It will soon be possible to travel between planets…simply by falling.

At a secret facility in the wilds of Kazakhstan, the chance discovery of an exotic metamaterial is about to tear open the lid on a whole new branch of physics, unleashing a tidal wave of societal disruptions.

But are we ready, or are we simply on the cusp of repeating a truly cosmic mistake?

That’s the question facing Nigel Tanner, a cynical purveyor of leaked documents who recently threw in with the cabal of billionaires working to keep the metamaterial from being weaponized, or something far worse. But word of their activities has just been leaked to the world’s superpowers.

Which means someone in Nigel’s orbit is a traitor. And they are out of options.

Now, the only way to keep the word safe is to leave it behind.

From Jon Waskan, author of COLD TRAP, comes a nigh-future adventure that imagines what might happen if the ‘missing’ gravity posited by string theory were suddenly found.