The Penguin who saw a Ghost

Hi I am Pip, the Penguin, and I saw a ghost today! You don’t believe me? Neither did my friends, But Noah did. Who’s Noah? Well that’s another story. But in this one, we set out together to find the ghost. Did we find it? What happened then? Find out in this colorful book all about me.

Meet Cove Books

Formerly an animator, currently a full-time mother of a 5 year old who loves penguins.

Who Do

If you combined the clichés ‘be careful what you wish for,’ ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ and ‘give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile,’ the result may be the story you’re about to read. A fascinating tale, in the author’s humble opinion, with a very dysfunctional cast of characters.

Meet Hollister Belmont

The author aims to earn smiles from the readers.

Super Farty Pants!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? And what’s that smell? Amelia is just a regular kid. That is until a chance encounter with a very sassy Fairy Godmother that grants her super powers- super farty powers! Amelia begins her journey of self-discovery, and finds that by eating vegetables, she can propel herself through the air! She uses these newfound super powers to fight crime and save the day. A hilarious story full of farting and flying that children of all ages (and their parents) will love! A beautifully illustrated children’s book that is both perfect for reading to your little ones, but also great for those that can read themselves.

Meet Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen

Paul Wennersberg-løvholen is the founder of Paul’s Books and author of the very well- received childrens book, Super Farty Pants, alongside several other childrens books. He is a former filmmaker, and published horror writer, turned childrens author, following the birth of his own little monsters. Originally from Wales, he now lives in Norway, where he divides his time between his family, writing, and working with teenage refugees.

A Scribble Where it Shouldn’t

A Scribble Where it Shouldn’t, by Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen, is a 34-page-long children’s picture book about Luna, her parents, and two naughty scribbles. The artwork is mostly watercolor. As the book opens, it appears as if the parents are demanding and rigid, laying down a lot of laws and rules for the home. But as we look closer, we find they are loving parents with a great sense of humor. Luna isn’t exactly the most well-behaved child, just one most would think of as normal. One night she is filled with an artistic urge and decides to mark her bedroom wall with some crayons, just to liven things up a bit. But while she sleeps, things start to happen, and the scribble on the wall comes alive, and soon starts its own merrymaking. What will happen in the morning when everyone wakes up? This story is clever, cute, and sweet. It is written with the imagination of a child in mind, and that, I believe, is the biggest reason for its success. It is filled with humor and creativity that simply made me want more. It even pulls the reader in, with an invitation to count all the creative, newly-made works of art! I also appreciate the grace and patience of the parents as they deal with the aftermath of the artistic experience. A Scribble Where it Shouldn’t, by Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen, mixes humor, color, love, and the imagination of a child to whip up a magically wonderful tale for young readers.

Meet Paul Wennersberg-Løvholen

Paul Wennersberg-løvholen is the founder of Paul’s Books and author of the very well- received childrens book, Super Farty Pants, alongside several other childrens books. He is a former filmmaker, and published horror writer, turned childrens author, following the birth of his own little monsters. Originally from Wales, he now lives in Norway, where he divides his time between his family, writing, and working with teenage refugees.

Forgotten Erf

A British science fiction novel, with a hint (maybe more than a hint) of humour. Oliver is a would-be time traveller. He’s been working on a time machine in his garage for ages. He won’t tell his wife what he’s building, as he’s usually in enough trouble with her as it is. One of his experiments causes his next-door neighbour to disappear, in a bright green flash. One day, in an attempt to escape from his wife, he accidentally falls into his machine and ends up in a field. He thinks he’s travelled through time, but soon starts to realise that things are not quite as they seem.

Meet Layton Bushel

About Layton Bushel Layton was found under a tree in the middle of a golf course, on a desert island. He was picked up by a passing golfer, who quickly put him down again. Layton didn’t say what the golfer was passing. He eventually escaped from the island. Not an easy task, when it’s chasing you. Being able to swim would’ve helped. Fortunately, islands can’t swim either. I don’t believe Layton, as the island doesn’t actually have a golf course. About the author As you’ve probably guessed by now, ‘Layton Bushel’ isn’t my real name. I wanted an unusual pen name, and didn’t want my real name on the cover, as there are a lot of others with the same name as me, especially in Scotland. My real name is Alastair Warren (yes, I’m English). I’m a retired former engineer. I’ve worked in railway signalling, at an MOD site, at a satellite ground station, a cheese factory and a helmet factory (not all at the same time). Writing books is new to me. I’ve only written one book so far, called ‘Forgotten Erf’. It’s a rather daft Sci-Fi novel. It’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Friends and relatives seem to like it. (The book, I mean. What were you thinking of? I didn’t even mention rice pudding.) Influences include Douglas Adams, Doctor Who, the Goons, Monty Python and the Goodies (not that Doctor Who is particularly funny). The book wasn’t written to make lots of money. However, if it makes just a few people happy, then it’s been worth writing. If you buy or download it, I hope you enjoy it.


Tyler’s band taking a break for the next year and a half had more in store for him than producing a new album. Who would have thought the girl he met rocked the stage just like him? The only difference was; he was a guitar God, she was an exotic dancer.

Meet Sanne Geerts

Sanne loves to write romance as much as she loves her work as a medical secretary. To her, music is a form of living, which translates to her books and the loud car karaoke. Originally, Sanne is from Belgium. She lives in a small village surrounded by her Belgian and Italian family.

The Funniest Dad Jokes ever

Welcome to Dad Jokes: Volume 1 A place where the penny regularly drops followed by a light-hearted shake of the head and an accompanying chuckle. They say laughter is the best form of medicine so why not treat yourself, a love one, a friend or someone who just needs some cheering up to this delightful compendium of the ‘Daddiest’ jokes you can find.

Meet Storyology

From Russia With Chilli And Garlic Sauce

Who is Johnny Two Kebabs? There has been much speculation in recent years as to whether Johnny Two Kebabs really exists. Is it true that on 15th June 2011 after drinking 13 pints of lager he polished off two doner kebabs in 1 minute 59 seconds? Is Johnny Two Kebabs just an urban legend? Is the song that was written about him and for which the video appears on the internet just in the tradition of Irish blarney and storytelling? Is it a type of celtic mythology about larger than life figures? Were the comics which mysteriously appeared on the internet in 2020 fake news? Now, at last, in his own words, Johnny Two Kebabs comes clean and in this volume he recounts how he foiled a Russian assassination in the UK. Johnny writes candidly about his experiences in the high stakes world of international intrigue and seduction. He pulls no punches in this exposé of London’s dark underworld with its assassins, Irish pubs, kebab shops and cans of super-strength lager or as Johnny likes to call it “The golden nectar that makes life worth living”.

Meet Johnny Two Kebabs

Like top athletes and artists Johnny developed certain approaches to his chosen fields of expertise, often he has described to me the “state of flow” he experiences when he achieves a particular goal. The most famous example, of course, is when he ate two done kebabs in less than two minutes (after already having downed thirteen pints of lager) but this is not Johnny’s sole achievement. Today he is as much known for his achievements as a “conscious-vigilante” as for his record-breaking achievement in Achmed’s kebab shop. In his memoirs we learn not only how Johnny operates behind the scenes in his fight against evil but also about his ‘philosophy’ and the ‘ethical’ code by which he lives. We are reminded that Johnny is one of the great ‘thinkers’ of our times and that the philospophy which he espouses transcends the limits of time being applicable to all in all eras.

Beast Be Gone

Creatures in your basement? Undead spooking your castle? Infestation of goblins? Beast Be Gone will clear out those pesky pests and save your health and business – (no dragons)

Adventurers rampage across the land, stealing everything from bread rolls to ancient heirlooms, slaughtering countless innocent monsters in their hunt for glory.

Eric, the owner of Beast Be Gone pest control, knows that most creatures can be removed with a bit of repellent, however the adventurers want to do things the flashy way; blowing up half of the dungeon with fireballs in the process.

With no work left, Eric is broke and desperate. That is until a young woman equipped with mechanical gadgets becomes his apprentice. Together they uncover the mystery of a diabolical plot that answers the timeless questions about adventuring…

Why are there so many Chosen Ones? Are goblins inherently evil or are they just misunderstood? Why do all the shopkeepers say they have the best swords in the land? What are the socio-economic implications of all these sword merchants?

Somebody wants a world full of adventurers, but why…?

Terry Pratchett meets Ghostbusters in an RPG world.

Beast Be Gone is a new fantasy comedy novel, which explores the stories of the underdogs of fantasy tales, sometimes known as NPC’s. They’re normal folk just wanting to go to the shops without getting stabbed by a sneaky guy in a cape who got bored of hunting goblins.

A must-read for anyone who loves Dungeons & Dragons, RPG’s and online games (although you’ll never be able to play them again without feeling bad for the men who have to clear up the mess you left behind in dungeons).

Suitable for adults, YA and teens. Available in hardcover (hardback), kindle, ebook and paperback. First published August 2021.

Meet A L Billington

Who is A L Billington? Some say he is just a myth, a phantom, a whisper on the lips of a kindly gentleman. Or maybe he’s just some bloke with access to a word processor and too much time on his hands. Who calls them word processors these days anyway? Turns out A L Billington is old enough to use the term ‘word processor’, yet only ironically, which should tell you exactly how old he is. He’s also the one writing this bit, so it’s very strange that it’s in the third person.

In case you were wondering, the ‘A’ stands for Arthur, and the ‘L’ stands for a secret that he’ll never tell you unless you get him drunk at an awkward party.

Anyway, you all have access to your own word processors, so you can look him up using the magic of the internet. He’s the cheeky chap who set up ‘Billington Publishing’ (in case you hadn’t made that connection based on the narcissistic naming)

The Conjuring of Zoth-Avarex: The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Dragon in the Multiverse

Kept hidden by the United States government for decades, the Site is a place where magic is real. But that doesn’t mean that everything happening there is sparkly. Soul-sucking policies and layers of stifling bureaucracy threaten to take all the fun out of magic.

Harris, a newbie Conjurer, starts his first day of work at the Site bursting with excitement: he’s been brought on for an extremely big project happening the very next day. In a triumph over its habitual inefficiency, the Site manages to carry out its plan and conjure an actual dragon to be used by the military.

The dragon (Zoth-Avarex, the self-proclaimed greatest dragon in the multiverse) immediately eats the person next to him, snatches a “princess” from the ranks of the Conjuring Department, and flies away to the Space Needle. There he manipulates the media, outwits the Site’s bumbling management, demands sixty-three billion dollars’ worth of treasure (because Smaug was said to have had sixty-two billion in his hoard), threatens to destroy the city–and installs a couple of food trucks.

While this book skewers the same fantasy genre it gleefully inhabits, it also pokes fun at corporate culture, today’s obsession with wealth and celebrity, and our denial that life is anything more than meets the eye. Hapless Harris, believing in magic all along, learns to apply what he’s picked up between the pages of fantasy literature.

Meet K.R.R. Lockhaven

K.R.R. (Kyle Robert Redundant) Lockhaven writes humorous, fun fantasy books with a pinch of social satire.
He lives with his wife and two sons. Together they conjured a bearded dragon who rules over a hoard of sand and devours crickets by the dozens.
When not writing or raising kids, he works as a firefighter/paramedic.