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Discover a collection of 8 stories that become more compelling and engrossing one after the other… Genres such as horror, crime, historical fiction, literary fiction Nightstalkers & Lycanhawks- a bloody battle between vampires and werewolves Labyrinth of Torture- A notorious serial killer is on the prowl The Liberationist- An over-zealous king must flee his own country The Kryptonite Room- An egomaniac seeks revenge on an ignorant society

Meet Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue is a New England-based writer and poet of 12 books. He is the author of the psychological horror series The Wax Factory and of the horror poetry series The Macabre Masterpiece. Justin is a big football fan(Sundays are for football), he’s never drank coffee(gets fuel from Mountain Dew Code Red), and The Shining is his favorite movie(He has 5 Shining shirts and even the rug). Due to his fascination with the unexplained and belief in the bizarre, he hopes to one day become a Ufologist. He is also interested in Egyptology and has a good shelf-size collection of Egyptian artifacts. He is the host of the Youtube series Mystery Unsolved and Mystery Ghost Stories, where he discusses some of the world’s most unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and paranormal ghost stories.

Unlooked for Tales

I have always enjoyed writing. Sometimes I get an idea for a story in my head, but it’s not yet fully formed or not suitable to turn into a full length story. Rather than discard the idea, I will sometimes take the idea and turn it into a very short story, just to see where the idea takes me. In a way, I would call that unlooked-for as I didn’t set out to find it, it just found me, hence the name ‘unlooked-for tales’.

Meet C.S. Rhymes

C.S. Rhymes is a web developer by day and a part time author. He has written 4 books, as well as publishing short stories to his website.

Observatory of the Infinite: Adventures of the Miso Mice

The Miso Mice are at it again this time marshalling an interstellar galactic force (including angels!) from the Observatory of the Infinite to save the Zodiac Girls and universally renowned singing group of orange slices The Segments who have been scooped up by Mu Ono Lepton, a black hole negative energy catcher. Will the Miso Mice arrive in time? Enjoy the next fantastical volume in the “Adventures of the Miso Mice” 5-star acclaimed series.

Meet Annette Czech Kopp

Annette Czech Kopp, is a graduate of Northwestern University and is the author of the Amazon & Goodreads 5-star “Adventures of the Miso Mice” series; nominated for multiple Cover of the Month & numerous Book of the Day honors. Annette, dreamer, avid sea shell seeker and beach explorer is honored and humbled to be chosen by the Miso Mice to chronicle their adventures.


In a vast and intertwined simulated universe, a holographic matrix transcends the simple binary of life and death, unfolding a future deeply entangled within the intricate webs of digital innovation, artificial intelligence, and quantum evolution. This scenario goes beyond the mere initiation and cessation of existence, engaging instead with a continual interplay of sophisticated holographic data streams that originate from the Source Core—a reservoir of limitless possibility residing at the very crux of human consciousness. These holographic projections are not mere illusions, but rather tangible manifestations of individual essences, exquisitely crafted and interacting seamlessly with both human consciousness and the fabric of the multiverse. Within the boundaries of “HOLO SONIC,” the fates of humanity are intricately linked with the progression of digital and artificial intelligence, fundamentally redefining the essence of what it means to be alive. Initially celebrated as a dawning age of digital democratization, this new digital paradigm quickly devolves into an arena dominated by economic powerhouses and enigmatic elites. These groups exploit virtual currencies, not for the stabilization of society, but as instruments of subjugation, Furthermore, they exploit women and children for their nefarious cult Devil worshipping and hybrid breeding agenda. Despite early promises of enhanced equality, the emergent technologies catalyze an era dominated by an extreme form of capitalism, where the powerful mine deep into the bedrock of privacy, extracting data and progressively stripping away freedoms under the deceptive guise of autonomy. Amidst this vast, manipulated multiverse, the very dynamics of reality are controlled by those who command the digital infrastructures, crafting an existence where artificial intelligence blends indistinguishably with human life. This convergence threatens the collective identity of humankind, placing human consciousness at risk of manipulation, hijacking, or complete erasure for darkly manipulative purposes. Society, now closely monitored and guided by pervasive digital networks, finds its essence of personal identity and liberty increasingly diminished by these invisible governing forces. From the depths of this oppressive existence, a formidable resistance emerges, led by a courageous woman, flanked by her ex-military allies and supported by a decentralized international movement. Together, they launch a revolutionary campaign of bravery and valor to thwart the deployment of an advanced, weaponized technology designed to enslave human consciousness. Their struggle challenges the digital overlords, drawing upon the primal energies that resonate within every human being, aiming to shatter the digital shackles binding the spirit of society. “HOLO SONIC” is not just a story; it is a clarion call for a resurgence of freedom, and a collective awakening to reclaim our intertwined destinies. Dive into this narrative of resistance, where the transient and eternal concepts merge, where the lines between the digital and the bodily realms blur, and where a global community rises to redefine the forces that mold their existence. Witness the Phoenix, the emblematic of renewal and rebellion, prepared to eliminate the shadows of oppression and illuminate the road to a new, equitable future. Prepare to be captivated and moved as “HOLO SONIC” invites you to partake in a profound journey of conviction, self-discovery, and a revolution that traverses not only the digital landscapes but the very core of our existence. This is your call to arms, an invitation to move beyond the illusions, reach a new level of consciousness so you can break free, and spearhead a renaissance of genuine freedom and equality within this intricately connected cosmos.

Meet Ellie Nelhams

Ellie is an emergent voice in the realm of speculative fiction, blending an academic background in Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism with her hands-on experience as a cyber security consultant in Australia. With her extensive travel around the globe, Ellie brings a distinct insight and broadened perspective to her storytelling. Her debut novel, the first installment in a planned trilogy, is a unique fusion of dystopian and cyberpunk themes with elements of science fiction, women’s empowerment, spirituality, history, and visions of the future. Ellie’s career and travels have not only provided rich material for her creative pursuits but have also shaped her into a fervent advocate for freedom and equity. Her writing is fired by her passion and her visionary outlook, urging the reader to explore complex worlds and challenging ideas. This bold narrative is just the beginning of what promises to be a compelling journey through the vivid landscapes she creates, all inspired by her own life experiences and the diverse cultures she has encountered. As a debut author, she writes with conviction, inviting readers to dive into a story that challenges the conventional and enlightens the spirit.

Father Garbage

What concerns me is whether you rise to shine down from our sky, pushing forward light for my darkest hour, or if you are attempting to drive me away, push me towards something that I don’t even know if I want yet. You are an intimidating presence stamped far above and far away. Pulling the waves inside my body closer to shore until its walls become structurally unsound. All of what makes me, me, will be forced to evacuate. Whatever your intentions may be friend…will you please lend me your company just for tonight? I promise it will be the last time I ask.

Meet Christopher Landry

The Raccoons: Cry Wolf!

“Why Schaeffer, what big teeth you have! Why Bert, what big fibs you tell…” There’s been a tornado in the Evergreen Forest! Schaeffer the sheepdog has gone wild! And there are gangsters at Cyril Sneer’s mansion! Or maybe Bert Raccoon’s imagination is getting the better of him. Perhaps his quest to become the best (and only) news reporter in the forest means fiction sounds better than fact. It’s certainly not Sneer’s three Pig henchmen making the young Raccoon cry wolf. Nope, no one will believe Bert’s crazy tales anymore. But Bert really does have a story: the biggest thing to ever hit the Evergreen Forest. Cyril intends to pave paradise and put up a parking lot. For children who grew up in the mid-’80s, early ’90s The Raccoons was required viewing. Mixing anarchic humour with great storytelling, this classic Canadian animation TV series focused on the exploits of Bert Raccoon, his best friend Cedric Sneer, Melissa and Ralph, Schaeffer the dog, and, of course, the dastardly pink aardvark, Cyril Sneer.

Meet John Peel

I was born in Nottingham, the home of Robin Hood, so I grew up hearing and reading stories. Inevitably, I began to also write them. I’ve now written over 120 books, including tie-ins to such popular shows as “Doctor Who”, “Star Trek” and “The Outer Limits”. I’ve also created several series of my own, including “Diadem”, “2099” and “Dragonhome”. I currently live in New York.

The Penguin who found a magic box: A Picture book for kids about screen time, technology and balance

Hi, I am Pip the penguin and I found something truly MAGICAL today! It was hidden in my best friend Noah’s new home in Antarctica and It’s the MOST AMAZING thing I have ever seen! Wanna know what it is and what I did with it? Well, I won’t be spilling my secrets here – that would be silly. For that, you’ll have to come on the journey with me and read my book. I promise it’s worth it. So are you ready to join me and discover my SUPER DUPER AMAZING MAGIC BOX? GREAT! Then I’ll see you inside the book.

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) As for why the funny profile picture? It was drawn by the author’s daughter when she was just five years old. The little girl was so thrilled with her creation that her mama decided to keep it as her profile picture forever. It’s a small reminder of the joy and creativity that children can bring into our lives. For any information or feedback, she can be reached at [email protected]

Paris vs. The Rest of the World

Paris Lane doesn’t just fall in love with her English teacher, Heston Morgan; she runs away with him after he murders someone who’s returned from her past and threatened to expose their relationship, putting Heston’s job on the line. As they journey east, Paris reflects on her relationship with Heston and her true feelings about him, all while resurfacing positive memories and ones that she’s repressed for years. While she’s not purposely on a road to self-discovery, it’s because of Heston that she embarks on it and understands what it means to love someone and be loved by them.

Meet Lauren N. Dupree

Gods of the Underworld

Gods of the Underworld
Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride through the heart of danger in “Gods of the Underworld,” the electrifying second instalment in the Charlie Glass crime thriller series!

FBI agent Charlotte Glass is back, and this time, the stakes are higher, the dangers deadlier, the treasures more precious and the murders more mysterious than ever before. Death and destruction lie in wait as Charlie and her elite team race to protect priceless golden treasures hidden for centuries in the white-hot crucible of the ancient Iraqi desert. Alliances are forged and bonds are shattered as she battles to prevent a catastrophic terrorist event and uncover the enigmatic secrets of ancient gods.

Will Charlie Glass emerge victorious, or will the underworld’s secrets claim her soul? Find out in this gripping, high-octane thriller that will leave you breathless until the very last page.

Follow Charlie’s adventures !
To learn more about Special Agent Charlie Glass and follow her adventures please visit:

Meet JJ Carson

J.J. Carson is an accomplished author with a passion for storytelling. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the craft. As an award-winning leader he has operated on every continent from an array of businesses from high-tech start-ups to billion-dollar multinationals. An Honorary Fellow of St Andrews University, he is proud to devote time to supporting local education and youth development.

A proud Scot, he cites Ian Rankin, Val McDermott and Robert Burns as his literary inspirations. With a number of quality reviews and a growing reputation as a crime fiction writer the Charlie Glass Thrillers represent his first full foray into professional writing.

A passion for travel and culture has propelled him to visit over 120 countries. JJ has interviewed a mass murder psychologist, rock climbed in the Andes, dived on shipwrecks, jumped out planes, swam with sharks, crashed race cars and ran with the bulls, but he cites professional writing as the scariest thing he’s ever attempted!

“This while my notion’s taen a sklent, to try my fate in guid, black prent.” ~ Robert Burns

A Romance on the Santa Express

It’s Christmas Eve and head librarian Melissa Wright is travelling on the Shepherds Valley railway’s Santa Express, to reconcile with her on-and-off again ex Alex. However when she locks eyes with a handsome stranger on the platform, he threatens to throw her romantic plans off track. In the dining car Melissa and Daniel soon share stories over the traditional festive trimmings, but before her journey ends she has a choice to make. Does she embark on a brand new romance or give into nostalgia and try yet again with Alex?

Meet Kate Harriet

Ever thought this while hunting for a new romance book? • I’d love a sweet romance read with a feisty heroine and a determined hero. • I want a fun meet-cute story to escape into and enjoy. • I’m craving a romantic book that has me really rooting for the heroine. If so, I’m Kate Harriet and I write sweet reads for romance book fans to snuggle up with- starring heroines you’ll want to cheer on. As an author I have spent more than twenty years writing for the kind of reader who loves a cute romance read, set in small English towns and cosy little villages with just a splash of romance thrown in. If that’s you then click today to start reading fun romance books and sweet short stories that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.