No Lack of Sunshine

A Hard Sci-Fi Novel With a Hopeful Twist. “The air might be poisonous, but at least the sun always shines.” There was a reason why Earth colonized this place. Everything is familiar, consistent — consistency is a welcome reprieve, and Ava’s planet has plenty of it. The fifth to be born among the stars, Ava sets forth to make a name for herself despite this obscure claim to fame. Being raised by emotionless, loveless robots doesn’t exactly merit a natural flair for spontaneity or empathy, but Ava makes do. At the very least, she tries to. Her life is here on South Island, where the sea represents freedom and the air symbolizes a dangerous kind of thrill. But now, her existence is under threat. The autonomous supply ship fails to deliver. With only a few weeks’ worth of oxygen left, Ava and her beau must embark on a journey to retrieve more. However, what once was a straightforward quest slowly morphs into one rife with ambush. Something has affected the robots’ advanced processors, causing them to spiral into a fruitless quest for an artifact that may not even exist. And the more they wait, the more Ava’s in peril.

Meet Eric Kay

Hello, I’m ERIC KAY and I write the kinds of books I want to read: Plausible Hard Sci-fi that also tackle the human issues. In my debut book NO LACK OF SUNSHINE, I explore topics of humanity, hope, and chaos from data.