Imen of Atlantis: Bitten

Greed consumes everything. Roni has an unusual responsibility: answering distress calls from travelers in the forest above the mythical land where she lives. She’s answered countless of these, but the one today changes her life in ways she never realized. As she tends and heals his wounds, she does something she promised she’d never do, something forbidden. Captivated by the stranger, she searches through his memories. As she flips through them, she begins to become enthralled by the above world. When she realizes who the stranger is, Roni knows if she continues delving into his memories it could mean banishment if it doesn’t already. She had no idea the changes in her life that will now occur. Meanwhile, something lurks behind the trees, an ogre bent on gold, something Roni’s abilities can produce. It’s one more threat Roni doesn’t need right now, and something that could ruin everything.

Meet Tony D’Urso

#2 on Amazon’s Bestseller List. (100% of the royalties also go to the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa [The Lion Whisperer]. Further details are listed on the back book cover and inside the book. Tony’s fiction series: Imen of Atlantis*, with co-author S.K.R., is a massive saga released in Fall 2020. The first book, “Bitten” begins the journey in the northeast quadrant of the land once known as Atlantis. (*Originally test marketed as “Good, Bad & Gold,” the series was completed and issued as “Imen of Atlantis.”) Tony started his podcasting career in Fall 2015, appealing to entrepreneurs, small business owners and C-level executives. “The Tony DUrso Show” is the #1 talk show on VoiceAmerica. Episodes can also be found at With downloads quickly sprinting to 10 million as of Fall 2020, Tony’s shows have syndicated on Roku, Amazon Alexa & 14 AM/FM U.S. Radio Stations. Tony helps millions of entrepreneurs learn from the success of others. He teaches The Vision Map™, the testament to his success. Academically, Tony graduated summa cum laude (4.0 GPA) from La Verne University with a degree in Business Administration.

Pieces & Stems

Lena Marshall’s history of abuse and abject poverty made her a likely person to become a highly regarded elementary school teacher, nurturing the eager minds of the young. Unable to gain protective care for an abused seven-year-old student, Lena kidnaps the tormented child, unaware the child has developed a multiple personality. Ten years later when Lena is stricken with a fatal illness, she leaves behind a diary to provide clues to help the child. The dead woman’s diary reveals a portrait of America that will keep you riveted to your seat.

Meet Jan Elton

It sounded like the raggamuffin looked like a ball of dirt. She shrank away every time the social worker tried to approach her. A life of terror had made her become unresponsive. The social worker wanted to avoid the proposed electric shock treatment. This is what I heard the social worker say on a Saturday television show. He described the need for funding mental health care for children. I didn’t know the proposed treatment was used on children, and I heard that adults who had it were often permanently damaged. I became obsessed with concern for this child. I wrote several leading magazines asking them to have more articles about abused children and the need for psychiatric care and funding. I never got a response. One year passed and every day I worried (obsessed) about this child and I daydreamed that I had saved her and made her healthy. I then decided that I could create more understanding of her predicament if I brought her to life and told her story. So, sit down, have a cup of coffee and meet “Catherine.”