Parmesan Pig

Introducing Parmesan Pig, a kind-hearted, supportive friend that readers will find delicious to meet. When Spaghetti Spider, Marshmallow Mouse, and Taco Turtle need help with HAPPY, Parmesan Pig sniffs out just the right flavor of support. Each friend is faced with a different situation where certain HAPPY ingredients are missing. Luckily, Parmesan Pig is someone they can trust, offering a new point of view. Sprinkling her savory advice, she provides understanding and hope, when her friends need it most. Written in rhyming verse and full of clever connections between the narrative and the characters’ names, readers will both enjoy and emotionally connect with the story of Parmesan Pig.

Meet Ben Barrowman

Ben Barrowman has a passion for creative rhythmic storytelling that helps children understand the importance of supporting one another. He enjoys summer vacations on Goose Rocks Beach in Maine with his wife Lauren, and two children, Connor and Jane. It was there with his family that the characters in this story were imagined.

Zero Two Infinity | The Principles of Blissfulness

“What is everything and what is the truth of it all?”. There are answers to these questions in history scriptures, but they are not easy to understand. Thus are widely misunderstood across the world. The journey is long and the mind wants quick solutions to the present problems. Thus one settles for the answer “it is what it is” and moves on to the question of “How to live a happy life?” But every now and then something or the other makes the mind loop back to the original unanswered questions. The longing to reach back to the roots stays This is a universal feeling which arise in the form of self-questioning statements like : “My family respects me, but sometimes I feel it’s money and not me.” “I succeeded and they loved me. Now that I am failing, they are supportive but the love seems to be less. Is it not about me?” “I loved her with all I had. Now it feels like I cannot trust even myself. What is the point of living when the ones you love are going to leave?” “Sometimes I feel like I succeeded as a parent. But my son saying “you will never get it”, shatters it all. I wonder what’s the point of it all?” “People doing horrible things are happier than me who are doing everything right. Is that practicality? Should I stop caring for others?” “I always believed that my dad would understand and support me no matter what. But he said it’s her or us. Is that the meaning of a family?” “Sometimes they behave in a way I never imagined. Is knowing anyone a waste? Is there always a mask behind the mask?” “I have built this empire with my blood and sweat. But does any of it matter, now that my son is dead?” “What is the point of maintaining all this, if I can die tomorrow and it would not change a thing. Is there any real truth in this world?” “I love my job. That’s true. But sometimes I feel like, is that it?” If such questions arise in your mind, chances are that you are still being honest and not avoiding your-self. When someone knows the death of a close one. Whenever the trust is broken. When one understands that he loses everything during this life. The longing for the eternal begins. The journey to why? Begins. When one tries to make sense of the world through his mind, he ends up making its own realities. And realities are deceiving. One person’s reality could be another’s fantasy. One can surely relate to someone else’s reality but can never live it. Thus one feels hopeless, and tries to forget these feelings because this is how the world seems to be everywhere. And this hopelessness creates the kind of distressed environment that humanity is facing. People accept the untrue realities as their fate. But the wondering comes back whenever one is still. In the end, everyone seeks the roots of it all. The book is a short guide to knowing the way it all works.

Meet Shubham Rathi

I am an Architect and an Urban Planner in India. But i wrote this after a decade long journey of why? My work would be honored if read by you. Regards Shubham

Fall in Love With Life

Ready to put the spark back in your life? Learn ways to recover your zest and put a spring in every step. Does life seem to be passing you by? Feel like you’ve lost your mojo? Worn down, fed up, and plunging into pessimism? Life coach and author Donna Higton has spent over a decade helping women all over the world rediscover their joie de vivre and banish negativity. Now she’s here to share how you can reignite your vitality and energy to make every minute matter. Fall in Love With Life is an honest and irreverent insight into turning cynicism and lack of hope into a gleaming ball of happiness. With each chapter focusing on a unique idea and providing fun tips, techniques, and tools for you to experiment with, Higton leads you by the hand back to making joy a priority. And by putting self-care and nurturing your soul at the top of your list, you’ll soon be basking in those positive rays of sunshine. In Fall in Love With Life, you’ll discover: – How to go from utter despair to happiness and a world bubbling with laughter – Practical techniques for recovering your inner drive and celebrating wonder – Ways to move away from perfectionism and learn how to appreciate the gift of living – The keys to jumping off the hamster wheel and doing things that make you happy – Tactics for transforming cynicism to optimism, getting yourself unstuck, and much, much more! Fall in Love With Life is a heartfelt guide to reclaiming your soul. If you like gentle guidance peppered with wit, a refreshing and moving approach, and beautifully inspiring illustrations, then you’ll adore Donna Higton’s uplifting book.

Meet Donna Higton

Donna has been a life coach since 2004 and it is her mission to help as many people as possible fall in love with their lives…imperfect as they are.

The Art of Letting GO: How to Let Go of the Past, Look Forward to the Future, and Finally Enjoy the Emotional Freedom You Deserve!

Finally Let Go of Your Negative Thoughts and Enjoy the Emotional Freedom You Deserve!

Are you struggling with anger, regrets, and resentment? Do you feel emotionally exhausted, stressed, and discouraged by painful memories? Are you holding on to things that are making you feel miserable?

If so, THE ART OF LETTING GO is for you.

Imagine being able to let go of the emotional turmoil that’s burdening you. Imagine being able to finally release the negative thoughts and painful memories that are weighing you down.

THE ART OF LETTING GO gives you a complete toolkit that you can use to overcome the emotional anguish that’s ruining your quality of life.

You’ll learn numerous strategies you can employ to reverse years of negative mental conditioning. You’ll discover how to retrain your brain and jettison crippling thought patterns.

You’ll receive all of the tools you need to finally let go of the emotional anchors that are preventing you from enjoying life to its fullest.

In THE ART OF LETTING GO, you’ll discover:

  • the 20 most common things people hold on to (and endure misery as a result)
  • why it’s so difficult to let go of negative thoughts and painful memories
  • how to revoke your inner critic’s privileges and silence its hurtful voice
  • why we idealize the past and how doing so pushes us to cling to emotional pain in the present (and a technique for short circuiting this process)
  • how trying to make yourself happy is actually causing you to feel unhappy
  • one of the most powerful and simplest ways to let things go (and you can use it immediately!)

PLUS, BONUS MATERIAL: in addition to 21 strategies you can use to confront and finally let go of your negative thoughts and emotions, you’ll also receive 3 BONUS strategies. Few people talk about these 3 tactics, but they work wonders.

Moreover, each strategy comes with an exercise designed to give you an opportunity to put it to immediate use.

If you’re tired of feeling burdened by painful memories, bitterness, regret, shame, and other debilitating emotions, it’s time to make a positive, rewarding change. Grab your copy of THE ART OF LETTING GO today and finally experience the emotional freedom you deserve.

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Meet Damon Zahariades

Amazon bestselling author Damon Zahariades delivers step-by-step, actionable advice on how to increase your productivity, improve your time management, and design a more rewarding lifestyle in the process. His acclaimed action guides are known for providing useful tips and hacks that can be applied immediately.

Happiness Factory: Deal With The New World With A Winning Attitude

Are you wondering how to defeat day-to-day anxiety, failure, anger, and discouragement? Author Nafeez Imtiaz shares specific strategies for coping with the life it throws at you. Learn to allow healthy living principles to determine your self-worth. This book inspires readers to live life to the fullest. It will bridge the gap between people of various backgrounds, helping them embrace the joy of living. When our brain is happy, it has the power to change everything. We can achieve more of what we want in our careers and relationships. The secret of happiness is at our fingertips. This book brings hope to an uncertain world. Author Nafeez Imtiaz combines the talents of compelling narrative nonfiction with cogent discussion on what one can do to combat despair and find joy. The author also shares how rewiring our brain for happiness helps us achieve more in work and life. It teaches us to use mindfulness meditation to increase our positivity and find a lasting sense of fulfillment.

Meet Nafeez Imtiaz

Nafeez Imtiaz is an author and mentor beloved for his down-to-earth style and highly effective systems. Focused solely on helping people from all walks of life reshape their vision. His purpose in life is to help you achieve your dreams. He is a great mentor and trainer who has around 50,000+ student bases across the globe. Nafeez delivers proven messages of possibility, opportunity and action. His endearing and charismatic style captures audiences’ hearts as well as their attention in person. He is a seasoned leader and life coach with over 16 years’ expertise in business strategy formulation and execution, leading to new initiatives, business development, process improvement, and a growth in revenue streams and profits. A strong understanding of, and solid track record in negotiating business opportunities with clients across sectors, especially in marketing and sales.

Choosing Fulfillment Is Scary AF: Get Unstuck and Change the Life You Have into the Life You Want

Your life doesn’t look like you thought it would, and now you don’t know what to do to change it. It’s easy to get stuck in the suck because it’s the suck you know. You get used to the life you have, even if it’s not the life you want. You stay in that crappy relationship, you stay broke, or you stay unhappy because you’re afraid of what could happen if you had the courage to change your world. When you feel stuck, it is up to you to choose to change. Sara Stepa realized that, to start living the life she wanted, she needed to make her own change, so she took a risk and quit her job in the middle of the global pandemic. Now, in “Choosing Fulfillment Is Scary AF,” Sara shares her 7-step framework to help you make the decision to change your life easier. “Choosing Fulfillment Is Scary AF” will help you: – Trust yourself so you can make the best decision for you, – Navigate the emotions that make big changes feel impossible, and – Start living the life you want. Life is too short to live your life for everyone around you. It’s time to start choosing you.

Meet Sara Stepa

Sara Stepa is a writer, coach, and personal development nerd living in Calgary, AB. Through her social media presence, personal blog, and 1:1 coaching, she guides others to courageously seek lives they desire. To work with Sara or sign up for her blog, visit

Becoming a New Wave Leader: Principles and Practices to Live and Lead Well

How can you live a happy, balanced life in today’s chaos and gain respect as a leader at home and work?

Becoming a New Wave Leader explains a realistic path to answer this question.

Those of us who learn to live with virtue, strive with character, and thrive for a lifetime become better at life with purpose. We become people and leaders who command respect and collaboration, model moral character, and inspire with vision and meaning. Organizations that hire for these New Wave values spare themselves liabilities, especially financial, while gaining employee and client satisfaction.

This comprehensive guide offers:

  • Blueprints for leading with character and virtue.
  • Strategies for becoming a well-rounded and resilient individual.
  • Wisdom, ancient to contemporary, on living with purpose and leading with family first.
  • Inspiring stories showing you how to continuously become your best self.
  • Practical steps you can implement right away from those who have achieved success and found happiness.

In a world moving faster every day, don’t waste time floundering. You can realize well-being, thrive personally, and positively influence your family, organization, and community, helping everyone to flourish. It’s all inside Becoming a New Wave Leader.

Meet James Klopovic

JAMES KLOPOVIC lives New Wave Leadership as the best way to learn and teach it. An Air Force instructor inspired him: Upon Jim’s graduation with honors from aircraft mechanic’s technical school, his instructor told him he’d accomplished the equivalent of three college courses. If he could achieve that, what more could he do? As it turned out—a lot.

After retiring as Major Klopovic from the United States Air Force and earning a Doctor of Public Policy (DPP), James completed 45 years of experience in the public sector, providing leadership at federal, state, and local levels. For 25 of those years, he served as a senior staffer on the North Carolina Governor’s Crime Commission, where his responsibilities encompassed strategic planning, municipal governance, financial development, federal granting, and community and organizational development, implementation, and evaluation.

He has authored or collaborated on numerous publications regarding community policing, community development, and effective/efficient delivery of public services.

Never Take for Granted: How a Near-death Accident and a Traumatic Brain Injury Showed me how much I’d taken for Granted

How a near-death accident and a Traumatic Brain Injury showed me how much I’d taken for Granted. COVID 19 proved we all take things and people for granted. How to develop an Attitude of Gratitude

An inspirational memoir based upon my whole life (thus far) but it’s heavily weighted on the last 9+ years since my survival of a near-death accident in Aug 2011. I chronicle my early life, my 25 year marriage, my 30 years on Wall Street and my career as an avid age-grouper, all-distance triathlete. I competed and completed all-distances of triathlon including the Ironman at Lake Placid, NY in 2005.

CROSS THAT BRIDGE: The Effective Guide to Achieving Your Goals and Living a Purposeful Life (Bargain Book)

Do you sometimes envy high-achievers? Have you ever wondered what they did to attain that level of success?

What if I tell you that you could also become successful and achieving your goals fasters than you’ve imagined? What would be your reaction if you get an effective template that will lead you to achieve your goals? Awesome! Right?

It is for these specific reasons that Cross That Bridge was written! This book offers you an effective approach and a series of best practices, methodologies, tips, and recommendations that will push and inspire you to achieve your desired goals, as it draws inspiration from the habits and lifestyle of successful people.

Here are some of the learning points you will come across while reading this book:

  • Tools You Need to Set Your Goals Right
  • How Self-Awareness Contribute to Building Positive Habits
  • Develop a Success-Friendly Mindset
  • Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure
  • Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Having a Positive Attitude to Problem-solving
  • Dealing With Procrastination
  • The Important Tips to Living Without Limits
  • Achieving Success in Life with the Pareto Rule
  • Balancing Your Private And Professional Life

…and lots more!

If you are diligent with the recommendations in this book, it’s just a matter of weeks before you start seeing changes in your life and achieving your goals.

You don’t have to wait a second longer! Get your book copy now, and take a step to greatness.

Meet Samuel J. Lucas