Unscrambled Eggs

Profound and riveting, this is a 60 poem book collection with poetry that enlightens, speaks the way of life and the world. The poems from Unscrambled Eggs has a universal appeal, and is true to life in form. Unscrambled Eggs was written over a five year period and is an honest and thought-provoking book that deals with everyday life issues. It is a stirring compilation of poems about living your dream and finding one’s purpose.

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That Time I Saw You

Where will you be in ten, twenty years?
That’s exactly what Madelyn wondered as a little girl.
After living in a small town of southern Italy and going through a rough childhood, Madelyn finally moves to America for a better future. Her cheating spouse ruins her vision of a perfect family, but she doesn’t give up on love.
She only needs to face a little mess to get her life back together. When Dylan, the gorgeous multimillionaire in town, walks into her successful wedding company as her newest client, destiny—and a few unfortunate events—brings her all she has ever wanted.
But will she be able to handle it?

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The Land of Good Dreams

Just when she lost everything,

….a mysterious world of light welcomes her in.

For Samantha, life isn’t fair, not even close. Now in new foster care, and a new school, emptiness and loneliness consume her.

This new family has promise, but it’s hard for her to hope for things. Can this family’s love be enough to give Samantha a chance to start over?

The chronic nightmares are not helping. If only she could end the suffering of reliving that tragic night, unable to alter the outcome.

In an unexpected twist of events, Samantha finds herself in The Land of Good Dreams. Where animals talk, flowers giggle, and light overcomes darkness.

This world offers her amazing adventures with unique friendships, especially with the boy she shares a close connection with.  There is something special about this place, and the more time she spends there, the spark of hope grows.

If you love uplifting stories and engaging characters, with some enchanting fantasy, this book is for you.

Get it now to start enjoying this young adult coming of age fantasy fiction story.

What readers are saying about this book:

? ? ? ? ?  “The Perfect Story of Hope and Blessings”

? ? ? ? ?   “Uplifting and Hopeful”

? ? ? ? ?   “Excellent, imaginative read for adults and teens”

? ? ? ? ?   “Spiritually Uplifting”

? ? ? ? ?   “A powerful and uplifting story of navigating loss through a teenager’s eyes”

? ? ? ? ?   “Wonderful book!!”

? ? ? ? ?   “Uplifting, feel good book”

? ? ? ? ?   “My favorite Book”

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Shadowland is a book about stretching your imagination into another universe that is here on our own planet. Creatures that live among the world’s population, without detection and what happens when ordinary people come face to face with them. It is an adult fantasy adventure that will keep you entertained for hours.

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Money Doesn’t Talk, It Kills

Money Doesn’t Talk, It Kills is a fast-paced crime thriller about money and the twin emotions, fear and greed, that most often surround it.

Mark Slater is a university professor turned stock-market analyst – 46 years old, happily married, with two kids in college. From a fellow analyst, he learns of an upcoming takeover that would allow him to make a lot of money. But to cash in he would need to break the law. And that is something Mark is sure he’d never do.

Events, however, work against him, and when Mark meets a college friend he hasn’t seen in years, he is persuaded to give in to temptation and commit the crime of insider trading.

Too late, he realizes he has made a terrible mistake. He has put at risk everything he holds dear – his job, his family, his freedom, and his self-respect. Mark just wants his old life back. But his college friend has other ideas, which lead Mark into a violent and criminal world from which there seems no way out.

Tressa's Treasures

Her identity is secret. Her destiny is incredible.

Tressa is a fae in hiding. Unable to fulfill her transcendent role in an ancient prophecy, she hides on her grandmother’s estate in the Pocono Mountains. Tressa is content to work in her small shop and fake her humanity, but she knew she couldn’t stay hidden forever.

When she uses her powers to protect a friend, strange things begin to happen all around her. The Unseelie are nearby, the enemy of Tressa’s people, and they’re coming for her. As the dark fae come closer, Tressa must use the powers she’s hidden for so long to keep the people she loves alive.

Tressa’s Treasures is the first book in a fantasy series based on Celtic mythology with a twist. If you like engaging plots, grownup love stories, and twists and turns, then you’ll love Belinda Gordon’s unique twist on faerykind. Although a first in series this book is a complete story and enjoyable on its own.

Buy Tressa’s Treasures to see a faery find her destiny today!

The Unraveling (The Z Series, Book I)


A story of a young girl with nowhere left to go, but up.
For years, Mary and Raymond Roberts had never thought twice about their kills. This was their life and what better job than the one that fits your skillset?
But enter a daughter and an overly inquisitive Agent…the truth begins to unravel. Mistakes are made. Lives are lost.
The clock is ticking…and the only question left on everyone’s mind is will Natasha manage to keep her life her own?

The Pen and Its Author


Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Pen and Its Author, has become a modern classic around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations.

John Bourgeois’ masterpiece tells the mystical story and journey of the eldest son named Ezekiel as he reads his father’s last dying words. From the pages of his father’s final letter, Ezekiel is able to discover what it takes to turn dreams into reality.

Playing Mum


Young widow, Pamela Jones pulled up outside her wonderful new home – this was going to be a fresh start. Well, that’s how she had described it to her two young sons. Without the rose tinted specs it was a dilapidated grey cottage, in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. Nestling away in its overgrown grass and bedraggled rosebushes, desperately in need of a good paint.

“It’s going to be an adventure boys, the biggest one yet!” She had told them, excitedly.

But, what had started out as an adventure very quickly became a nightmare. No-one could ever have guessed what was about to happen to them – and worse than that, what terrifying things they would have to do, to dig themselves out of the shocking scenario that fate had cruelly dealt them…