The Stargazing Frog: A poetry collection of 366 original haiku about nature, humans and stars

Take a nature appreciation walk with haiku

The Stargazing Frog is a collection of original haiku and other 3-liners in the style of Japanese poetry, that points to us the significance of the “little” moments, the moments that deep down really matter the most: the first snowflake at Winter, a grasshopper’s hope for sun at Spring, a butterfly’s wild dream at Summer, the first petal to fall at Autumn.

A remedy for the pain of impermanence

The stargazing frog is each and every one of us. We are just tiny observers in a large life and in a vast universe, given with a choice: we can either be overwhelmed and paralysed by the burdens and magnitude of life, or we can accept life’s hardships as a fact and try to turn them into something beautiful and meaningful. Poetry just shows us the way towards the stars.

A haiku for each day of the seasonal year 2019-2020

Beginning on the first day of Winter, with the winter solstice on 22 December 2019, and ending on the last day of Autumn, on 21 December 2020, the Stargazing Frog offers 366 original haiku poems on a variety of themes. Every day, you can read, enjoy, contemplate or share a haiku about:

  • Nature or humans
  • Rural or urban environment
  • Life or death
  • Impermanence or eternity
  • Humour or irony
  • Love or hate
  • Annoyance or peace of mind

Enjoy the true “flavour” of haiku in the English language

While in Japanese poetry a haiku strictly follows the pattern of 5-7-5 phonetic units, the poems of this book follow only one rule: for each poem, first and third lines have the same number of syllables, not necessarily five though, while the second line has two more. That way the overall rhythm of a haiku is preserved without adhering blindly to a form that has little meaning in the English language.

This poetry collection ebook is for you, if you love poetry, you can appreciate short poems, you are fond of Japanese poetry and culture, and above all if you love to gaze at the stars at night. Also, it is an ideal present for your loved ones or if you are searching poems for teens.

Old pond
a frog jumps in —

Matsuo Bash?

The frog has emerged and is now sitting upon a water lily gazing at the stars. Will you join us?
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Stumbling Toward Happiness: Haibun Poems


Meditations from an all-immersive journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In her third collection of poems, Kat celebrates the process of personal growth and the enduring center of joy within. “Do not let every drop of rain soak into your beautiful sun-kissed heart.”

Stumbling Toward Happiness contains 111 entries of linked poetry and prose that combine a heartfelt paragraph with a short poem that expands its meaning.

The book is divided into nine chapters. Themes include connectedness and compassion, the gifts of imperfection, radical forgiveness, healing after loss, a return to simple abundance, re-awakening to wonder, and the rediscovery of beauty in our lives.

Reminiscent of the reflections of Mark Nepo, Mary Oliver, and Thich Nhat Hanh, Stumbling Toward Happiness takes readers through a personal quest of deep soul-searching. This collection will resonate with every reader as they reflect on their own source of inner wisdom and joy.

Stumbling Toward Happiness includes new poems as well as poems published by literary journals, including Rattle, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, The Heron’s Nest, tinywords, Blithe Spirit, and NHK-Japan Haiku Masters.

Notes on the haibun genre of Japanese poetry are included in the back of the book.

Praise for Stumbling Toward Happiness from Amazon Readers (international):

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“captures wonderfully the profundity of the everyday processes we all live through” ?????

“Kat Lehmann’s abilities to express deep feelings of emotion in graceful, insightful language are extraordinary.” ?????

“I am savoring each deeply touching piece of prose, every sparkling gem of poetry.” ?????

“Tremendously cathartic.” ?????

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