How to Bet Like A Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Sports Betting

You never thought that following your favorite sports could one day become the key to living the life of a millionaire.

However, it can, and has been done—and those who play a winning deck follow a remarkably simple yet surprisingly strategic and definable plan for success.

Imagine making $30 million dollars—not from setting up a business, or working out the complex workings of the stock market—but rather, from betting on sports.

Or turning a $50,000 bankroll into $4 million in a matter of days.

All this has been achieved by The Sports Betting Whale—a man who to this day invests monthly on his top picks, relying on a parlay and round-robin approach that you can easily adopt.

The achievements of his buddy, The Sports Betting Champ, are equally impressive. This maverick wrote The Exterminator Betting System—the best-selling sports betting system of all time.

This book is an autobiography and catalog of some of The Sports Betting Whale’s biggest wins, as well as a thorough playbook of The Sports Betting Champ’s winning strategies—which you can harness to achieve stellar success. Get ready to fatten your bank account by discovering:

  • How to make big bucks using round-robin bets – a strategy where you make multiple parlays in a group of wagers
  • How to think like a sophisticated sports bettor, identify crucial patterns, and use public information to obtain a desired edge
  • How to follow The Whale’s picks, without paying a single cent!
  • The Whale’s “Acceleration” bankroll multiplier system – how you can multiply your money exponentially in a matter of days
  • 18 successful sports betting systems – predicting success based on factors such as home revenge, key injuries, and hot and cold streaks
  • How to master bankroll management, including what percentage to spend on straight bets and on round robins
  • 4 in-game betting strategies that offer an incredible opportunity for making profits
  • How to minimize the noise in sports betting, choose quality over quantity, and counter excessive optimism in sports handicapping
  • The Champ’s guide to handicapping sporting events, and how unconventional wisdom can give you an edge
  • The Pythagorean Betting System – access meaningful, relevant game-changing factors that neither the sportsbooks nor other bettors take into account!
  • Strategies to achieve your betting goals, including 3 powerful expert opinion methodologies, the “Perpetual Beta” approach to sports handicapping, and more

And so much more.

A smart bettor relies on so much more than luck.

They leverage tried-and-tested strategies that work together to improve their predictive skills and minimize noise.

Put the odds in your favor by making the right moves, guided by the sports betting tactics that have been proven to win time and again.

Places Reversed

Fast approaching the event horizon of a catastrophic debt, Freddie Lyons has his former clients – Russian money launderers; his ex-wife; and a trail of other creditors on his tail. He needs to keep one step ahead of the pursuing mob, until he and Birkett Coward, the racehorse trainer, and his former boss, can land the bet of a lifetime. When that fails, out of time, and out of money, only by pulling off an audacious gamble might they save their skins. But as the world closes in on Freddie, even he begins to think that it’s beyond them.

Meet Robert Braithwaite

Robert Braithwaite has been closely involved with horse racing since he was a teenager, when he began riding work for local trainers before the school day started. Reading law, before embarking on a business career, he spent most of his undergraduate years on the gallops at Newmarket. He has since worked as assistant to leading trainers in France and England. His time is split between Suffolk and Normandy where he continues to consult to clients as a bloodstock advisor and syndicate manager, alongside his work as an author.