The Teleporter

What if there was a power like no other? What if one drunken slouch happened to stumble where nobody has stumbled before and discovered the ability to teleport! Just when you thought there were enough super hero stories in this world, we made another one… Kurt Wiseman is your average mid-twenties slouch with a serial thirst for alcohol, that is until destiny calls upon him to stumble where no man has clumsily stumbled before. By day he works for a familiar sounding, power hungry, media controlling, mega rich American businessman who represents everything wrong with society today. Whilst investigating this politically loaded story arc Kurt accidentally acquires a super power like no other. The ability to teleport! Before he can think about saving the day, Wiseman must endure a journey of self-reflection by earning the trust of his friends and overcoming his greatest weakness, booze. Even if the path is filled with comic book cliché, inappropriate one liners and genre busting fourth wall action. Not all heroes in this world are the same and with great power comes the possibility to go viral! This is a story that will unite humanity… Kurt Wiseman is the Teleporter!

Meet Lee Hall

Lee Hall is a Best Selling Indie Author from the UK. He has spent many years reading, writing, blogging and performing. The fruits of such are multiple indie published books crossing several genres and of course a loyal following. From occult thrillers with monsters, witches and vampires that eventually became known as the ‘Order of the Following Series’ to paranormal romance and even the tale of a drunken superhero looking for justice. All of his works carry a deeper meaning that tribute the events from real life, because all good fiction is rooted in some level of truth. Most days you can find Lee on Twitter trying to be witty and supporting fellow creatives.

The Penguin who found a magic box: A Picture book for kids about screen time, technology and balance

Hi, I am Pip the penguin and I found something truly MAGICAL today! It was hidden in my best friend Noah’s new home in Antarctica and It’s the MOST AMAZING thing I have ever seen! Wanna know what it is and what I did with it? Well, I won’t be spilling my secrets here – that would be silly. For that, you’ll have to come on the journey with me and read my book. I promise it’s worth it. So are you ready to join me and discover my SUPER DUPER AMAZING MAGIC BOX? GREAT! Then I’ll see you inside the book.

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) As for why the funny profile picture? It was drawn by the author’s daughter when she was just five years old. The little girl was so thrilled with her creation that her mama decided to keep it as her profile picture forever. It’s a small reminder of the joy and creativity that children can bring into our lives. For any information or feedback, she can be reached at [email protected]

Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected New York Adventure

In “Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected NY Adventure,” follow beloved author Jane Austen on a captivating journey through time. When three time travelers offer her a chance to find a cure for her illness in 2061, Jane eagerly accepts. Guided by these enigmatic companions, she explores the marvels of future New York City and even witnesses Halley’s Comet.

During all this, Jane finds herself drawn to Frederick, one of the time travelers, in a brief but impossible romance. Their connection inspires Jane, fueling her with newfound passion and determination to complete her final novel, “Persuasion.”

She draws upon her own experiences and emotions, infusing the pages of “Persuasion” with a depth and authenticity that would make it one of her most enduring works.

However, the constraints of time and destiny threaten to separate Jane and Frederick. They soon realize their love cannot defy the boundaries of time. Yet, the impact of their fleeting romance reverberates through Jane’s words, giving “Persuasion” a profound and heartfelt resonance that echoes through the ages.

In “Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected NY Adventure,” a tale of time travel, hope, healing, and the power of love unfolds, showcasing the indomitable spirit of Jane Austen. Join her on this strange journey, where love, inspiration, and literary brilliance intertwine, leaving an everlasting mark on her timeless legacy.

Meet Robin Robby

Allo, I’m a writer/filmmaker who loves readers and fellow writers. I’m that RARE author who writes stand-alone novels only, at least for now.

Maui’s Big Dream

Maui the chihuahua has a dream to compete in the dog show against bigger dogs. This delightful book takes you through his trials and determination to win. Destined to become a new childhood favorite.

Meet Catherine Sienna

Catherine Sienna, a multi-talented individual, can be described as an extraordinary author, nurse, loving mother, and doting grandmother. Growing up, Catherine discovered the power and wonder that books hold, allowing her to escape into countless captivating worlds. This love for literature has become one of her life’s greatest passions, a passion she eagerly shares with her children and grandchildren. With a compassionate heart and an unwavering commitment to helping others, Catherine pursued a career in nursing. Her calling led her to specialize in mental health, where she provides essential care to those in need. Through her tireless dedication, Catherine strives to bring healing and support to individuals who are often overlooked or misunderstood, promoting overall well-being and emotional resilience.

Skate Shovel Scoop: A Hockey Season with a Professional Ice Crew

Behind every professional ice hockey team, whether NHL, AHL, PWHL, or WHL, is an ice crew working to maintain the best ice surface conditions for the players and create a memorable fan experience. Want to know what a day in the life of an ice crew member looks like as they skate with the stars before they were stars? This makes a great Christmas or birthday present to your hockey-loving friends! Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan wondering what goes on at ice level or a hockey mom looking for ways your child can score job experience in a sport they are passionate about, look no further. Ringette and figure skaters, speed skaters and hockey coaches, skate instructors and referees, this could be for you too. If you’re a teenager, young adult, or retiree who skates well and is looking for a fun part-time seasonal job that will put your skills in the ice rink to good use, then apply to your local organization for the ice crew role! In this guide you will learn: When and where to look for auditions/tryouts to get hired How to be the ultimate ice crew team member Understand the complexities and challenges of the role and the aspects your employer may not explain to you Avoid common mistakes for those new to the role Tasks, tricks, and tips on how to excel in each position on the ice Diagrams of the formations ice crew skate (subject to change for each team & league) Training in additional behind-the-scenes roles you might participate in Fun facts about the job and so much more! Apply your knowledge and love for ice hockey to net a new income stream and earn money. Glide through the pages and experience the game of hockey through the behind-the-scenes lens of these unsung heroes as they cheer their team on to win the Stanley Cup or Calder Cup. If you are looking for a fun part-time job on evenings and weekends this winter season that will keep you in good physical shape and give you some extra cash, lace up those skates and pick up your copy today!

Meet Lorena Matzek

Lorena Matzek first developed her love for hockey while watching the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team bring home the gold medal as a kid. She played competitively throughout high school working her way up from defenseman to centerman, before stepping back as a player to pursue higher education. Her passion for hockey never ceased, and now she finds enjoyment in working for the team she cheers for and playing a small part in their success. She enjoys pursuing jobs that transform expenses into income streams, like watching hockey. When she’s not at the rink, you can find her working her day job, volunteering at her church, and traveling to a new destination.

Johnny’s Ridealong

Did you know that the average male bladder can hold approximately one pint of liquid? However, when it comes to an Irishman, his bladder tends to have a somewhat larger capacity. The bladder of a healthy Irishman can typically hold at least 750ml which is nearly one and a half pints. Yet, there are always exceptions to the norm. Every once in a while a man with an exceptionally large bladder emerges, and with some training and determination, he can accommodate a significantly greater volume than the average person. Famous, among other things, for his remarkable bladder capacity (it is well-known that before having to relieve himself he has, on occasion, imbibed up to four pints of lager), Johnny Two Kebabs shares his experiences in this fifth instalment of his memoirs. He sets forth in gritty detail how, during a “ridealong” with two police officers, they are suddenly called to investigate the murder of a prominent Conservative MP. It is in this gripping narrative that Johnny portrays how his “enhanced bladder capacity” plays a crucial role in foiling a daring assassination attempt orchestrated by the Cornish separatist group, the C.N.L.O.

Meet Johnny Two Kebabs

On 15th June 2011, an extraordinary event took place in Brixton, south London. On that day, an Irishman devoured two doner kebabs in a mere 1 minute and 59 seconds. What made this feat even more remarkable was the fact that he had already indulged in 13 pints of lager. His real achievement, however, has been his relentless pursuit of justice and now in his recently published memoirs, he describes his adventures for which he came to be known as the ‘Gunslinger of truth,’ the Lone Marshall of south London and ‘the conscious vigilante,’ However, today, the world has come to know him best as – Johnny Two Kebabs.

The Penguin who stopped a Fire

Hi, I am Pip, the Penguin and I stopped a dangerous forest fire today. How did I do such a brave thing? How did the fire start in the first place? Find out in this colorful book all about me.

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) For any information or feedback, she can be reached at clovebookskids@gmailcom

Little Pie wants to Fly

A Cute, Rhyming tale about overcoming limitations and the power of friendship. Pie, the adorable little penguin, dreams of soaring through the sky, but alas, his flippers aren’t exactly designed for flight. However, should he be disheartened by this fact? Absolutely not! Why, you ask? Well, because…. ” When we have good friends, anyone can fly.” This heartwarming tale is the perfect choice for parents and teachers looking for a fun read-aloud that teaches children about the importance of perseverance and the strength of friendship. With its relatable characters and catchy rhymes, children of all ages are sure to love this story about overcoming limitations and reaching for the stars. Read less

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) For any information or feedback, she can be reached at clovebookskids@gmailcom

The Echo’s Legacy

Do you believe in werewolves? I don’t, never did. A few years ago, I moved back into my childhood home after my mother’s passing. My life was peaceful until the killings started. When night falls, monster-sized footprints, horrifying screams, and strange shadows emerge, paralyzing this isolated resort town. Being new to the area, I am now considered a suspect. Now I must prove my innocence. Let me introduce myself, I am Thomas Donavan, and I didn’t believe in werewolves.

Meet Sandra Hennig

Sandra Hennig was raised in a military family and traveled extensively through out the world. She loves a good mystery and includes a bit of the paranormal in her stories. She lives in the southern woods with her husband and several rescue pets.

My Animal Crackers Keep Getting Away

Georgie loves his afternoon snack of animal crackers and make his imagination run free. When he leaves his room, the animal crackers escape and the mystery begins. He and his older brother go searching for his animal crackers and why they keep getting away. A children’s illustrated picture book, mystery, featuring shapes of animal crackers.

Meet Donald Swann II

Don is an island boy at heart, growing up on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, a former surfer and out doors man, its influence still runs deep in his core. Previously a banker, entrepreneur and coach, now taking aim at writing. Author of the well received novel “Black Monday (The White Powder Fund)” Don is currently working on the finishing touches of “Plight”, which is scheduled for a late summer release in 2015, while beginning his follow up to Black Monday. Taking aim at the world of authorship (if that is actually a word?). Ambitious enough to dare not be limited by genre, in an attempt to tell a compelling story, while taking on the challenge of tackling an entirely different audience in the effort of making adults want to turn the page.