Escape to Osprey Cove

Meet Luisa Marietta Gold

Luisa Marietta Gold was born and educated in Pennsylvania, where she spent a large part of her adult life and worked for a large corporation. After her only daughter was born, she relocated to North Carolina, where she worked as a Realtor and began running a recreational business with her husband. She currently resides on eleven acres near a lake reminiscent of the Rideau lake chain that provides the setting for The Osprey Cove Lodge Series. The series was born from her love of that region of Canada, the outdoors, and lake life. Many years were spent enjoying the Rideau, staying in lodges, and for a time, her privately-owned cottage. Among her many interests are painting, gardening, and cooking.. And, of course, writing and storytelling. But it’s the simple things of life that bring the most enjoyment — the beauty of the trees outside the window of her writing room as they change with the seasons and watching her kitties interact and play. Nearly all of these interests and life experiences are reflected in her books.

Ex-Husband’s EX Best Friend, A Steamy Curvy Girl Romance

Grateful for my arrogant and undeserving ex-best friend. Whose actions drove his wife away. I found myself in the right place at the right time. Opening my arms for her to find solace.

On a break from my narcissistic, cheating husband.
Finding comfort in the only place I knew, my mother’s arms.
The beach’s scenic beauty was complemented by the presence of a captivating local lifeguard.
Oh, save me PLEASE.
Hi, I’m Brodie” I can’t speak. My thoughts vomit out faster than my own words.
I will call this man anything he wants.
His understanding gaze acknowledged the defeat, hurt and anger in my eyes.
Brodie’s impromptu request for a night on the town has me excited yet melancholy.
Walking into the event I found my husband, who wasn’t alone.
Unbeknownst to us, this night solidified my next move in life. Divorce.
I find myself drawn to Brodie on so many levels.
He may have lost one of his best friends that night, but he made one thing clear.
He wasn’t done with me yet…

Miss Artist’s Grumpy Billionaire

In this feel-good story, you can expect to find a grumpy MMC who falls first and won’t stop until he has the woman he wants, a sweet airhead of a FMC, first times, a very capable personal assistant, art & food, good friends, steam, HEA, and just about the right amount of drama.

Meet Bianca Rivers

Bianca Rivers simply adores sweet romance and believes in resolving conflicts without unnecessary fuss. With a sunny disposition, she loves spending time outdoors, typing away on her laptop, even if the sun’s glare makes it a bit challenging. Dogs, chocolate, and feelgood stories are her ultimate joys. In Bianca’s enchanting novels, you’ll find men so sweet they could give you a sugar rush. Prepare to immerse yourself in heartwarming tales where love conquers all, hearts mend, and every story delivers a smile.

The Damaged Billionaire’s Obsession

I messed up. I slept with my smart-mouthed employee, and now she’s carrying my child.

For ten years, I’ve perfected the art of avoiding trouble.

Which is exactly what Bonnie is, with her tight leather clothes, unruly curls, and that sassy mouth that’s just begging to be taken.

I’m intrigued by her fierce independence and brilliant mind,

But it is the shadows in her eyes that have me spellbound.

One taste was all it took, and now I’m hooked on to her.

She can’t stand me, too, yet she can’t stop coming back for more.

So I break all my rules and show her the man beneath the mask.

And when Bonnie is forced to confront her past, she suddenly disappears with a secret.

My secret.

Going after her means I’ll have to plunge into hell but it’s also the only chance to make us a family.

Like I said, she’s trouble. Only now, nothing has ever tasted so good.

Meet Judy Hale

Judy Hale delights in creating steamy romance novels with exciting, yet relatable characters.
She has a particular weakness for dark and twisty dominant alphas with vulnerable sides, and strong sassy heroines, just the perfect type we need to handle those men…
If that’s right up your alley, then you’ve found the author you’ve been searching for!
When she’s not writing, she’s devouring a good romance book with a glass of mulled wine, or swimming laps.

Orcs in the Mist

Legends say a mythical tribe of orcs live deep in the misty jungles of Orison. Raz, the strapping, intrepid explorer from Whitebridge, has been sent into the jungle to make peaceful first contact. Whitebridge scholars call it a fool’s errand; Raz alone has the conviction to thrust into the unknown. In the dense forest, he finds Violet, a curvy, secretive orc with plans of her own. As Raz immerses himself in Orison, their ideas about first contact clash, and Raz sinks deeper into orc culture. Will he make it home, or will the jungle change him forever?

Meet Raven Angstrom

Raven studied writing and theatre at Drake University and graduated around the turn of the century. Through theatre, they traveled to New York, New Orleans, and throughout the Midwest. But something was still missing. After trying (and failing) to fit in the business, real estate, and retail worlds, Raven fell into writing and made their own world instead. A student of science fiction their entire life, they enjoy the works of Ursula Le Guin, Phillip K Dick, and Octavia Butler. They live in the Chicago area with their beautiful wife and loudmouth cat.

Stay for Me

Managing Balefire came at a cost—my only love. When fate brings Olivia back into my life, I’m determined not to screw up again. After Balefire hires her studio to produce their next music video, I have a second chance to rewrite our love story—if I can convince her I’m a changed man. Garrett says we can make things work. But can I truly trust that this time, will he stay for me? Managing Balefire came at a cost—my only love. When fate brings Olivia back into my life, I’m determined not to screw up again. After Balefire hires her studio to produce their next music video, I have a second chance to rewrite our love story—if I can convince her I’m a changed man. Garrett says we can make things work. But can I truly trust that this time, will he stay for me? Check out Balefire if you love second chance romances and redemption arcs!

Meet Tam Derudder Jackson

Thanks for stopping by my website. When you take a look around here, you’ll see that I write contemporary and paranormal romance. My most recent release is the contemporary Balefire Series following the exploits of members of a rock band. My paranormal Talisman Series follows a band of brothers and friends as they take on the wicked goddesses of the Celtic pantheon together with their talismans, the powerful women who are their fated mates. This year, you can expect new releases in both series, so keep an eye on this space. It’s easy to find me on social media (I’m especially present on Instagram). Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on what’s happening with your favorite rock stars or check out what new dangers the Sheridans and their friends face.

Aaron After School

Sparks fly in this small town high school. Aaron’s a widowed father who’s vowed to never risk his heart again. Jill’s an English teacher about to leave teaching for good. Their intense connection makes it even harder for Aaron to resist the one woman he and his daughter can’t afford to lose.

Meet Marlisa Kriscott

Marlisa Kriscott is the pen name of Debra Chapoton who has written over 75 books in various genres and under several pseudonyms. She’s been a synchronized swimmer, a delivery truck driver, and a high school Spanish teacher. When she isn’t writing in the sunroom of her log home, she’s cruising the Caribbean two months of the year.

Pride and Prejudice at the Bennet Bakery

A modern Pride & Prejudice retelling with gender-swapped leads. Fiona Darcy has always struggled with people and relationships. She likes to keep things simple and concentrate on her business, designing high-end wedding dresses. Now working on a launch event in Leeds, what she doesn’t need is her best friend falling for their cupcake supplier, forcing her into the proximity of the Bennet family. Worst of all is Elliot, the tall, handsome Yorkshireman who has not only taken an instant dislike to her, but seems to be pushing his brother into a relationship purely for financial gain. Elliot Bennet, second of five brothers, is tired of his dad trying to set him up with customers of the Bennet Bakery. But when his older brother falls for Fiona Darcy’s best friend, Elliot is forced to spend time with the icy designer, and begins to wonder if she’s quite as icy as she seems… Even through their prejudice, sparks begin to fly. Will love find a way, or be derailed by their meddling families?

Meet V N Murray

V N Murray is an artist and writer with a deep love of romance and all things Jane Austen. Having spent most of her twenties living in Leeds, she now lives deep in the Yorkshire countryside with her husband and their menagerie.

The Steel Kings MC Complete Collection

~Get ready for your next Binge~

The men of the Steel Kings MC are tough, tattooed, clever and cunning. But, they have one thing that separates them from the pack. They’re trying to go straight. Tired of seeing family and friends return in body bags, they begin a new chapter. With many new challenges, friends, and foes along the way.

Warning: These guys will have you on your knees with hot and steamy romance, they love hard and fall even harder.

Creed (The Steel Kings MC Book 1)

Marshall (The Steel Kings MC Book 2)

Dice (The Steel Kings MC Book 3)

Torque (The Steel Kings MC Book 4)

Cash (The Steel Kings MC Book 5)

Sean Collins (The Steel Kings MC Book 6)

Meet Scarlett Winters

Best selling author Scarlett Winters.

If you love steamy romance-short stories, with insta love, dominant alpha males, and happily ever after endings with no cliff hangers, just feel good and spicy. Then you will love my stories! I love to interact with my amazing readers and can’t wait to get to know you!

The Girlfriend Rescue


A search and rescue cop training to become a K-9 handler, a lovely dispatcher who always has his back, and an earthquake that threatens to tear them apart…

Officer Ted Hendricks has been biding his time, locating missing skiers and hikers for three years in Colorado, while waiting for a chance to become a K-9 handler. When a spot opens up at the Disaster City Search and Rescue facility in Texas, he jumps at the chance to go, even though it means leaving his girlfriend behind.

Dispatcher Deanna Harper had one strict rule — never date a cop. That all changed when she got to know Ted Hendricks. He was the only single officer in the department who didn’t hit on her, which made him all the more appealing. When he decides to travel across the country to train as a K-9 handler, she decides he’s worth taking a chance on a long distance relationship.

When Ted’s team is deployed to help in the aftermath of an earthquake in Colorado, Ted finds out that Deanna was in the epicenter. Can Ted find Deanna in time to save her? Will Deanna be able to survive until he does? And if they reunite, will they find a way to be together despite the distance between them?

Step into the world of Disaster City Search and Rescue, where officers, firefighters, military, and medics, train and work alongside each other with the dogs they love, to do the most dangerous job of all — help lost and injured victims find their way home.