Miss Artist’s Grumpy Billionaire

In this feel-good story, you can expect to find a grumpy MMC who falls first and won’t stop until he has the woman he wants, a sweet airhead of a FMC, first times, a very capable personal assistant, art & food, good friends, steam, HEA, and just about the right amount of drama.

Meet Bianca Rivers

Bianca Rivers simply adores sweet romance and believes in resolving conflicts without unnecessary fuss. With a sunny disposition, she loves spending time outdoors, typing away on her laptop, even if the sun’s glare makes it a bit challenging. Dogs, chocolate, and feelgood stories are her ultimate joys. In Bianca’s enchanting novels, you’ll find men so sweet they could give you a sugar rush. Prepare to immerse yourself in heartwarming tales where love conquers all, hearts mend, and every story delivers a smile.