It is easy to lose weight than to keep it off long term, the goal of embarking on this journey 2023 was to shed belle fat, after achieving it I decided to make fitness a daily lifestyle and not go off the rail some month(s). Also I became an advocate for healthy living having experienced the benefit of staying in a fit shape and the resulting good feeling I got after a workout session. My testosterone level increases, I feel more confident, less anxious and have more energy to go about my daily activities. I wrote this book to encourage people who may be experiencing plateaus and need encouragement to keep going, and also for beginners who want to transform their body and live a healthy lifestyle long term.

Meet Sal Nate

Sal Nate is a fitness enthusiast, dedicated to helping people achieve a fit body

Dragon Flag Guide: The Ultimate Calisthenics Abs Exercise

The dragon flag is one of the best calisthenics abs exercises out there and for a reason. The benefits offered by it are simply irreplicable by any other movement. The best part is that is a bodyweight exercise, and that means you can do it at your home. But, it is also quite challenging to master. With this dragon flag guide, I aim to bring the exercise within everyone’s grasp. It contains detailed exercise progressions from beginner to advanced that will allow you to level up to the dragon flag. Plus, the images in this eBook are hyperlinked to tutorial videos so that you get a clear idea of how the movement is supposed to be performed. You will also get programming knowledge to ensure that you reap maximum gains from the movement. About The Author? I, Brawny King, have been providing legit and valuable training information for free on my social media accounts like YouTube and Instagram. The dragon flag is one of my strongest movements and with this eBook I will teach you just how I mastered this abs exercise. It took me years to master this movement but I aim to help you master it within months by sharing with you my expertise and knowledge. So, what are you waiting for. Get started on your journey to master this ultimate abs exercise.

Meet Brawny King

Peak Performance on Plants: The Essential Guide to Vegan Nutrition for Everyone from Competitive Athletes to Couch Potatoes

Have you ever thought that you should eat less meat, but don’t know where to start? Have you ever wondered whether you’ll be able to perform at your best if you switch to eating a plant-based diet? Have you been vegan for a while and need some help in fine tuning your nutrition plan? Peak Performance on Plants by Alex Wood and Aisha Summers answers all those questions and more, providing an unbiased research-based guide on vegan nutrition. It gives you a clear view of going plant-based beyond the hype and green-washing that can put you off even trying your first meat-free meal. Peak performance means that you are functioning at your best, no matter what you’re doing – from high level athleticism, where you’re counting every gram of protein that you consume, to living your healthiest life doing the things you love with the people you love. At the foundation of it all is the food that you eat. Getting it right is complicated, which is why Alex Wood, a long-term vegan coach and personal trainer, and Aisha Summers, a nutritionist, wrote this ground-breaking book. In Peak Performance on Plants, these are just some of the things you will discover: • The evidence-based benefits of a diet that places plants at the center. It covers everything from the prevention of chronic disease in the long-term to the short-term effects of changing the fuel source that powers your training. • The bottom line on protein – how much you need, where to get it on a plant-based diet, and crucial information on protein quality and digestibility. • The different kinds of plant-based diets, and which is the best one for your specific needs. • The key micronutrients that you need to get enough of to function at your best, how to work out how much you’re getting and whether you might need more. • Understanding that the timing of when you eat your meals can have a huge impact on performance and long-term health. • Vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Apple Pie Protein Porridge, a Vegan “Meatball” Sub, Butternut Mac and Cheese and many more. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a part-time gym-goer, or even someone who struggles to get off the couch, this book will provide you with the best foundation for boosting your performance, on plants!

Meet Alex Wood & Aisha Summers

Aisha Summers has spent her life trying to explain complicated ideas in ways that more people can understand. She believes that being an effective science communicator is one of the most important jobs in the 21st century. She is passionate about health – and the science behind it – and has made it her mission for more people to understand the connection between lifestyle and wellness. Born in England to Indian parents, she has always felt that she has experienced the best of both cultures. After studying Chemistry at university, she worked for a brief stint in the pharmaceutical industry, before realising that she had to follow her passion – food. She believes that food is medicine, and has worked for both large and small food and beverage companies throughout her career. She is Nutritionist, and has devoted a large part of her research to determining how the food we eat affects our most valuable resource, our brain.

Lemon-aid: Our love-and-not-love story with fruit and vegetable water—and how we’re better at managing sugar addiction because of it

Lemon-aid is the self-help book for people who are curious about and courageous enough for a real life change when it comes to drinking sugar-loaded beverages and discovering solutions that are within reach.

This refreshingly odd (mostly) and tell-all true story is an account of how a frantically busy and (admittedly) overwhelmed couple learned to become better versions of themselves by changing their family’s relationship with recreational sugar.

It’s also a how-to guide for others who are looking to break up with sweetened beverages, beat a soda addiction, or otherwise turbo-boost a journey toward building better habits without turning their lives upside down—complete with stories, swear words, and side quests to help you get over your challenges of healthier hydration.

Ever feel like you drink way too much soda? We sure did, and we’ll help you…

• Confront your compromised routines and “sugar demons” that are bringing you down.

• Develop a more desirable mindset that’s required for genuine lasting change.

• Learn how to get real with yourself and build new systems of behavior that you won’t hate.

• Create and live a healthier lifestyle as you explore the waterful world of infusion.

When you’re through with Lemon-aid, you’ll have a clearer understanding of where you want to be and how to get there, along with some insights and practical recipes that we’ve tried and tested at home with our two “beverage buddies”.

Infusion we trust.

Meet JW GU and Simona Mok

“Joey ‘JW’ Gu has been leisurely writing and shooting photography since middle school and has published works with SPIN, The New York Times, as well as Switzerland’s largest English business magazine and a fashion publication based in Amsterdam. Simona Mok has a background in banking and finance and has built a career in private equity and investment, along with an analytical portfolio of consumer trend insights and brand performances.

“Currently, they are both business proprietors and consultan…”—you know what, trying to define yourself IS like trying to bite your own teeth, perhaps with braces and a salty fist in your mouth.

What we are is simply THIS: flawed, struggling, and sometimes barely holding on. We have our rough days just like everyone else. But we’re learning and working hard and have our shiny ones too! And it’s these bright days that continue to get us here, and the not-so-bright ones that help us treasure it.

One could also say we’re an unfinished manuscript, still drafting AS we’re telling our story.

“When they’re not creating memories with their two cosmic sons and a female mustached dog named Chopper, Joey and Simona are co-founding partners running The Pacer Company, a consulting and training company based outside of the US. Eventually, they will once again call Southern California their home, where they plan to continue exploring and developing further opportunities for business, writing, and their family.” There, how’s that? Not too bad, we’d say—simple and straight, and the truth.

BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life


Do you think it’s too hard to stick to a routine that will help you get fit, lose weight, and feel great once and for all?

Are you tired of the years flying by while you feel like a bystander in your own health?

Do you want to hear yourself saying “Boom. DONE!” about your health goals?

In this motivational and practical book, Cathy Richards will teach you simple actions you can take to improve your physical health, brain fitness, and energy level now and help yourself later. Believe it or not, SMALL changes in your habits can deliver real results at any age. It’s not as hard or as complicated as you think and it’s never too early or too late!

The cornerstone of BOOM; 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life is finding and consistently doing the RIGHT exercise routine for you. BOOM will teach you to never underestimate the far-reaching power of exercise! Next, BOOM will give you the exact blueprint to follow for an effective home exercise routine that will help you get stronger, leaner, and healthier, regardless of your current age, level of interest, or fitness level. You’ll get cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching exercises, complete with photos and descriptions of every exercise. With two tracks and four levels to choose from, you get to choose the level right for you based on your time and interest.

The “Never Too Early” track includes four exercise levels to choose from with progressively higher investments of time and effort designed for younger or healthier adults.

The “Never Too Late” track includes four exercise levels to choose from with progressively higher investments of time and effort designed for older adults or those who have health or mobility challenges.

In BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier, Life you’ll also find:

  • Mindset mastery that converts intermittent efforts into lifelong habits
  • The timeless superfoods-based eating plan for a healthy weight
  • Metaboolism magic to burn calories like a furnace
  • Goodbye back pain in two minutes per day
  • Four factors that fix fatigue forever
  • Brain fitness facts that will change your future
  • The link between healthy hearing and dementia
  • The number one strategy to reduce your risk of falling
  • And much more!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you are ON TRACK and HIGH ENERGY every day and you have built a stronger you for NOW and into the future!

Don’t wait! Scroll to the top and click the “buy now” button.

Fitness is Fun


Fitness is Fun is the first book of a forthcoming series that highlights the benefits of learning fitness at a young age. With whimsical illustrations and text appropriate for kids ages 2-5, this book is an ideal addition to any family interested in teaching kids about a healthy lifestyle from the start.

About the author: Kayla Ferguson is a creative professional passionate about storytelling for the greater good. She can be found online at www.kaylamferguson.com.