He’s Good Like That: God’s Way To Experience Freedom From Addiction

We all have life challenges that we want to overcome. The good new is there is hope. God cares about everything that concerns you. He’s Good Like That! shares a personal experience of God’s supernatural power while getting to know Him intimately. If you need divine intervention in your situation, this book is for you.

Meet Gloria Gibson

Gloria Gibson is a mother of two, Demetrius and Janelle, and she also raised her niece, Tammie. She was miraculously healed from drug addiction at a low point in her life. She wants others to know that God is the solution to their problem, and He wants to be intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.

God is mindful of you

God is mindful of you - ASIN B08CSR7DBC

A lot of people will struggle with their mental health because of recent developments around the globe. Some who profess faith in God may wonder, where is God in all of this mess? Why does God seem so distant when the storms of life rage? In this book, you will discover that no matter the challenges you face, God is mindful of you. Depression is already a major problem that many experience today. But God, who is mindful of His own, can touch the downcast in soul and restore them to wholeness. Expect the presence and truths of God to bring healing to your life as you read God is mindful of you.
Connecting with God when our connectivity seems to have gone awry can appear to be adding pressure to pressure. But here is a book that reminds us that God’s ability to connect with us never wavers.
Dr. Hugh Osgood, President, Churches in Communities

God is mindful of you gently walks readers through a practical understanding of how God holds and guides us in our deepest struggles… Thank you for the opportunity to read yet another powerful book!
Theresa Harvard Johnson, The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Centre, Atlanta

Although mental illness has received diverse attention at higher institutions of learning worldwide, it is concerning that this is rarely the case amongst Christians who are ever expected to walk and live by faith and all kinds of positive confessions. With this work, our brother has proved that the Lord is mighty to save a mind that is afflicted of the devil. From sharing his own instance, as well as expounding experiences of notable 5-Star Biblical characters, Tokunbo has given us all, sufferers and their families, the opportunity to be open, sincere and believe in a God that wipes away every tears.
Dr Ola-Kris Akinola, PhD., Pretoria, South Africa

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How I Found Out To Stop Being Myself,Live Life Without Worries


We are all on a journey that we call life. In this life we are given so many choices. Many of those choices go completely unnoticed because we don’t realize the power that we have within ourselves.

The power to create the life that you want and to live worry free is within you right now. You just have to learn how to tap into it.

In this book you are going to learn exactly that. You are going to learn how to raise the vibration of the heart in order to change not only your life but the lives of those around you. You will learn how to manifest anything that you desire so that you can finally be happy progress.

This book contains proven techniques that will help you to turn your life around starting right now. No longer do you have to suffer but instead, you can be prosperous, successful, filled with happiness, and free from anger.

If you are tired, stuck and don’t know what to do.

You need this book

This book is a place for you to start. A place for you to discover a new you so that you can start fulfilling your potential with the 5 steps I learned. I believed it will open up your awareness of the possibilities.

Here Is A Preview of The 5 Steps That You’ll Learn Too..

  • Understanding Yourself
  • The Inner Conversations
  • The Heart Math
  • How To Use It To Change Your Current Situation
  • The Power Of Imagination – To find out, use it and prove to yourself
  • And much much more
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Building Supernatural Success


Discover what is getting in the way of accomplishing your heart’s dreams and passions. Learn how to replace weak foundations or wrong thinking with supernatural strong foundations that will cause you to be successful in everything you do. These weak foundations come from flawed beliefs or even strongholds from the enemy that keep you from becoming all God wants you to be. Get my Book today and experience a freedom you never had to accomplish the impossible things of Heaven.

Have Supernatural Success In These Ways and More. . .

  • Achieve the desires and passions of your heart.
  • Become more successful in every area of your life.
  • Experience God’s presence all the time.
  • Walk freely with the Father and unleash all of Heaven’s resources.
  • Do the miracles of Jesus and even greater things.

Replace Weak Foundations That Hinder You

Before you can achieve your dreams and receive everything God wants to give you; you first need to replace any weak foundations or flawed beliefs in your life. If there seems to be something stopping you from being successful at everything you do, then you will want to get this book.

Discover in greater detail what these weak foundations are. Then find out how to remove every weak foundation in four easy steps. Finally, learn how to build supernatural strong foundations. Once these truths are applied, you will no longer be hindered by incorrect beliefs. Instead, you will be able do the impossible things of Heaven and achieve all your heart’s desires.