Deal with Cupid

Sisters. Inspirations. Legends. Meet… The Muses.
In between juggling their own dramas and romances, the nine sisters are paid to motivate souls and reignite passions. But never before have they faced a job like this. Hedone, The Goddess of Pleasure, hires the sisters to save the marriage of her parents, Eros and Psyche. Yet one misstep could provoke the wrath of Aphrodite.
Join the Muses as they figure out how to clean up Cupid’s mess without causing one of their own!
The first book has a cliffhanger ending and the entire series is intended for readers age 18+.

Meet L. W. Lowe

As a kid, she consumed all kinds of sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal entertainment from books to movies. Then she was gifted a dog-eared copy of The Return of Rafe Mackade, and romance had a new superfan. She currently lives in central Ohio with her husband, wrangling five kids, a cowardly guard dog, and a cat named Fluffy Evil. She wishes Eureka’s Global Dynamics was real, thinks Red Dwarf deserves all the fancy-schmancy awards provided they’re presented at a wine bar, and prefers her coffee with hot chocolate bombs.

Feathers In Her Hands, Olympian Hearts I


The gods have touched you. Did you know?
–Madame Fate

Well, if that were true, then Psyche was of the opinion the Gods needed to learn to keep their hands to themselves…

All she wants is to finish her doctorate studies in Ancient History and score an Assistant Professorship at the University of Seattle, but when her friend Izzy begs her to pose for some photographs, and the media dubs her The New Aphrodite, Psyche’s life spirals out of control.

Between ominous prophecies, viral photographs, crazed fans, and the wrath of a goddess, Psyche Kostas has her hands full. Can a mysterious, sexy bodyguard on a Harley help her escape the madness her life has become?

Roped into Aphrodite’s petty revenge scheme, Eros wants nothing more than to finish the job and move on, but when a strange electrical spark transforms an apathetic god who’d given up on love, into the Son of War, Eros’s life is given new meaning.

Between betraying his mother, past debts, a town that hates him, and his own personal demons, Eros Aresson has a lot to answer for. Can one mesmerizing woman help him redefine everything he’s ever believed about love, immortality, and fate?

Will love be enough to overcome the darkness in their path or will it carry them into the depths of Hades itself?


The gods are alive and well, living in the Olympic National Park. Humans, magickal creatures and immortal Olympians live side by side in a tiny town at the base of Mount Storm King, where curses hamper true love and no one is what they seem.