A Faerie’s Tale: Beyond the Realms of Light

A Faerie's Tale: Beyond the Realms of Light - ASIN B07NFY3XZV

Passion and Fairy Lore Come Together – Creating A Spellbinding Read. . .

An accident on a snowy road in the Sierra Nevada Mountains wipes away the memories of a beautiful, mysterious woman. Guilt-stricken that he could cause such pain, even by accident, the man who drove the truck that struck the woman is determined to help. He quickly realizes there is something special about her. She feels his strength and kindness. And despite the fact she knows nothing of her past, or if the man truly is who he says he is, she feels herself unmistakably drawn to her. 

Her life is a mystery, yet her love is timeless. Can it continue once the awful truth is uncovered? Only the faeries know.

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