The Healthy Gamer Fitness Guide


If you’re a gamer – and you don’t think fitness is for you, this might be the most important thing you ever read.

I get it, most fitness books suck – they’re dry as day-old toast, mislead readers by only sharing snippets of BS info instead of what really matters, and they make things way more complicated than they need to be.

This book changes everything.

See, there’s a whole lot more to being fit & healthy than the “gym rat” most people think of.

Health, injury prevention, and training is important for keeping players in the game, and giving a competitive edge as gaming is becoming more competitive.

Any gamer can level up their health and fitness, using the Healthy Gamer Fitness Guide because it uses your natural, built-in gamer mindset, and abilities to turn fitness into a game you want to play every day!

If you want to look great, wake up with vibrant energy, without aches and pains, and perform your best in game and IRL – without steroids, sketchy bio-hacking supplements, good genetics, crash dieting, or wasting crazy amounts of time in the gym – regardless of your age, or fitness level… you need to read this book.

  • You don’t need to: become a bulky, bloated bodybuilder, obsessed with the gym
  • You don’t need to: drudge through mindless, boring cardio.
  • You don’t need to: be stuck on crappy salad diets made for bikini models. Instead you can craft the sculpted, lean body you want eating all the foods you love.
  • You don’t need to: sacrifice gaming, or doing things you love. In fact you can spend less than 3 hours a week exercising to achieve the body of your dreams.

These fitness industry lies keep gamers fat, frustrated, and discouraged.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 Health Dangers Every Gamer Needs To Know & How To Avoid Them
  • 11 Ways to Overcome “Gymtimidation” & Be Confident Exercising Anywhere Any Time!
  • The 3 Fundamental Laws of Fitness (Missing These Practically Guarantees Failure)
  • The 5 Types of Exercise + How Each of Them Can Shape & Sculpt Your Dream Body
  • Done-For-You Workouts For All Experience Levels & Equipment Access
  • 7 Crippling Injuries That Stop Gamers in Their Tracks – Learn How to Fix and Avoid Them for Good!
  • Develop Cat-like Reflexes & Reaction Time to Dominate Your Competition!
  • The 5 Levels of Nutrition + How to Level Up Your Diet to Craft Your Ideal Body Eating Foods You Love!
  • And so much more!

Imagine just a couple short months from now… looking in the mirror, stopping and being damn proud of what you see looking back at you, rather than horrified.

Imagine being constantly complimented on how great you look and asked how in the world you’re doing it.

Imagine waking up full of energy and excitement, free of aches and pains, feeling strong and ready to take on the day, crush your scrims, and dominate your competition.

The bottom line: you CAN get a ripped body, look great, feel great, extend your gaming career and dominate your competition – without living in the gym. You can turn fitness into a game, level up your health + fitness while having fun. This book shows you how.

With this book, you’ll also get 2 FREE bonus reports with the top training and nutrition myths every gamer needs to know. Healthy gamer meal plans, 100s of extra gamer workouts, Beta access to 6-Pack Gaming Online: complete quests and workouts to gain XP, climb the ranks & unlock achievements for leveling up your health + fitness, and a lot more!

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BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life


Do you think it’s too hard to stick to a routine that will help you get fit, lose weight, and feel great once and for all?

Are you tired of the years flying by while you feel like a bystander in your own health?

Do you want to hear yourself saying “Boom. DONE!” about your health goals?

In this motivational and practical book, Cathy Richards will teach you simple actions you can take to improve your physical health, brain fitness, and energy level now and help yourself later. Believe it or not, SMALL changes in your habits can deliver real results at any age. It’s not as hard or as complicated as you think and it’s never too early or too late!

The cornerstone of BOOM; 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life is finding and consistently doing the RIGHT exercise routine for you. BOOM will teach you to never underestimate the far-reaching power of exercise! Next, BOOM will give you the exact blueprint to follow for an effective home exercise routine that will help you get stronger, leaner, and healthier, regardless of your current age, level of interest, or fitness level. You’ll get cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching exercises, complete with photos and descriptions of every exercise. With two tracks and four levels to choose from, you get to choose the level right for you based on your time and interest.

The “Never Too Early” track includes four exercise levels to choose from with progressively higher investments of time and effort designed for younger or healthier adults.

The “Never Too Late” track includes four exercise levels to choose from with progressively higher investments of time and effort designed for older adults or those who have health or mobility challenges.

In BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier, Life you’ll also find:

  • Mindset mastery that converts intermittent efforts into lifelong habits
  • The timeless superfoods-based eating plan for a healthy weight
  • Metaboolism magic to burn calories like a furnace
  • Goodbye back pain in two minutes per day
  • Four factors that fix fatigue forever
  • Brain fitness facts that will change your future
  • The link between healthy hearing and dementia
  • The number one strategy to reduce your risk of falling
  • And much more!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you are ON TRACK and HIGH ENERGY every day and you have built a stronger you for NOW and into the future!

Don’t wait! Scroll to the top and click the “buy now” button.

Fitness is Fun


Fitness is Fun is the first book of a forthcoming series that highlights the benefits of learning fitness at a young age. With whimsical illustrations and text appropriate for kids ages 2-5, this book is an ideal addition to any family interested in teaching kids about a healthy lifestyle from the start.

About the author: Kayla Ferguson is a creative professional passionate about storytelling for the greater good. She can be found online at