Self love for women

Self Love For Women

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So many people these days are suffering from poor self esteem and a lack of purpose in their life. Much of the reason behind these negative feelings is because we are trying to juggle so much now. We live in a modern society, which demands a rushed lifestyle, less time for peacefulness along with a disconnection from nature.

Females young and mature are taught how to act, feel and live by magazines, television commercials and the cosmetic industry. If we don’t look a certain way, have the correct height and weight; over time women can grow to feel worthless.

Throughout this book I will teach you how to feel better and overcome low self esteem by applying the following in your life:

  • (Learning more compassion, respect and love toward yourself)
  • (How to ignore the traps of commercialism and ‘societies’ so called version of beauty)
  • (How to retrain your mind into seeing beauty over ugly feeling you may have about your body)

Here Is A Preview Of What More You’ll Learn…

  • (Psychology And Body Image)
  • (Maintaining Healthy Emotions)
  • (How To Self Love Without All The Vanity)
  • (What Body Type Are You)
  • (Confidence Building Checklist)
  • Much, much

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How I Found Out To Stop Being Myself,Live Life Without Worries


We are all on a journey that we call life. In this life we are given so many choices. Many of those choices go completely unnoticed because we don’t realize the power that we have within ourselves.

The power to create the life that you want and to live worry free is within you right now. You just have to learn how to tap into it.

In this book you are going to learn exactly that. You are going to learn how to raise the vibration of the heart in order to change not only your life but the lives of those around you. You will learn how to manifest anything that you desire so that you can finally be happy progress.

This book contains proven techniques that will help you to turn your life around starting right now. No longer do you have to suffer but instead, you can be prosperous, successful, filled with happiness, and free from anger.

If you are tired, stuck and don’t know what to do.

You need this book

This book is a place for you to start. A place for you to discover a new you so that you can start fulfilling your potential with the 5 steps I learned. I believed it will open up your awareness of the possibilities.

Here Is A Preview of The 5 Steps That You’ll Learn Too..

  • Understanding Yourself
  • The Inner Conversations
  • The Heart Math
  • How To Use It To Change Your Current Situation
  • The Power Of Imagination – To find out, use it and prove to yourself
  • And much much more
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Broke as f$ck and happy.


Yes, you can be broke and still enjoy life to the fullest.

This book will not waste your time; it goes straight to the point and will improve your life substantially if you are broke, and even more if you are broke and in a relationship.

You don’t need to read books after books, articles after articles, on how to become successful and make tons of money. In the end, what we all want is to have the most enjoyable life ever. And that is totally possible while being broke! And you’ll know how in this book.

If you are broke but still want to have fun, travel, and enjoy life, read this book! Everything that’s inside has been tested by myself and made me able to build the happiest life I could have ever dreamt of!

This book is not about how to make more money. It’s not about how to be more disciplined. It’s not about how to follow a strict and boring budget. The tricks in this book are simple and easy to follow but can change your life drastically. Do you want more than 2 weeks of vacation each month? It’s in there. Do you want to get married and have a beautiful wedding but have no savings? It’s in there too. Do you want a place to call home that you love and where you can have friends over? Do you want to travel the world with, again, no money? Start reading now, I will show you how!

Too many relationships fall apart because of money problems. Don’t be the next one! You can be in love, both broke, and still have more fun in your life than any of the rich couples around you.

Don’t waste time waiting to become rich before you finally start enjoying everything life has to offer. You can enjoy it NOW.

This book is not about a new philosophy of life, it only has facts, tricks that work for me and that will work for you too.

Do you need more free time to take care of yourself? Of your loved ones? To work on your projects? For your hobbies? You will soon know how it is possible to have a full-time job that gives you a steady salary as well as more than 2 weeks off each month!

This book comes after many of my friends and family kept on requesting my help so they can make the best of their lives, should it be for everyday tips or memorable travels on a tight budget. I made them save thousands of dollars through simple advices and tricks. Take advantage of them too!

This book is primarily destined to couples who want to live to the fullest without breaking the bank because this is exactly what I am living so I am able to provide the perfect tools for those in the same situation. But single people who are broke will find lots of tips that will work for them as much as for couples!

If you are broke, this book will probably be the best investment you’ve ever made in your life. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

Content of the book:

•Getting more than 2 weeks off per month with a full-time job
•Moving in a new place you love with a tight budget
•Having an amazing wedding in 5 months with $0 savings
•Saving $$$$$ on travel
•And many other tips to enjoy life to the fullest without breaking the bank!

The Outlook of a Happy Fella-A Journey to Joy



This is an easy book to read with a clear step-by-step method to lead a happier life. It is written in an engaging, conversational style that draws the reader in, showing how “joy” can still be achieved. You will find yourself smiling and nodding as you recognize yourself in certain situations.


It shows how the author decided to become a happy fella who celebrates the joys of being alive. Along his journey of transformation, he developed a series of strategies, mental exercises, attitude checkups all aimed at becoming a more positive, happy, and confident person.

He shares these lessons with others with the writing of “The Outlook of a Happy Fella — A Journey to Joy.”

This book will prompt self-examination. In the end, you are confronted with two questions:

Do I want to become a calmer, happier person?

How do I do that?