness Bay, Oregon faces one reliably deadly situation after another. All she really wants is to go about her quiet, unassuming life. Yet, circumstances keep forcing her to put her heart, spirit, and unusual puzzle-solving skills to work to navigate the betrayers, deceivers, and yes, killers.


A local trucker dies unexpectedly and his wife is looking for answers. Soon Joanna Bright finds herself caught in a web of criminals and government agents as the FBI and San Francisco Tong are both hot on the trail of a mysterious missing cargo. Joanna’s involvement puts her life in danger as she and her friend Terry Chambers delve deeper into the case, and uncover a lucrative supply chain of illicit cargo that involves unsuspecting truckers.

Fans of mystery and suspense won’t want to miss this thrilling ride!

Meet Kit Crumb

Kit Crumb was born with an insatiable curiosity about everything. He has led tours of one of the world’s largest dry caverns, worked in radio and television, and as a professional magician. Hit holds a black belt rank in three martial art systems and has taught scuba and fencing. His stories often reflect aspects of his real-life experiences. Kit lives high in the southern, Oregon Cascade Mountain range where he writes full time.

The Yellow Ribbon Murders (The Blue Hat Detective Agency – Book 1)

Nick Smith was five years old when he saw a man brutally murder his mother. He spent thirteen years in foster care, waiting for a father who had seemingly vanished overseas while on deployment with the United States Army. After serving his country himself, Nick became a private investigator to give him the resources he needed to solve the death of his mother. After years of building his reputation as an investigator in Leesburg, Virginia and struggling as a single father, Nick takes on a last minute client who will change his world forever. SSA Mason Johns has spent nearly twenty years searching for a serial killer who goes after the wives of deployed soldiers. When he gets a call about the killer’s newest victim after a decade of silence, Mason and his team leave for Leesburg, Virginia to confirm the killer’s return, only to come into contact with the town’s local private investigator. Mason begrudgingly agrees to work with the arrogant Nick Smith to find the man who has ruined countless lives. In doing so, it reopens a past Mason thought he’d left behind.

Meet Meagan Diehl

Meagan Diehl was born in Hampton Roads, Virginia. She has a degree in English and spends her time reading, writing, and watching crime TV shows and just about anything Disney. Meagan also has a love of history, especially Virginia history and Greek mythology, and Marvel Comics. She continues to reside in Hampton Roads with her husband, two daughters, and their two dogs, a husky and a bully/boxer mix.

You’re Clear

Have you heard the rumors of what lies beneath the PDX Airport?

During an emergency evacuation, an airline supervisor is trapped with 4 others beneath the airport searching for an escape route. Terror grips the group while the airport doors are in lock-down. They are pursued by what appears to be port police officers, but something doesn’t feel right. A foreboding sense tells her not to trust them.

Desperate to get to the one security door she thinks might work, she struggles to avoid being intervened by the men in uniform that she comes to know can’t be trusted.

The supervisor juggles her innate need to be in control to find safety yet shake off the hidden attraction to the FBI Agent among the five of them. Does he feel it too? Will they eventually find safety . . . and romance? Their power struggle of who trumps who in the security hierarchy plays out throughout their dilemma

Their escape appears hopeless until another person in the group reveals a big secret about what lies beneath the airport. How does he know this? It’s a thrill ride from the time they become trapped until the surprise ending you won’t see coming. Who will survive today . . . and who won’t? You will never see the airport the same way again!

You’ll love this roller coaster action because everyone enjoys twists, turns, and unlikely heroes.

Meet JL LeGerrette

JL LeGerrette’s first publication is a small biographical collection of short stories and poems titled The Colors of My Life. It’s a laugh-out-loud funny recollection that might possibly bring a tear to your eye as well. You can also read about this particular, very important journey at her blog site-

She is also the author of the thriller titled You’re Clear. With a background as an Airline Customer Service Agent for an airline, combined with her lifetime role as a hairdresser for over forty years, she has combined those experiences of “understanding all walks of life” to spin out her fun tale. “There are few exceptions of careers where people allow you to come into their small bubble and remain,” she shares when speaking of her career as a hairdresser. “You learn to ‘feel’ what people are ‘thinking’.”

Her latest work is a small children’s book titled Our Days. This book is based on a poem written by JL LeGerrette when her children were small. It hints at the exhausting daily activities that come with raising children while merging with the unconditional love a parent has for them. It’s about the beautiful memories that are being created during those wonderful years.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, hating and loving the rain, cherishing Spring and Fall as old friends, and waiting anxiously for their peaceful visits.

Nighthawk Crossing

Nighthawk Crossing - ASIN B00CKWTUPC

The story centers on people, drugs and weapons smuggling and the ruthlessness of a well-entrenched criminal organization. The smugglers are mainly Native American Indians and motorcycle gang members led by a chieftain with a Navy SEAL background. Although the smuggling is within the aegis of the Border Patrol and various ICE sub-agencies, the FBI steps in when two Border Patrol agents are killed by smugglers. The pursuit of the killers not only uncovers drug and gun distribution rigs in America but also unveils a major plot to supply a secret weapon to the Taliban and Al Qaida and sub plots of the State Department, Canadian spy agencies, NATO and the CIA. The story transports the reader from the Okanagan Canada-U.S.A. border region to England, Kyrgyzstan and the Maldives. Action scenes include: murder of two Border Patrol Special Agents; ambush and murder of Korean human trafficking gang members; a winter ambush and destruction of two FBI helicopters while attempting to intercept a smuggling operation; a gun battle between smuggler and FBI helicopters; and a Navy SEAL underwater approach assault on an armory and meth lab on a remote island in the Maldives.

The story and the persona are complete fiction but ideas have been gleaned and exaggerated from some “life experiences and characterizations” and events. For example, trans border drug smuggling by helicopter in the Okanagan is well known and some aircraft have been confiscated. In another example, the Taliban and Al Qaida used a resort in the Maldives for conferences when your author was working in the Maldives. Some towns have been fictionalized but other well-known landmarks are retained.

The Chieftain is portrayed as a sociopathic “anti-hero” – well respected in his environmental activities and leadership roles with no remorse for killing adversaries. He is not “killed off” in the story – although much of his well-ordered world is lost – as your author has at least three more episodes in mind.

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Even Odds (FBI Joint Task Force Book 3)

Even Odds (FBI Joint Task Force Book 3) - ASIN B081M8PJWL

Double crossed
Double agents 
Doubling down… 

…She’s putting her heart and her life on the line.

Raine Meyers is only alive today because of the heroic efforts of the Delta Force Echo Team. It’s time to pay that debt. 

As an undercover defense intelligence officer, Raine tracks a Russian threat to the Delta Force wives left vulnerable while their husbands are downrange protecting the U.S.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Damian Prescott, former Delta Force Operator – also Raine’s former fiancé, falls quite literally into the middle of her operation.

Since both the DIA and FBI have their teeth clamped onto the same crime, why not join forces? A plan is hatched to insert the two intelligence officers into the action—under the cover of a fake marriage—painting a target on Raine’s back, enticing the mole out into the open.

Damian wasn’t there when his Delta Force brothers saved Raine from the terrorists in Afghanistan…

…will he be there for her this time, when she’s in the sniper’s rifle sights?

Download your copy now and join the team for this second-chance military romance, women’s action adventure driven by spies, terrorists, and the intelligence communities who work to keep us safe.

Even Odds can be read as a standalone, as part of the FBI Joint Task Force series, or as part of the World of Iniquus.

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Blood, Fire and Ice

Blood, Fire & Ice - ASIN B00NH0LM52

BLOOD, FIRE AND ICE takes the reader into the realm of corporate terrorism. The global Association of Petroleum producers resorts to murder, sabotage and political bribery to prevent the development of an abundant new fuel source that threatens their existence.

Members of an international Arctic research team developing an abundant new fuel source are targeted. Labs are destroyed and members killed. Canadian team members have their funding cancelled at the request of 3 Senators who are on the payroll of “Big Oil”. Police ignore the researchers’ pleas for help when some are murdered. They are rescued in a joint FBI-CIA operation seeking to protect the new technology.

Surviving team members are moved to safety and recruited to complete their project jointly funded by Japan, Russia and an American scientific foundation. Sabotage continues with a seaborne attack on an offshore drilling platform off Japan and blocking attempts countering patent filings. The Japanese Government considers itself at war with the oil interests.

A blackmailing Canadian Senator is killed by “Big Oil” and his legacy of secrets are a ticking bomb waiting for discovery threatening both the Prime Minister of Canada and the oil association. The secrets eventually surface and all hell breaks loose.

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The Consequence of Loyalty


Jordan Greer, Gerard Martin and Dana Norman make up the best the FBI has to offer in Columbus, Ohio. Under special agent Sean Callaway they operate as the Critical Response Unit, functioning as a highly adaptable and specialized unit, capable of hunting serial killers, bringing down drug lords and catching escaped convicts.
But when field agent Martin shoots his boss, Sean Callaway, inside his own office, Greer and Norman are faced with a task they don’t know how to handle. Certain that Martin is at least in some way innocent, they go against every order from the Internal Affairs to prove that Martin isn’t guilty. But when Gerard Martin’s dark military background starts unraveling, so do Greer and Norman’s thoughts about their friend’s innocence.