Far Beyond: Black and white edition

Fabian Augustus, a Mischief Mockian, impersonates a tooth fairy in hopes that he will win favor with the tooth fairy of his dreams. Out of his element, Fabian botches the assignment but ends up befriending a little girl named Kelcy. Together the two visit Fabian’s mystical world Far Beyond where they get involved in the adventure of a lifetime.

Book 1 of the Far Beyond series is an introduction to Fabian, Kelcy and a host of magical creatures that live in a magical land threatened by an evil not seen in over 500 years.

Although this book is for young readers ages 8+, it is also an great bedtime story that parents can read to younger children over several nights. With catchy songs and an engaging story, Far Beyond is a book that kids will cherish and parents will love for making bedtime more enjoyable.

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