Finding True Love

Yoshio Yamada is the tall, slender, and intuitive president of the Yamada Investment Group Inc. He Finds himself in a hotel with a woman he doesn’t know. Arya Dane, a foster child trying to get away from her abusive foster parents, finds herself in the same room. Her virginity sold to the higher bidder. After a wild night of passion, Yoshio can’t forget about the woman he spent the night with. Why did this random encounter with a nameless woman mark his heart forever? He doesn’t know but tries to find the woman, but she seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. On the other side of town Arya leaves the Ono’s to begin her new life. Yoshio buries the feelings he has for her deep in his heart. Not even his massive fortune can fill the hole in his heart. Time moves on but faith has it’s own way of making things right. Meeting again under astronomic conditions, their relationship begins to blossom. However, all is not well when Yoshio’s mother hand-picks his future wife. Sora Sato has everything his mother is looking for in a daughter-in-law. Charm and personality are all Arya has to help her win over Yoshio’s mother in the battle for his heart. Will having be Yoshio’s heart be enough to win over his elitist mother, or will she lose more than she knows in the fight for the man of her dreams.

Meet Ann Lee

Ann Lee is an author of South America decent who has stories to tell and wants to share them with as many people as possible.

Swiping Right

As the modern world continuously speeds up, our courtship processes have adjusted with it. Apps such as Tinder and Bumble dominate the dating game, and for many, these platforms are their exclusive avenue to meet new people. Some may call this a welcome addition to maximising time and potential mates. But for others, it’s a soul-crushing endeavour of swiping right without the slightest shred of reciprocated attention. The male ego is notoriously fragile, and men regularly devolve into grotesque and shameful versions of themselves. Poor women endure an onslaught of unacceptable behaviour, like cheap pickup seduction lies, unsolicited explicit imagery, and sometimes a full-on temper tantrum of insults when the man’s advances are rejected. My brothers, this is not the way! Swiping Right teaches men that they can be genuine and polite yet still meet a plethora of women using only dating apps. All you need is some tiny tweaks to your profile and attitude, and you will transform into what females refer to as “actually a good guy”, attracting girls far more suited to your exact personality. Here are the dating essentials that we will cover over this quick read: A thorough list of the online platforms available, helping you to discover the perfect demographic for your type and budget; The smartest photo practices (including the main secret so many men neglect!); What women want when reading a bio; How to manipulate the algorithms in your favour; Little-known hacks and tricks to get noticed; And finally, how to escalate the flirty conversation smoothly into the real-life dating stage. Best of all, it’s about honesty and being yourself. No lame pickup artistry. No repulsive schemes. No manipulative gimmicks. Simple statistics are the solution, and the more lovely people you can meet, the faster you’ll attract the right one (or two) specific humans with whom you sexually and intellectually click. Bring back the ethical gentleman! Go to bed and sleep easy with a clear conscience, preferably with somebody else next to you!

Meet Jared Woods

Born in South Africa and now homeless as a nomadic something or other, Jared Woods does whatever he wants. As a scriptwriter for the YouTube channel Pencilmation, millions of people watch his work every day with scripts surpassing the 100 million mark. He has written six books to date, including the spiritual philosophy of the “Janthopoyism Bible”, the self-help publication “Heartbreak Sucks!”, the fictional novel “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” and a music journalism guide “The 250 Best Albums of the Decade (2010 – 2019)”. An additional million people have enjoyed his blog, Juice Nothing. His other creative projects include #legobiscuits (a daily one-panel Instagram comic), composing solo music under the name Coming Down Happy, “singing” for the band Sectlinefor, and producing a film called Definitely Not a Cry For Help which is already partially on YouTube. Jared is the founder of Janthopoyism. Follow Jared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @legotrip