Paris vs. The Rest of the World

Paris Lane doesn’t just fall in love with her English teacher, Heston Morgan; she runs away with him after he murders someone who’s returned from her past and threatened to expose their relationship, putting Heston’s job on the line. As they journey east, Paris reflects on her relationship with Heston and her true feelings about him, all while resurfacing positive memories and ones that she’s repressed for years. While she’s not purposely on a road to self-discovery, it’s because of Heston that she embarks on it and understands what it means to love someone and be loved by them.

Meet Lauren N. Dupree

Gods of the Underworld

Gods of the Underworld
Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride through the heart of danger in “Gods of the Underworld,” the electrifying second instalment in the Charlie Glass crime thriller series!

FBI agent Charlotte Glass is back, and this time, the stakes are higher, the dangers deadlier, the treasures more precious and the murders more mysterious than ever before. Death and destruction lie in wait as Charlie and her elite team race to protect priceless golden treasures hidden for centuries in the white-hot crucible of the ancient Iraqi desert. Alliances are forged and bonds are shattered as she battles to prevent a catastrophic terrorist event and uncover the enigmatic secrets of ancient gods.

Will Charlie Glass emerge victorious, or will the underworld’s secrets claim her soul? Find out in this gripping, high-octane thriller that will leave you breathless until the very last page.

Follow Charlie’s adventures !
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Meet JJ Carson

J.J. Carson is an accomplished author with a passion for storytelling. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the craft. As an award-winning leader he has operated on every continent from an array of businesses from high-tech start-ups to billion-dollar multinationals. An Honorary Fellow of St Andrews University, he is proud to devote time to supporting local education and youth development.

A proud Scot, he cites Ian Rankin, Val McDermott and Robert Burns as his literary inspirations. With a number of quality reviews and a growing reputation as a crime fiction writer the Charlie Glass Thrillers represent his first full foray into professional writing.

A passion for travel and culture has propelled him to visit over 120 countries. JJ has interviewed a mass murder psychologist, rock climbed in the Andes, dived on shipwrecks, jumped out planes, swam with sharks, crashed race cars and ran with the bulls, but he cites professional writing as the scariest thing he’s ever attempted!

“This while my notion’s taen a sklent, to try my fate in guid, black prent.” ~ Robert Burns

A Romance on the Santa Express

It’s Christmas Eve and head librarian Melissa Wright is travelling on the Shepherds Valley railway’s Santa Express, to reconcile with her on-and-off again ex Alex. However when she locks eyes with a handsome stranger on the platform, he threatens to throw her romantic plans off track. In the dining car Melissa and Daniel soon share stories over the traditional festive trimmings, but before her journey ends she has a choice to make. Does she embark on a brand new romance or give into nostalgia and try yet again with Alex?

Meet Kate Harriet

Ever thought this while hunting for a new romance book? • I’d love a sweet romance read with a feisty heroine and a determined hero. • I want a fun meet-cute story to escape into and enjoy. • I’m craving a romantic book that has me really rooting for the heroine. If so, I’m Kate Harriet and I write sweet reads for romance book fans to snuggle up with- starring heroines you’ll want to cheer on. As an author I have spent more than twenty years writing for the kind of reader who loves a cute romance read, set in small English towns and cosy little villages with just a splash of romance thrown in. If that’s you then click today to start reading fun romance books and sweet short stories that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Tales: Two Wheels, One Heart, Pirate Paradise, Be the Change

Welcome to the second illustrated book in the “Happy Way” series. This book features the following stories: “Two Wheels, One Heart” introduces you to Lucas and Mia and how Lucas’s father empowers them with help and care. In “Pirate Paradise,” you’ll uncover how Oliver and Kiara surprise Oliver’s parents. “Be The Change” showcases Jack and Allison as they set an excellent example for all. The final chapter is dedicated to “Fun and Learning,” a special gift for your child that awaits discovery within. These tales aim to cultivate integrity in your child, emphasizing the importance of honesty and doing the right thing, even when challenging.

Meet Melanie Mannerly

Meet Mannerly Melanie, the fantastic storyteller! She’s like a master of stories that grab kids’ hearts and minds. Melanie knows all about little kids because she has a preschool education degree and worked with them in a nursery. She’s got this unique talent for understanding the funny and imaginative things kids do. Melanie’s stories are a mix of funny stuff and important lessons. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of laughter and learning!

A WhatsApp Warrior & Other Poems: A compilation of Poems, Sketches & Micro Stories

We are all looking for our streams to flow in in the currents of life. “A WhatsApp Warrior & other poems” is a an expression of thoughts and feelings of the author Maneesh Dutt conveyed through his Poems and Sketches coupled with Micro Stories on the the inspiration behind the poems. Whether you are a student or a working professional or a homemaker, you will be able to easily identify with some of the life situations captured in the poems. And who knows this may well motivate you to start compiling your own chapbook of poems and experiences….

Meet Maneesh Dutt

Maneesh Dutt is a consultant, speaker & trainer on the subjects of Project Management, Visual thinking and Mind Mapping. He is also the author of numerous best-selling books on Amazon on the subject of Mind Mapping. His book on project management featured on abcFOX and under “Best Book by Independent Publishers” and has been procured by leading libraries/management schools across the globe. His publications showcase not only the wide range of application of Visual Thinking but also the vast expertise that he has gained in the subject. He also has a number of publications in international journals.He has over 20 years of experience in managing projects and leading innovation drives in organisations. In 2014 he quit his regular job to pursue his passion for Project Management and Mind Mapping as a freelance consultant & trainer. Since then he has conducted numerous workshops on Mind Mapping & Project Management with outstanding feedback and provided consultancy to a number of organisations across sectors. A Chemical Engineer from IIT-Delhi & an MBA from ENI University Milan, he lives in India with his wife and twin kids. You can know more about his work here

TEAM AVENGING ANGEL: Love & Rough Justice in Brooklyn

A kick-ass female anti-hero spreads her wings, delivering justice for victimized girls and women.

She is an African-American survivor of a racially-charged childhood rape, who grows into a strikingly beautiful assassin. He is the Italian-American private eye with Mafia connections who loves her. Together, they take on serial killers, sex traffickers, kidnappers, child molesters, rapists, wife-beaters, predators and exploiters.

Along the way, women they’ve protected join them in their quest. Frustrated and threatened by a corrupt criminal justice system, though, the team is forced to work outside, and often against, the law.

When she finds herself pitted against a unit of the Haitian secret police, and he finds out why he is being framed for a series of murders, the stakes could not be higher.

Meet Charles S. Isaacs

Charles S. Isaacs has been a schoolteacher, a college professor, a community organizer, a Congressional consultant, a social activist, a gambler and an occasional journalist. He has written opinion columns and feature stories for numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times Magazine. During recent decades, he has been a consultant to dozens of non-profit organizations operating in the social justice arena. His recent published work includes fiction, poetry and award-winning non-fiction.

Lost in Fantasia

When virtual reality takes over, it’s hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is a part of a game. Having all memories of life before The Game erased, Tack’s experience is altered when a glitch infiltrates her world. After her partner disappears, infected by the glitch, she is forced to find answers to the mysterious Game malfunction to determine if he is alive. Her home, partner, and game are seemingly destroyed. Glitched herself, Tack embarks on an adventure to unfamiliar and new worlds, including the largest Fantasy role-playing game, Fantasia. However, this glitch isn’t like anything else the Gaming world has experienced. With no one respawning and the Game’s Production team in a communication blackout, the lines between what is virtual and what is real are blurred even further. If Tack can’t stop the glitch, she risks more than just losing her partner forever—everything she knows and loves might disappear. “A surprising and engaging Lit-RPG adventure set in a future where gaming was so evolved (or decadent, depending on your point of view) that humans were employed as avatars… kept me involved in both the game world and the mystery.” —Readers’ Favorite

Meet Chelsea Caslie

Chelsea Caslie is an author, reader, and avid video game player who incorporated all of her passions into one project. A perfect day is when she plays video games with her dog next to her. When it comes to video games the longer and more immersive the better and you’d probably find her playing the same games as the main characters from her debut trilogy. Chelsea was born and raised in California and calls the Bay Area her home with her family and dog. The Fantasia Series is a Sci-fi and Fantasy trilogy composed of Lost in Fantasia, Fatal Reset, and A Broken Game.


En este volumen Carlos Rubio nos ofrece Hubris –palabra griega que significa arrogancia pronunciada– una novela corta que describe la accidentada llegada del norteamericano Jason West al pueblo costero de Costa Blanca. Desde el principio vemos sus frustraciones y dificultades con el idioma, con los habitantes del pueblo y con las costrumbres en general. También presenciamos su cambio radical después de conocer a Nara Montero, residente del pueblo y su sorprendente reacción cuando ya está libre de regresar a los Estados Unidos. Además de la novela, el autor nos ofrece unos relatos, al igual que la novela, ambientados en Costa Blanca. En ellos encontramos personajes que ya hemos conocido de pasada en Hubris, pero que ahora adquieren su propia voz y nos permiten entrever sus conflictos internos: una mujer que imagina que su marido le es infiel; un adolescente a punto de perder la virginidad; una mujer religiosa que termina en un prostíbulo; dos hermanos gemelos cuyas vidas se bifurcan después de visitar una feria ambulante. El volumen concluye con Xinef, el eterno, cuento que alude al proceso creativo y a la fuerza de la imaginación.

Meet Carlos Rubio

CARLOS RUBIO was born in Cuba and came to the United States while still an adolescent. After finishing high school, he attended Concord College, West Virginia University and the University of Maryland. A bilingual novelist, in Spanish he has written Saga, Orisha and Hubris. In 1989 his novel Quadrivium received the Nuevo Leóoacute;n International Prize for Novels. In English he is the the author of Orpheus’s Blues, Secret Memories and American Triptych, a trilogy of satirical novels. In 2004 his novel Dead Time received Foreword’s Magazine Book of the Year Award. His novel Forgotten Objects was published by Editions Dedicaces in 2014 and was a finalist in the Readers Choice Awards in 2015. More recently, his novel Doble Filo was a finalist in the 2018 Reinaldo Arenas International Prize for Novels and published in 2019 by Ediciones Alféizar in Spain.

The Penguin who stopped a Fire

Hi, I am Pip, the Penguin and I stopped a dangerous forest fire today. How did I do such a brave thing? How did the fire start in the first place? Find out in this colorful book all about me.

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) For any information or feedback, she can be reached at clovebookskids@gmailcom

Little Pie wants to Fly

A Cute, Rhyming tale about overcoming limitations and the power of friendship. Pie, the adorable little penguin, dreams of soaring through the sky, but alas, his flippers aren’t exactly designed for flight. However, should he be disheartened by this fact? Absolutely not! Why, you ask? Well, because…. ” When we have good friends, anyone can fly.” This heartwarming tale is the perfect choice for parents and teachers looking for a fun read-aloud that teaches children about the importance of perseverance and the strength of friendship. With its relatable characters and catchy rhymes, children of all ages are sure to love this story about overcoming limitations and reaching for the stars. Read less

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) For any information or feedback, she can be reached at clovebookskids@gmailcom