Blackmail with Susan

Charles Spence, a millionaire businessman, surges back into Susan’s life, despite the fact that their marriage is long over. Knowing that Susan’s design firm is about to fail, Charles offers to save her from financial disaster by awarding her the contract of a lifetime. Although he claims his proposition is without conditions, there is one: he wants Susan to provide him with a baby, not merely an interior designer to finish his luxurious house….

Meet J. William

Cursed Wolf

For a shifter……being stuck in wolf form is torture.

The moment I shifted; my life changed.

After witnessing a traumatic event at a young age, nine-year-old Forrest shifted into her wolf form – and was unable to shift back. Years later and suffering at the hands of her malicious step-brothers, she stubbornly clings to the hope that she’ll turn back into the girl she once was.

But when her magic returns at the moment she needs it most, Forrest is thrust back into the world of humans. There’s only one problem. Her pack is out to kill her.

Struggling to learn how to walk and talk again, Forrest finds herself on the run from the cold-blooded shifter council. But hidden deep within her human form lies a secret – a powerful magic that has the potential to set her free.

If only she can stay alive long enough to master it…

If you love high-octane Urban Fantasy with shifters, suspense, and one young woman fighting for her independence amid a dangerous patriarchal world, then you won’t want to miss Cursed Wolf. This thrilling novel strikes the perfect balance between humour, friendship, and slow-burn romance. Grab your copy now!

Written in British English.

Meet Brogan Thomas

Brogan lives in Ireland with her husband and their eleven furry children: five furry minions of darkness (aka the cats), four hellhounds (the dogs), and two traditional unicorns (fat, hairy Irish cobs).

In 2019 she decided to embrace her craziness by writing about the imaginary people that live in her head. Her first love is her husband then number-one favourite furry child Bob the cob, then reading. When not reading or writing, she can be found knee-deep in horse poo and fur while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.

“If this keeps up, I’m going to blow my brains out.”

It wasn’t until I actually said those words that I realized I’d hit rock bottom. I didn’t just say them. I meant them.

Think back to your school days. Do you remember the kid in the back of the classroom? That quiet one who was different from everyone else? Maybe he didn’t dress the same as most kids. Maybe he had a different haircut or liked different music. Perhaps he came from a poor family and his clothes were often dirty. You picked on him for being different. It was no big deal; everyone else did it. You giggled at him and called him names. You knocked his books off his desk and pretended it was an accident. You shot spit-wads at him. You excluded him from games at recess. It was funny to you, and that’s all that really mattered.

Remember that kid?

That was me.

Now, I’m about to relive my past in an attempt to understand why God, the God of peace and love, permits the cruel injustices of the world.

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Never Too Late

Natalie Jones, a drifter, arrives in yet another new town and must find work to survive. A job interview leads her straight to Brock Taylor’s Thoroughbred Racing Stable.

Although Brock is attracted to Natalie, engaging in romantic relationships with employees is a line he won’t cross.

Never Too Late explores the tumultuous relationship that develops between them, even as they try to resist their mutual attraction. Just when it appears that they have overcome all obstacles in their path, a tragic racing accident threatens to pull them apart. Will they discover that both love and fear must be confronted head on, or will their relationship be a non-starter?

The stakes are high in this romance steeped in the world of Thoroughbred horse racing.

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Gratitude: Increase Happiness with the Simple Act of Giving Thanks


Do you want to learn how gratitude can help you increase happiness, gain physical health, and build better relationships? Download this book now and start reading on your Kindle, iPad, eReader, Mac, PC, Android, or smartphone!

First, what is gratitude?

Gratitude is acceptance and appreciation for what we have and for those around us. It’s difficult to appreciate these things when the ego is in the way. Fortunately, there is a way to control your ego. The important thing is to ask the ego to stand aside to allow the conscious and subconscious to meet. Once they meet, it’s important to ask yourself what makes you truly happy, and make sure to be completely honest. Keep asking why you might feel a certain way and what you can do about it. You are becoming your own therapist and learning more about yourself.

This is what makes gratitude a powerful weapon: It teaches us to let go and to appreciate what’s around us. It is the impulse that leads us to the path of happiness, satisfaction, and true validation.

Many assume that gratitude is as simple as being polite and saying thank you. Your parents often tell you to say thank you when someone helps you or gives you something. Thanking people becomes so routine that we often view the action as just another everyday chore. There’s no meaningful, conscious feeling behind the words. To learn gratitude, we really must think about the steps that people take to help us and others.

Gratitude tends to help you live a happier life. People prefer to spend time with happy people rather than unhappy people. You are likely to attract more people to your life if you allow yourself the happiness of gratitude. You may even find yourself influencing other people and helping them live happier lives!

Gratitude increases feelings of well-being and optimism, makes us more agreeable, and can even better our physical health. They prove that these benefits of gratitude are not just made up by someone trying to hook you; the benefits are real and measurable.

In this book I’ll show you:

  • What is gratitude?
  • What is gratitude not?
  • The benefits of gratitude
  • The journey to gratitude
  • What you need to practice gratitude
  • How to practice gratitude
  • Techniques for beginners
  • Exercises for the workplace
  • How to teach children gratitude

Everyone is in pursuit of happiness. Sadly, many people believe that happiness can only be achieved by acquiring money and materialistic things. We are so focused on chasing after the superficial aspects of life that we neglect the people who truly care about us. However, through gratitude we are able to open our eyes to true happiness. Gratitude helps us let go and appreciate what we have and those around us.

Scroll up and click on the “Buy now” button and start learning how to practice gratitude!!



If you were to find yourself at the edge of a dying world with a lingering sense of reality, would you simply fade into the nothingness or would you fight for everything you hold dear? This assertive question is at the heart of the thought-provoking book Ubiety, for this book was designed to help people emerge into reality and find the truth whilst questioning both what could and should be.

Join Adam’s journey through the gruelling world of the unforgiving future, diving into the many mysteries which will uncover bittersweet secrets to see if he can save the fate of his daughter along with that of the world, using nothing but his boldness of character, the brilliance of one’s mind and a hint of madness. However, be aware, this journey will not be easy but remember that some of the greatest fortunes lie on the darkest paths.



She’s 1 of 12 reincarnated beings in her world, and she has no idea.

Amethyst, named after her birthstone, was born with the powers of Mother Nature. Oblivious to the full extent of her abilities, Amethyst rifles through the Devil’s Backbone and borrows the night as a jewel thief. She’s always snuck around in the dark because of her glowing eyes.

It was something she was forced to get used to, but when she meets the Black Flame for the first time, she discovers just what her powers are capable of, and together, they open a new portal of life—

or death.

Along the way, she discovers friendship, rivalry, and love. Everyone wants a piece of her—whether it be her limbs, her body, or her heart—but all Amethyst wants is to be left alone.


Want a sneak peak? Click the cover to view a sample from the Print Book Preview!



“AMETHYST was a piece that immediately captured my attention! I love the sweet, protective dynamic you have established between [the love interest] and Amethyst. It was well written, smooth, and intriguing. I already can’t wait to read more!

“Your creativity for this story is impressive! It is out of the box and kept me on my toes, waiting to see what was going to happen.”

“This is freaking brilliant!

“AMETHYST was engaging, fast-paced, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I was always eager to see what life had in store for our character. The humor was subtle and made for a nice contrast against the rough and tumble of your setting. You obviously have an entire world planned out, and I think it’s fascinating! Can’t wait to read what’s next!

“I’m hooked. You’ve got me wanting to keep reading more than anything!”


The Jewel Series includes:

  • Magic, Science Fiction, a Wholesome & Clean Romance, Action, Horror, a Dystopian Society, Thriller, Suspense, a Cozy Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural — and of course, Fantasy!


*Find out what it means to be the author’s grain of rice inside the book!