Married My Brother’s Best Friend

Sleeping with my billionaire boss and getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan. Start a new job. Live a new life. Find my happiness. Nothing more nothing less.

But now, Conrad Knox is back in my life. Only this time, as my grumpy, handsome boss. And him being a billionaire is just the cherry on top.

I was able to hide my feelings for him when we were younger and I’m just not sure if I can still do the same this time around.

We got stuck for a night in Houston and that’s when everything changed.

That night felt special.I felt I was someone special.

But if my brother finds out about us, he is not gonna be happy.

But what should I do? These two pink lines on a pregnancy kit are taunting me.

My instinct is telling me to run away. Don’t get him involved. But would a do-over be such a bad idea?

Meet Sophie Pearce

Sophie Pearce was blessed with a loving husband, 4 adorable kids, and 2 fur babies. They live in a small town in Northern California. They like to explore the mountains, travel, play basketball, cook, and watch movies together. She is a pharmacist and a proud mompreneur. She loves to read romance and inspirational books. She enjoys writing about family, life struggles, triumphs, and love. She believes that every story should have a happy ending. She hopes you enjoy her stories and stay in love forever.

Pretty Little Flowers

In Victorian England, everything is done according to the rules of society. But when the Duke of Flowers dies unexpectedly, his daughter, Lady Madeleine Flowers, discovers a freedom that had been denied to her. The freedom to marry for love. And when Mr York returns, she believes her prayers have finally been answered. But her father’s death also uncovers a shocking secret that has been kept locked away for far too long and could destroy them all. In the Victorian romance, Pretty Little Flowers by Joyce Kay, the lives of three people are forever changed as they are each faced with a choice that could lead to love or end in death.

Meet Joyce Kay

The Lord and the Red Headed Hornet

Like BRIDGERTON? You’ll love this Regency Romance! Amelia and Aurelius are orphaned twins. She’s a bossy, fiery red-head. Her handsome brother wants to join the army and fight against Napoleon. But she wants him to become a diplomat. She talks her way into a man’s job – as secretary to an aristocrat – hoping he will provide the contacts. But when her boss disappears and her brother joins the army anyway, can the red-headed hornet save them both?

Meet GL Robinson

Retired French professor turned Regency Romance novelist. Think Bridgerton without the sex! Educated in a convent boarding school but came of age in London in the 60’s. I’ve lived in the US for 45 years and love it. I go back to England every year and love that too. My novels make me smile, and I hope they’ll do the same for you!