Other Lost Souls

There’s little Baen Balcrome fears more than being powerless.   As the youngest son of five, Baen has always known he has no shot at the trickle-down blood magic that runs in his family. Even before the magic went dormant, rendering them all but useless to the organization that owns their contract.   When their allocated Healer turns up with an unexpected offer to teach him how to unlock those hidden abilities, it’s surely too good to be true. He knows he can’t trust her. She might be a little old lady, but she’s mean and vindictive, and has always blamed him for his family’s downfall.   Baen already has enough on his plate: ghosts, a brother who wants him dead, AP Calculus, and Eli, the annoying kid next door who won’t stop following him around.   Yet that promise of power is so alluring, he might just have to say yes.

Meet Lindie Dagenhart

Lindie Dagenhart is a fantasy author and dabbler of many things. Occasional artist, occasional game developer, occasional DM, occasional 3d modeler. But above all things, she’s always wanted to be a writer. She’s always been fascinated by fantasy and horror as genres, having a great love for magic systems and monsters that eat people, and this really shows in her work. She lives on the sunny coast of South Africa with her two cats who don’t appreciate all this typing business cutting into their cuddle time.

The Blue Hour: flash fiction

Somewhere between night and day is THE BLUE HOUR. This collection of flash fiction stories (each under 600 words) runs off kilter. Take a walk through an abandoned house. Find a face watching those inside through a snowy window. Mourners become obsessed. People change forms. Ghosts and shadows rule. Houses hold their own, murder may happen and abduction is the norm.

Meet Jan Darrow

Having grown up in the rural Midwest, Jan connected to the natural world at an early age and finds abandoned places utterly beautiful. She has been published online and in print and has recently had a flash fiction piece nominated for Sundress Publications Best of the Net 2023. Jan has three collections of poetry and one collection of flash fiction available on Amazon.

Visited by Dreamscape

Quiet atmospheric horror short stories and dark poetry inspired by Gothic literature.

Meet Louise Worthington

Louise writes horror and psychological thrillers. She is the author of six novels. Many of her novels explore motherhood, mental health disorders, revenge and family. Her tales are imbued with strong emotional themes and atmospheric settings. Her latest novel is Doctor Glass, and her poetry and shorts are brought together in the collection Stained Glass Lives and Visited by Dreamscape. She has a degree in literature and a postgraduate diploma in psychology. Louise lives on a farm in Shropshire, in the UK. https://linktr.ee/louiseworthington

Joshua’s Legacy: A Paranormal Romance

A tale that enforces the belief that true love never dies. When Josh Sterling’s great-grandfather leaves him a huge old Victorian house in rural Wisconsin, Josh has only one thought in mind. Fix up the old place and sell it as quickly as possible so he can return to his real life in Michigan. One of the requirements of his great-grandpa’s will is that he hires A.J. James and crew to do the needed repairs on the house. That’s fine with Josh until he discovers A.J. is really Annie James, a cute little coverall-wearing gal who may not look it but knows her construction business. At first, Josh is hesitant about hiring her, but since he doesn’t feel he has any choice because of his great-grandfather’s directive, he accepts her estimate. His main focus is just to get the work done as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take long before Josh realizes there is a definite spark between him and Annie, but they both seem determined to ignore the attraction. Then strange romantic notes begin appearing in various spots in the house, and once Josh starts hearing strange noises at night, he begins to wonder if there’s more going on in the house than what he thinks. The more Josh and Annie start digging into the house’s history, the more they are drawn into the past and to each other. What about Josh’s vow to sell the house as soon as he gets it fixed up? And what secrets is the house hiding, and will Josh and Annie be able to discover what they are? If they do, what will it mean for their growing friendship?

Meet C.M. Morgan

C. M. Morgan is the pseudonym of an author popular in another genre. His stories are paranormal romances–without all the gratuitous sex scenes found in so many others. Just good, clean, and enjoyable reading!

A Bend in Time & Pamasaw’s Song: Two Clean Paranormal Romances

Two Clean Paranormal Romances: A Bend in Time: Jenny McKenzie is a mystery to her entire village. The elderly woman is loved by all who know her, but nobody seems to know much about her. Her young friend, Kathleen, finally hears the whole story of who Jenny is and what she has lived. The question is, will Kathleen believe her story? Pamasaw’s Song: Amy is a young widow, trying to get over the loss of her husband. Then the appearance of a strange-looking man in her backyard sends her on a journey to find who he is. In the process, will she find out who she is meant to be, and lead her to a new love?

Meet C.M. Morgan

C. M. Morgan is the pseudonym of an author popular in another genre. His stories are paranormal romances–without all the gratuitous sex scenes found in so many others. Just good, clean enjoyable reading!

Scary Short Stories To Scare Your Friends & Family


Scary Short Stories: To Scare Your Friends & Family!

A Teeth Rattling, hide under your pillow, keep the lights on and look under your bed experience for the whole family.

Look what awaits you inside if you dare….

Three terrifying tales of pure horror come together to give you and your friends & family a fright like no other in this collection of scary short stories.

Chapter 1

    Don’t go in the Basement
    A Christmas trip leads young Harry to investigate his Father’s workspace in the basement…. A place he dares not enter will uncover a chilling secret.

Chapter 2

    Beyond the Roses
    Newlyweds Marnie and Derek stumble on a home in the forest, complete with a beautiful garden, gorgeous spacious rooms… and a deadly past.

Chapter 3

    Back Cracker
    Gerard works the nightshift at the local warehouse. He wishes his job was not so boring until something odd happens, something he can’t explain, something not of this world makes contact… Gerard should be careful what he wishes for.

Delve in and feel that shiver down your spine. After all, what have you got to lose… but your mind?

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