The Cosmic Playbook for Writers: Daily Affirmations And Mindfulness For Authors (Bargain Book)

The Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist

“As a writer herself, P. K. Davies shows a real sympathy and understanding of writers’ unique emotional needs and her book is wonderful.”

Sarah Scheele, author of Facets of Fantasy

A fresh and fun gift for writers and authors, the Cosmic Playbook for Writers is a daily motivational tool.

It will show you how to get inspired for writing and support you as you bring your hard work into the world!

This little book will help you spark the incredible creative inspiration ideas that lie within, just waiting to be unleashed.

Refocus, recharge and get back on track! Enjoy soothing mini meditations, daily creative inspiration, magical intentions, positive affirmations and an abundance meditation – specifically created for your writing journey!

A taste of what we cover:

·      How to silence the inner critic without sacrificing writing quality

·      How to deal with negative reviews

·      How to master distractions and overwhelm

·      How to clarify your position through contradictory advice on ways to share your work, and maintain harmony

·      How to fall naturally into a success mindset, regardless of sales

How you’ll benefit from The Cosmic Playbook for Writers:

·      Face your fears and writing challenges head-on and overcome them!

·      Reboot a positive creative mindset again and again, and get right back onto your writing path.

·      Do what you do best – CREATE powerful content and share your work with those who want to hear what you have to say!

By the end of this book, you’ll discover where you get tripped up, how to tweak your writing habits and how to keep your vision strong. You’ll bounce back stronger than ever before!

…Join me on the incredible writer’s journey through the highs and lows of the full creative process.

We will celebrate each stage of the writing journey together and take heart during the challenging times. 

Are you ready to let your creative spark thrive?

Then let’s begin…   :)

Meet PK Davies

PK Davies is a writer, voice artist and manifesting coach.