Roth Conversion Secrets: The 5 Biggest Mistakes IRA Millionaires Make…and seven questions to determine if you’re leaving a fortune at the doorstep of the IRS

The subject of converting your IRA savings into Roth IRAs seems to be very controversial – and it shouldn’t be. The established paradigms about when to convert and how much to convert are almost as useless as the popular opinions about which tax bracket one should convert into. And these false beliefs lead to several mistakes when doing Roth conversions.

After nearly four decades as a financial advisor, and more than thirteen years of specializing in Roth conversions, the author wants to reveal the biggest mistakes that are made and offer specific education to help the reader determine if they would benefit from conversions. The book is as much a ‘how to’ guide as it is a collection of real life stories that illustrate the power of getting Roth conversions ‘right’.