Are you tired of self help books that are all fluff and no content?

Ones that are just a collection of happy smoke, snappy aphorisms or trite clichés, the kind that help you rename and ultimately keep your problems? Me too! 

There is no B.S. and no happy smoke here, this book is filled with solid, peer-reviewed neuroscience and positive psychology to teach you how your brain works and how to train it to be happy every day, regardless of your circumstances. 

This book will teach you to:
Create happiness that lasts regardless of your circumstances

Get unstuck instantly by rewriting your story 

Give the gift of lifelong happiness to your spouse and children

Implement 4 easy habits to consistently create the optimum neurochemical environment in the brain for happiness

How did I discover all this? 

After the sudden and unexpected death of my Mom I was plunged into two years of suffering, depression and grief. I realized it was one bad story about the day my Mom died that was hijacking my life and keeping me from happiness. 

With that realization I set out on a two-year deep dive into the science and habits of happiness ultimately discovering the not often talked about, key to happiness that lasts:

Rewriting Your Stories
You have stories that control nearly everything you do in life; your work, your fitness, your parenting, your success and your relationships. In most cases, you have never taken the time to write them down, read them or ask if they are taking you where you want to go. This book will give you the tools to rewrite your stories, point where you want to go and finally start living the life of your dreams. 

Change your story, change your life – it really is that simple!




Meet Rich Curtis

Rich Curtis is and always has been a guide. He spent over a decade as a raft and backpacking guide in the mountains of California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. He has been an adventurer for over three decades and an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, guiding people through the biggest financial decision of their lives for almost two decades. As a certified life and success coach, Rich guides, coaches, writes and speaks to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, adventurers and go getters rewrite their stories, get unstuck and live their dreams. By uncovering the stories that both guide your life and hold you back, Rich can quickly and efficiently get you unstuck and ready to take on life on your own terms again. As a passionate student of neuroscience, positive psychology and behavioral psychology, Rich believes in a world where people are invested in the process of being better tomorrow than they are today. His life’s work, including this book, is to help them get there. Outside of work Rich is a dedicated father of two, husband, traveler and outdoor adventurer.


When Clare surrenders the spare-room in her Dublin apartment to Bunker, an online marketplace for lodgings and homestays, she doesn’t think much of the fleeting guests that come to stay. In fact, she does her best to avoid them. 

Struggling to finish her sophomore novel, and lumbering through life in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy, Clare has lost her way. 

But when Zoe, a mysterious and magnetic young woman from Belfast, checks in, Clare can’t help her curiosity, and it’s this unexpected encounter that will lead her on an extraordinary night around The Fair City – a night that will change Clare’s life forever. 

THE THING ABOUT SPACE is a striking story about love, loss and friendship, and all the space in-between. Composed entirely in lockdown during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the novella is the debut release from Shaun Powell, an Irish writer who has previously garnered close to ONE MILLION READS online with his earlier work. 

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The Children Of None. Read the power of simple words!

The Children of None is a collection of 43 poems, each poem is written with a unique style and candor. Several poems within the collection stand out as inspirational, heartfelt, and rich in language. The author does an exceptional job of creating unique poems, on themes such as social justice, love of family, culture in Nigeria, and how the process of creating a poem. Each poem exhibits a fresh new perspective, enchanting rhyme, and language that beckons the reader to read the poems again and again. —Katina Woodruff Borgersen, United States of America

This poem collection is absolutely a breath of fresh air! It speaks life into the souls of the hibernating. Mr. Steve Anc’s style of poetry is definitely an awakening experience. The distinguished poet penned in his poem, Children of None, “Cause tomorrow is for the seers’ astrologers said. Do not use the lens of now to measure our capabilities.” This rings true for poet Steve Anc, as his words man-ship will in time become airborne; the fresh air needed for many readers to come. —Kela Calvin. Author and a poet, United States of America, Author

I have read most of the poems in this book and I’m a fan of them all. I must say that
“A poem to my momma” and “The power of simple words” were my favorite. The woman is the only being that can reproduce and I enjoyed reading how he appreciated his mother for that. Also sometimes we forget the significance of the simple things in life and including some small words because they can make a big difference. He did a great job at delivering ‘the power of simple words.’ Great poet! —Andrea Priest-Atkins, a poet, United States of America

Steve’s work just gets better and better. This collection of fine work is packed full of some of his finest pieces including ‘I am Alive’, ‘Chim Ama Nda’ and ‘Mask of Life’. The set starts off strongly with ‘What is Justice’ and very rightly so, this piece sets the bar incredibly high leading the reader into a sense of emotional comfort from the soul. Throughout the collection, Steve draws on Shakespearean influences and uses his talents as a writer to the best of his ability. In fact, I do believe this area of poetry is his strongest when not drawing inspiration from his own life and culture in all it’s technicolour. Steve shows he is one of the finest writers of poetry in the world right at this very moment and encourages us all to dive into the very pits of our stomachs whilst reading his work, knowing we are only more complete for doing so–Tyler Heart, a poet, United Kingdom

I enjoyed reading this collection of poems. The different topics held my attention well. Great book! —Sergeant Ronnie Atkins. United States of America

Powerful poems with deep meaning that touches the heart and soul. Steve is a true poet and talented artist.– Jason Ng, Canada

“Do not use the lens of now to measure our capabilities – As the wind of morning blows wherever it wishes – We will stand in this porch to control our – Cause the wind will blow out of the dusty night – Not minding the Astrologer’s prediction”.
Amazing collection from Steve. Poems such as “The Power of Simple Words, We sipped Courage, Children of None and several others in this collection have shown how talented the Writer is in weaving words to create a nourishing effect for the mind. —Tobi Delly, Nigeria.

Loved your collection of poetry. For me it was an experience of sensing so many emotions all at once. I particularly loved the poem ” Poem to my momma and your momma”. The lines ” My days I count as a Naira note Always wanting to make you proud” touched my heart.–Smriti verma, India

If you have read the first, second and third poem in this book, don’t think that you have started, just say I am about to start, because the case opens the bracket…Steve Anc

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While this novel tells the story of the recently widowed Dee Heller, who is now teaching a griefwriting course in the New York City college from which she has recently retired, its central character is really thematic: the idea of grief. It is this which brings together a diverse group of students who seek healing after traumatic loss. They accomplish this – and much more – through therapeutic writing and interactions with one another in the classroom. Exploring the past and, in many instances, acknowledging their mistakes, they gain the self-knowledge and courage necessary to move beyond guilt and despair in order to reclaim their lives after profound loss.

Dee’s students are an eclectic group. The oldest is Dee’s former colleague, a renowned professor against whom she has held a grudge for many years; the youngest, an inner-city teenager whose brother was killed by the police. Despite their diversity, which often divides them, as seen in their heated arguments about racial profiling, affirmative action, and sexual abuse in the military – topics recently debated in the press, Congress, and the Supreme Court – their experience of grief draws them together in unexpected ways.

Against all odds, Dee finds herself attracted to a man she has long despised, believing that he attempted to undermine her efforts to get tenure many years earlier, and a relationship loosely following the narrative arc of Elizabeth Bennet’s romance with Darcy in Pride and Prejudice evolves. There is the possibility of yet another unlikely romantic attachment when the selfless caregiver of three husbands admits she is not the saint she appears to be and learns that a fellow student, who abandoned his demented wife to move in with another woman, is not the scoundrel she has taken him for. Different kinds of bonds, including mentoring, are forged, and still others salvaged, most notably between a young couple whose marriage is disintegrating in the wake of their young daughter’s drowning death.

The story of these griefwriters attests to the resilience of the human spirit. With its universal themes, the book holds appeal for anyone who has ever been a caregiver or lost a loved one, but it is also of interest to readers of academic novels, fans of Jane Austen, anyone following the current debates about social issues in America, and all those who appreciate well-written prose.

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Carved Heart In Trunk

Dr. Karl Demmans is a chemist, a musician, an academic author, and a poet with a fascination in syllabic verses. His musical journey began in Sarnia, Ontario at a very young age wherein he studied music theory under the guidelines of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Over the following decade he has demonstrated an aptitude towards musical composition on guitar as well as lyrical rearrangements through his dedication to journal keeping. In 2018 he completed a doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Toronto, which was quickly followed by his first album release under the pseudonym Karly D. The collective themes herein discuss physical and emotional isolation in the twenty-first century, anticipatory anxiety and the fear of death, addiction to negative emotions, self-reflection, love loss, and complete honesty. The lighter works detail daydreaming about the future of humankind through a lens of science fiction and the idea that modern chemistry can be as exciting as the alchemy of old.

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How to cope with grief: a guide on how to heal and cope with bereavement

How to Cope with Grief: A Guide on How to Heal and Cope with Bereavement - ASIN B088HCJ7XQ

Life is quite unpredictable. One minute you’re blessed with health, love, and success, then the next minute, one thing has been painfully stripped away from you. The amount of pain you feel and the emotional turmoil you experience with loss is known as grief. When you grieve the loss of someone in your life, you’re suffering emotionally because you can’t seem to cope without them. It’s often hard comprehending how this loved one was taken away, and you’re left with a gaping hole in your life that you’re unable to fill.

Grief doesn’t necessarily mean losing a loved one. Many people grieve the loss of a pet or a job. They can also grieve if they’re going through a failed marriage that led to divorce or if they’re going through a health or financial crisis. Grieving means coping with a sudden loss, any loss. 
Grief is quite complicated, and whether it’s as severe as the death of a loved one or losing a job, both are quite personal to you. The way you grieve means you’re trying to deal with one of life’s biggest challenges, and it can often prove to be quite overwhelming. Bereavement, or complicated grief, affects many adult grievers, and they find themselves emotionally and physically overwhelmed. 

In this book, we will show you that grieving is a natural thing, and you don’t need to be alone. We delve deeper into what grief looks like so you can recognize the signs and see what to expect. We also offer some steps toward healing and finding peace. 

Disclaimer: This book is a guide for anyone who has faced a loss and is grieving. However, it is not an alternative to therapeutic professional help. Seeking professional and psychiatric help is also recommended to help you through your own grieving process.

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A Life Singular (Volume One, Part One)

A Life Singular (Volume One, Part One) - ASIN B083TLD2Y6

Everyone has a life singular. One…Unique…Extraordinary.

One true Love for Life…One act of fate changes a Life forever…

Jeff Diamond built a life of influence and wealth by making choices for all the right reasons. He lived by the law of reciprocity; a lesson learned on the streets as a teenager with nothing but an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Plagued by the scars of a violent childhood, he created his vision and fought for it. 

And once he no longer needed to fight for himself, he fought for others. Yet when Jeff’s dream girl, Lynn, is taken from him by an act of a jealous misfit from his home town; the millionaire realises how he had succeeded in many ways and many like him were destined to fail?  The secret, he discovers, lay in the pursuit of love and wisdom; life’s two magic ingredients. 

Lynn was gone; his remaining days now only to account for their life together to inspire young people to make his type of choices, and not that of the desperate misfit named García.

Part One of Volume One – an amazing journey of discovery for life’s experiences through this fourteen-part series of love, passion and hope…

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