The Ridgestone Way

Follow our protagonist through his time in and around the Docks of Ridgestone, each passage leaving you yearning and wondering where you’ll be taken next.
You’ll be instantly drawn into this tale of the hardship and futility, yet for one, there is another narrative.
This short story isn’t exactly as first meets the eye, just like the way in which it is written.
All will be unveiled in the most extraordinary of approach, but alas, it is The Ridgestone Way.

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Darke Blood: You’ve never known true darkness


“There are more than shadows lurking in the darkness of those trees.”
Blake Malone is in search of a new start and arrives in the remote forest town of Darke Heath. The memory of his past mysteriously becomes a blur as he discovers this place isn’t what it seems.
Malone shares a romantic encounter with a woman named Caitlyn and she reveals herself to be a ‘creature of the night’. He learns of her story which intertwines with the history of the ‘Heath’. Together they must face the evil forces of vampirism and witchcraft that await them in the Darke forest.
But just who is Blake Malone? That’s something even he must fight to discover. Because ‘you’ve never known true darkness…’