Doomsday for the Disco Goblin

When an unexpected school trip takes an unscheduled detour, Angelica finds herself in a hidden world buried deep beneath the streets of London. Here she will face terrifying dangers and encounter many bizarre and nightmarish creatures. However, none could be stranger than Plopbottle, a tiny goblin who dreams about escaping to the surface whilst enjoying his secret collection of topsider dance movies and disco memorabilia.

With her unlikely ally, Angelica will have to take on a ruthless Underkingdom boss and try to stop a colossal machine, which threatens to engulf the world in a planet-wide conflict. But will she ever get used to her little friend’s taste in music?


Meet Jonathan Culverhouse

Hi, I live in rural Wiltshire, not far from Stonehenge. During the pandemic I reworked an earlier version of Doomsday for the Disco Goblin and then published it along with two further books in the Underkingdom series.
As well as writing, I also enjoy knitting and knitting design. I have recently uploaded a free Disco Goblin pattern on the Ravelry website to go with book one. Further fun free patterns are planned.

Teddy Lancaster and the Eye of Naroshi

Deep inside every dream lies a door. It waits to be opened, but most never see it.

A world exists inside the minds of all who are aware. Chances are you’ve been there before, but surely you don’t remember.

For dreams are designed to be forgotten in the morning, and you have a real life to live.

The funny thing about real life though is that sometimes the assumed trivial and discarded things can hold the most fantastic opportunities.

The Academy of Zarmore only accepts students with this type of discernment. Follow Teddy Lancaster on his journey to the land outside of time, and discover ‘that which is unseen’.

Meet Johnny Rapp

Johnny Rapp was born and raised in California. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran, has been traveling off and on nomadically since 2015, and is fluent in Spanish.