Step-Dad’s Biker Enemy

She looks so out of place, here on the wrong side of town.
Dripping with innocence, her cautious eyes darting everywhere.
So vulnerable. The perfect pawn.
Fifteen years ago, her daddy destroyed my life.
Now, I’m going to return the favor.
It’s only fair to ruin the person he cherishes the most.
So, I’ll stalk. I’ll chase. I’ll claim her. When I’m done, she won’t be his perfect little princess anymore. She will be tarnished by the same man she’s forbidden to touch.
She’ll no longer be under his control. No longer pure for that wuss he arranged for her to marry.
If I were him, I’d kiss that wedding goodbye. I’ll ruin her father’s business deal. Thanks to his precious little object, his entire empire is about to fall.
Unexpectedly, so will I.
Too late, I realize she’s not the only one being broken.
Revenge might not be so sweet, after all.

Grumpy Girl & Rockstar

To the world, I’m Jett Briar, the biggest rock sensation alive.
Women swoon for me. Men idolize me.
But, to that sassy little thing, I met at the liquor store last week, I’m no one. Nothing but the arrogant prick who beat her to the last bottle on the shelf.
Oh, she was mad as hell, but there was something else behind those dark, fury-filled eyes and that defiant chin.
She wants to know if those headlines are true.
She wants to tear away my armor, to tame me. Something no woman has ever achieved.
I’m tempted to let her in, just a bit. I know she would regret it. She would beg for me not to ruin her.
But it would be too late.
It’s a pity my band has that rule never to mix business with pleasure.
If only she weren’t working for me now.
We can’t afford to lose another manager, especially since Nadia is the best one in the city.
So, I can only look. No touching. No bringing that fire vixen to her knees like I want to.
Well, until a city-wide tour changes everything.

Each book in this series is a standalone, can be read in any order. These stories contain no cheating and all have a HEA ending.

BDSM with Doctor-Dom

Shy Eva and her friends were on college break and seeking some thrill.
The billionaire’s mansion was empty, ripe for mischief.
Their skinny-dipping escapade was caught by the stern older-man.
Eva was singled out and reprimanded,
Now, she must pay the penalty,
But what started off as punishment grew into something more,
Untouched by men, she was surprised how his rough dominance awakened her every fiber.

Surprise Pregnancy for Villain

When our eyes first met at that nightclub, I claimed her.
My clan needs an heir, and I’ve chosen her as my bride.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
The shadows mask my every move as I follow her, watching, waiting to make my move.
Until I find out who she is, that she had no business being in that club.
She’s not the typical rich, college girl.
Forbidden, that’s what she is. Her body still remains pure, untouched by any man, preserved for a special reason.
Which means there will be bloodshed if I take her. Lives will be ruined. Mafia empires will be destroyed.
But I’m already too far gone, too invested, too hellbent on getting what I want.
Buckle up, my sweet princess. I’m coming for you.

Romance Novels Collection

List of novels inside are:
3 Sexy Bosses & Cupcakes – a reverse harem romance
College Girl & Dark Bully Next-door- a forbidden, age-gap romance
Daddy’s Bodyguard – a bodyguard, forbidden, age-gap romance
Getting Through the Seasons – a stepbrother’s best friend, enemies to lovers
Getting Through the Seasons 2
Getting Through the Seasons 3
A Dose of Sunshine – a rockstar, enemies to lovers romance
Mr. Grumpy’s Fake Ex-wife – a boss, stalker, enemies to lovers romance
A Bonus Novella – My Roommate’s Daddy – an instalove, OTT, age-gap romance

All are standalones, contain no cheating and have happy-ever-after endings ♡
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That’s a completed 3 books series, 5 full length novels and a novella inside. Scroll up download and enjoy!

Faking It: A Spicy Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Fake-dating the man who knows my deepest, darkest secret.
What could go wrong?

For four years.
I’ve been praying to never run into Gideon Carter again.
Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, the ladies biggest treat, my biggest threat.
All my prayers have gone unanswered when a promising movie deal lands me right back at his feet.
I wait for him to bring up that awful night, but he doesn’t. Instead, he offers me a proposal.
Be his fake girlfriend for six months, for his scandalous reasons, but for me, it’s my biggest opportunity. I’ve finally been thrown a lifeline.
So I dance with the devil, say yes.
It’s only business. I’ll never get lost in those dark, penetrating eyes. That mysterious smile. His heart-fluttering charm.
I won’t risk all I’ve got by falling for a notorious playboy.
Not when Gideon has the power to ruin my life.
But what happens when I fall anyway?

Fake Dating Romance Box Set

List of novels inside are:
Fake Ex-Wife – A Enemies to Lovers Romance
Fake Boyfriend – A Bully Romance
Fake Stepdad – An age-Gap Romance
Fake Reverse Harem – A Forbidden Office Romance
Fake Date: Grumpy Billionaire Stepdaddy – An Age-Gap Romance

All are standalones, contain no cheating and have happy-ever-after endings ♡
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Single-Dad & Nanny Accidental Pregnancy

When the career Vanessa had chosen kept hitting dead-ends,
She accepted a nanny job from her daddy’s billionaire boss,
Still untouched and V-card intact,
She figured all her hot and needy feelings for her dad’s boss were just a young girl’s crush,
One that was forbidden by her dad,
She didn’t expect to fall so fast and deep,
Nor to be pregnant with her boss’ baby.

Age-Gap Romance Novels Box Set

These books contain themes such as Enemies to Lovers, Age-Gap, Forbidden Romances, Rough Dominant Men and more …
The novels inside are:
Older Bully Next door – by Kathilee Riley
Daddy in Rome – by Izzie Vee
Off-limits Coach – by Izzie Vee

Grab your copy and get ready to be immersed in some topsy-turvy love-journeys with happy ever after endings.

Pregnant for Daddy’s Best-Man

Hank forbids one man from his untouched little angel, Hayley, his best friend, Levi, whom he’d invited to his wedding as his best-man.
Levi is Hayley’s biggest crush. Since she’s last seen him, her young body has matured a lot, and so too has her young crush grown into raw, dirty desire for him.
But Levi is a bad-boy biker not looking to settle down and too many years older than Hayley. Plus, he’d never betray his best friend.
However, the one man Hayley can’t get off her mind is Levi, and when he arrives for her dad’s wedding, his tall, muscular frame, inked with tattoos and piercings, he turns Hayley into a pool of wetness and need. She considers giving up her V-card for a one-night stand with her childhood crush but knows she can’t. He’s off-limits.
When Hank invites Levi to sleepover at his house till he returns from his honeymoon, Hayley and Levi can’t restrain themselves, and things get too hot and out of control.
Now that Hank’s honeymoon is over, they must end their fling, knowing that Hank absolutely forbids them from being together.
So how does Hayley handle Levi being gone and his baby growing inside her?