POWER OF CRYSTAL HEALING: Complete Guide To Get Started With the Healing Power Of Earth Energies

For a long time, the healing abilities of crystals have remained a mystery. In our hunt for complementary treatments, people have argued over what their genuine qualities are and what benefits their energies may provide. In this book, we’ll examine the specifics of what we do know to be true about these magical stones and how to use their unadulterated energy to our advantage. There is much evidence that utilizing crystals may reduce tension and discomfort, promote deep relaxation, and improve general well-being. Get This Book Now to Learn About the Wonderful Benefits of Crystals. The most popular stones and their specific advantages are covered in this guide. We will also discuss how to maintain your crystals so they may continue to emit pulsing energies for many years to come. We’ll also examine the benefits of crystals for improving your physical and mental health. As a non-evasive method of treatment, crystal therapy offers one of the most secure and organic forms of holistic healing. What are you waiting for? Order this indispensable manual right now to learn how to use earth energies for their built-in healing capabilities. A Sneak Peek At What’s Inside… what crystals are The Workings of Crystal Healing Choosing the Right Crystals for You How to Heal using Crystals Also has a useful crystal guide

Meet Benjamin brayshow

Benjamin Brayshaw is a Health and Wellness Practitioner, Chiropractor, Teen Mentor, and Author of books on healing through the ages. He is an American who defines himself as straight. He has a postgraduate degree in sports science. He grew up in a working-class neighborhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father. He loves exploring…people, places, words, and truths, and loves encouraging people toward honesty, and toward being their best selves.

Pure Yoga: Mastering The Healing Art For Health And Peacefulness

An Easy, Accessible Yoga Program for Health & Wellness Are you seeking a new health practice to enrich your day-to-day routines? Have you been interested in trying out yoga, but are too frightened by the supposedly sophisticated and demanding poses? Pure Yoga is your guide to the genuine healing core of yoga. Pure Yoga teaches exercises, positions, and the information you need to connect to your particular healing and inner peace. In Pure Yoga you will find out: The Science of Yoga and its Health Benefits Yoga History Emotions and the Mind/Body Connection Yoga, Strength, and Flexibility Yoga and Cardio and Weight Loss Yoga Poses & Better Immunity How to Get Started Doing Yoga Preventing Injuries Yoga and Meditation

Meet Jennifer schwarz

Jennifer schwarz, Phd first joined a yoga class, as a college student overseas in 2000. Further studies in meditation, yoga and personal growth. The Yoga Institute in Dallas, Texas in 2005 at age 25. The understanding of the subtle aspects of yoga postures began from years of training in the ashram setting where the spirituality of yoga remains intact. Years of teaching while in graduate school, Jennifer completed a PhD dissertation in the field of Yoga Therapy,

Accidental Hypnosis: Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control Your Mind and Your Life

If you think hypnosis just happens on a stage, or if you believe it’s something someone does to you, your perception is about to change forever. The shocking truth is that many of the problems, habits, and limitations that haunt you are due to what Laura Temin calls, Accidental Hypnosis. And it happens right under your nose without your awareness.

Discover the intentional and unintentional situations that create this powerful state. Find out how you can STOP it in its tracks. And learn how you can take charge of your own mind and reverse it—even if you were the one Accidentally hypnotizing yourself!

The Heart’s Journey

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to remain humble and kind towards all beings. Embody divine, deep, and unconditional Love for self and others. Openly give of yourself to the rest of the world. Smile more, forgive often, and let go of wrongdoings. Tune into your heart’s rhythm to understand your life’s purpose. Always stay true to your heart’s desire. Follow the sacred path of the heart to answer the necessary questions: Who am I? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world. The Heart’s Journey is the fourth of the seven poetry books series. It is composed of poems with topics related to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra. It is the one associated with compassion, trust, forgiveness, ability to receive and give love to self and others.

Meet Maria Kitsios,LMT

Maria Kitsios is a New York licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, and certified yoga instructor. The Heart’s Journey is the fourth of a seven books series and is composed of poems associated with the heart chakra. Her previous three books are The Journey to Source, Unravel the Veil and The Vessel of Truth. Join Maria’s newsletter and receive a free copy of the asanas guideline. www.subscribepage.com/thejourneytosourceasanas Instagram: @mkitsioslmt Facebook: @Maria Kitsios, LMT

The Dawn of Speech

A beautiful poetry collection about love, loss, spirituality, and healing. Through the finely weaved verses, “The Dawn of Speech” tells the story of a young man on his search for purpose.

Meet Joseph Wood

Hello! My name is Joseph Wood. I grew up in Massachusetts before moving to Arizona where I currently live. I love writing, reading, and watching shows. My favorite shows have to be Friends, HIMYM, and Psych. I love sharing my thoughts and feelings through poetry. I hope that you can connect with and enjoy it!

Pitty Party

Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who loves you. Maggie Allen hates being a delivery driver, but she can’t leave her small town to find a better job; her father’s too sick to take care of himself, her younger brother Jake can’t stay out of trouble, and her nagging aunt won’t stop meddling in their lives. The last thing she needs is a dog to take care of. Especially one that’s spent most of his life chained up by neglectful owners. But when Dad goes behind her back to adopt a pit bull named Cappuccino, she has to admit that the dog is good for the family — Dad’s tackling physical therapy with new determination, and Jake’s been helping out more. Despite the messes he makes, Maggie’s fond of the eager-to-please dog. Her luck can’t last, though. In his enthusiasm to please, Cap accidentally disconnects Dad’s oxygen, convincing Aunt Josephine that Maggie can’t do anything right. Can Cap keep Maggie sane —and the whole family safe — when Josephine moves in and turns the chaos up to 10? Pitty Party is the fifth book in the Soul Mutts series, heartwarming stories of lost dogs finding new homes with the humans they were born to heal.

Meet Lori R. Taylor

Lori R. Taylor is the founder of TruDog, a lover of all animals, and author of the Soul Mutts series. It’s her mission, vision, and passion to help humans understand the ways in which our canine friends make the world a better place. Lori’s been helping to build businesses all her life, but her work at TruDog made her remember a dream she’d had forever. She had always wanted to be a writer, and TruDog proved what Lori had always known. Not just that dogs made the world a better place, because of course they did, but that humans needed them more than they could ever possibly know. In addition to her work with TruDog, Lori has helped to raise over 5 billion dollars for the Disabled American Veterans. She’s not just an animal lover, Lori has a soft spot for unwanted or “broken” things and is their fiercest defender. Just ask Truman, the three-legged Great Dane that TruDog was named after. As a little girl Lori dreamed of telling stories. She did that for brands for years. Now she’s doing it like she’s always wanted to, for you and with this series. Lori wrote Soul Mutts for you. Books to remind you of what you already know, but can’t wait to feel again.

Fractals, A Poetic Journey of Accpetance Vol 1

John T. Krotec is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and army veteran.  After college, he went to work in corporate America and realized that despite doing well in the job, he wanted something more. He joined the Army later in life with the purpose of serving his Country. The Army taught him discipline and how to value himself. After three years of Active Duty, he left the Army and returned to civilian life. It was then that he got reacquainted with his future wife, helping her to raise a family. Together they also successfully ran a business for over two decades, selling travel gear and clothing.

In 2012, John hit rock bottom and survived a traumatic brain energy caused by an alcohol-fueled traffic accident. This unleashed his demons and forced him to finally cope with the trauma he experienced at a young age. Over this time, he almost lost his marriage and family. With months of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Hemp-Based Pharmaceutical (CBD) treatment, he developed his own healing system by using creative pursuits for coping with trauma and saving his marriage in the process.

John is currently involved with several creative businesses and holistic healing pursuits, which include; GreenZone Hero, Straight Outta Combat Radio, Task Force Zen Journeys, What’s your Apocalypse, and his new series of poetry books titled, Fractals.

Born Whole


You, and Your Children, can be Born Whole

Do pre-birth traumas and pain affect us later in life?

Can we heal from the effects of those traumas?

Is it possible to communicate with and guide babies in the womb?

Yes, yes, and yes!

The author of Born Whole re-lived three major pre-birth events while in a deep altered state of consciousness: his own conception, implantation, and labor. Later he revisited the environment of the womb and experienced again the wonder and stresses of his mother’s ongoing emotions, worldview, and physical circumstances. This is the story of his journey. Born Whole also includes the beautiful story of how he spiritually guided a baby through its birth.

In Born Whole you will learn how the experiences and environment of the womb prepare you for life after birth. You will discover

    • That life before birth is not all easy, just as life after birth is not all easy—and the stresses of the womb are absolutely necessary for survival
    • How to heal and transform womb trauma from events such as conception and birth
    • How to heal negative effects of the womb environment arising from emotional stress, beliefs, food, drugs, or physical circumstances experienced by your mother.

Born Whole is for parents, grandparents, nurses, midwives and others who work with babies yet to be born. You will discover

    • That children can be born emotionally healthy, already knowing they are welcome and will be loved by the same people who have been with them all along
    • How it is possible to accompany and guide a yet-to-be-born (or yet-to-be-conceived!) baby through the wonderful and challenging time of conception and gestation to be born whole, with your presence, love, and reassurance on that beautiful journey.

Breaking the Power of the Mask


Since childhood, each of us has been trained in the art of wearing a mask. Often passed off as a self-preservation technique to prevent people from seeing what’s really going on inside, we’ve learned how to shield others from discovering our insecurities, our fears, and our past pain.However, what is hidden in the dark will eventually come to light. Emotions like shame, anger, fear, and abandonment that often lie beneath the mask have the power to keep us in emotional and spiritual bondage. We must seek God to heal the broken pieces of our hearts. If you find yourself constantly living in the past, or you feel like you can never let people close enough to you to learn who you really are, this book is for you.

This book will: challenge you to uncover the pain you have hidden behind a mask so you can begin the healing process; shift your belief that the past can determine your future.; draw you closer to God by removing barriers that prevent intimacy; help you to identify ways in which God can use your past experiences to help others.

God desperately wants you to experience His love and the freedom that belongs to you as a believer. This book will be a valuable tool in helping you get there.

He Restoreth My Soul Triumph through Adversity


He Restoreth My Soul is a delightful devotional bursting with real kingdom principles, personal encounters, and the keys to your spiritual breakthrough!

After being diagnosed with systemic lupus and suffering the painstaking loss of 5 miscarriages, Cassandra reached her hand and her hope to the Only strength she has ever known ~ Jesus!
With much prayer, petition, and faith, Cassandra battled against the odds, the snare of the enemy, and WON!

Now You Can TOO!

If you have suffered a devastating loss- then this book is for you.
If you have endured a severe hardship- then this book is for you.
If you have battled with your health or depression- then this book is for you too.

Your wait for a spiritual breakthrough is OVER.
He Restoreth My Soul by Cassandra Hill is the Fresh perspective you need to run your race, fight your battle, and WIN in Jesus Christ!